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Palestine and Pakistan

I wish to draw the attention of the authorities concerned, through your prestigious newspaper, related to an extremely vital issue that is the ethnic cleansing that is happening in Palestine.

I need to raise this issue that individuals from all over the world are fighting for Palestine.

What’s more, I believe that it’s very important for individuals to donate as much as we can, and on the off chance that if we don’t have enough money for the donation so we should use our social media to spread the awareness by sharing every post related to this issue so the media could actually do something about it.

As we all know that media plays a significance role in our lives and it could literally either break or make a Nation.

Therefore, I request you to highlight this issue in your esteemed newspaper and create awareness among the people to come out and help the cause of the Palestinian brothers and sisters.

A wave of intolerance

Intolerance has become a serious threat to human lives right now in Sindh, as people get into terrible conflicts even on minor issues.

Therefore, violence assumes alarming proportions with each passing day. It is so because of illiteracy that always remains at a high level over there.

One cannot so easily forget the two horrible incidents which took place in Kashmore and Kandkot over a non-serious issue as to ownership of animals.

Deadly weapons were used indiscriminately in both the incidents without considering their consequences/ramifications. Unfortunately, it did not end without demanding precious lives.

So, it is clear and undeniable evidence that intolerant behaviour among the masses is getting its root stronger which is not less than a shocking situation.

The government must launch a public awareness campaign that takes people to enlightened tendency and maintain the supremacy of law to ensure the safety of human lives.
Sukkur, Sindh

Waiting for vaccines

The most effective way to control the Coronavirus is to vaccinate a large number of the population.

For this, the Government of Pakistan deserves credit for having taken a good step to vaccinate people of almost all age groups.

But unfortunately, the government has just started the vaccination process in big cities only, while the people living in remote areas are still waiting for the government to start Covid vaccination process.

Yes, it is certainly right that none of remote areas are deprived of the facility. Getting vaccine is the best way to defeat the deadly Covid-19.

We, the poor people of a remote area appeal to the government to start the vaccination drive in far flung areas of the country in general and Balochistan in particular.
Kolahoo, Tump

Pakistan financial inclusion insights

I was going through a news piece published in your esteemed daily regarding Financial Inclusion Insights (FII) Survey.

Full details of the survey are available on Karandaaz Pakistan’s data portal. The survey also focuses on the impact of Covid-19 on financial behaviour in Pakistan in detail.

Some of the findings of the survey were overwhelming while some were considerably eye-opener, which I wish to share with your readers here.

The survey highlighted that financial inclusion in Pakistan has increased from 21% to 25% in adults mainly because of the increasing trend of adopting mobile money solutions with every passing day.

It further said that mobile money account ownership tripled among women, from 2% before the pandemic to 6% in late 2020.

For the very first time during this pandemic, I myself used one of these platforms for money transfers and came to know that these are handy and cost-effective at the same time.

Although the distance from 2% to 6% is so meagre in numbers, it is encouraging that the trend is upwards.

I’m quite hopeful that through such tech-savvy digital financial solutions, the financial system of Pakistan will sooner or later be able to bring in those people, especially women, who otherwise remain excluded from the formal banking system.

Not to forget, being a woman, I’m the active part of 48.8% population of Pakistan (according to 6th Census of Pakistan, 2017) and together, we can proudly keep the above mentioned numbers moving upwards.

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