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The growing menace
of litter

Littering is a common menace one can witness in all urban areas. The dirt and filth spilling onto the road lead to traffic jams and cause air and water pollution.

Around 1.9 billion tonnes of litter end up in the ocean every year, which clearly shows that people tend to throw things randomly anywhere, more often than they throw waste in garbage bins.

Besides, litter has the potential to cause harm to human health, safety, welfare as well as the environment.

Moreover, litter carries germs and rats are carriers of many types of diseases that make people ill. Litter also causes accidents as drivers try to avoid litter on the road.

Young children fall on litter in playgrounds and can get injured. To sum up, litter is a problem that can be solved.

It is our responsibility to make the people aware of the dangers of litter so that they can make more of an effort to always put their trash in bins.

Absurd lockdown

January 2020 was the time when COVID took over Pakistan, we are now stuck in its third wave and our government still isn’t able to enforce a lockdown that would actually make the living conditions better for us.

What’s funny is that, educational institutions where SOPs can be followed strictly, as students are in a rule-abiding premises, are constantly being shut down whereas markets, shopping malls, restaurants are allowed to open till 6pm, and police officers who are not true to their duties have set bribes for such franchises and give them a free pass for keeping their businesses open.

Government should enforce a curfew where everything is shut down completely for 15 days with serious repercussion for anyone who tries to step outside, only then we will be able to control the spread of COVID to some extent.

Crimes in interior Sindh

Sindh is always known for its distinct culture which is strongly influenced by Sufism. History itself marks the prosperity, hospitality, generosity of this land.

But for a few decades, Sindh has lost prosperity and peace in its interior parts including Larkana, Shikarpur, Ghotki, Kashmore, Kandhkot and Sukkur districts.

Police have failed to control crimes and proper law and order is not being enforced in the region. Innocent people are being kidnapped for ransom. People are living in the state having the Sword of Damocles hanging over their heads.

Although many times police have launched operations against dacoits but failed to accomplish their mission.

Government should take firm measures to eradicate and scrap crimes from the region.

Police should revive its resilience by introducing ‘khuli kacheri’ programs and organising campaigns to make the region peaceful, prosperous and mend the strayed people.
Larkana, Sindh

Load shedding in Karachi

It has now become an everyday practice in our town that the people have to live in complete darkness for long hours – in absence of electricity.

The State Electricity Board seems to be careless and rather indifferent about the difficulties felt by the dwellers of our town. During the dark hours of the night, we, the students, suffer a lot as we cannot study without electricity, as there is an absence of lights or power for computers etc.

The children, the old and the sick also suffer in many ways. The curse of road heading has become a chronic disease that damages the normal life of the people

. We must, by all means, get rid of this kind of load-shedding that is going to almost paralyze our normal life, especially after dusk.

All of us must be united to do something about this. So I request for your kind interference into this matter, as it requires somebody to highlight this issue before the public eye.

Wake up Muslim Ummah

As we all know that the outrage caused by the attack on the worshippers, including women & children, in Al-Aqsa mosque, which is the third holiest mosque in Islam, was inevitable and such a violence act against humanity.

In accordance with this whole scenario, it is our utmost priority to take action against Israeli attack on Masjid Al-Aqsa.

But, if we are not doing this, what is the use of 56 Islamic countries when they cannot protect their religious sites? Now, it’s time to be united, May Allah protect our Muslim brothers and sisters all around the world.

Health issues of Pakistan

In Pakistan, many efforts have been made to improve the health system but still it is not encouraging.

The health issues are due to the lack of awareness, poor diet, water pollution and hygiene problems leading to many diseases. Shortage of nurses and doctors for rural areas is also a factor.

The mortality rate of women is higher than men because they are treated by midwives with no professional knowledge.

There are many government hospitals providing free treatment to poor people but that too cannot be availed by the people properly for various reasons.

The government needs to chalk out a comprehensive strategy for the wellbeing and health of the people, especially the downtrodden.