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Hunger free Pakistan

During the month of Ramadan, we witness generosity in terms of charity and good deeds both by individuals and corporate entities.

Prime focus remains on distributing rations among the underprivileged communities to share blessings of this month.

Providing food to poor section of society, in the most respectable manner, is the greatest service to humanity.

It is heartening to see Rawalpindi Chambers of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) and AAA Associate providing free Iftari to 500 people daily for the complete month of Ramadan, unlike most organisations which limit their charity to particular days of the month.

This is a great example for others to follow, at least take up responsibility for a specific number of deprived people for the complete month of Ramadan if they can’t take it for whole year.

I believe these services to humanity must not be restricted to Ramadan only as it should be carried out throughout the year to bring an end to hunger in our country.

The last recorded data of Pakistan hunger statistics for 2018 was 12.30% of total population, a 0.3% increase from 2017.

Both individuals and commercial entities should take up responsibility for deprived sections of their locality and feed them from whatever Allah has granted them.

True essence of Islam is to serve humanity in the best possible manner and Ramadan gives us this message and prepares us for the whole year to serve underprivileged communities in most respectable manner by fulfilling their basic needs.

If we each take responsibility for one family then I’m confident that we’ll bring an end to hunger in our country.
M Sagheer

Unknown employees

In contrast to providing civil rights, the environment has changed but due to indifference and neglect, animal rights are still lacking. Animals are subject to countless experiments to achieve a smooth human life.

Visualize yourself trapped in a prison, being harassed and threatened by thousands of people every day.

It’s just how hostage animals experience daily. There are animal welfare laws in every region but animals are still treated ill. It is a tragic image of humanity’s soul that those who cannot compete and thus have no voice are the prime victim for inflicting death and suffering.

In developed nations, 1.3 billion employed donkeys, horses and mules serve millions of people. These “unknown employees” are often overloaded and undernourished in Pakistan, but also forcefully evicted.

There are a few animal vets, sporadic vaccines and very poor sanitation. Most working animals perish from illness, starvation, injuries, abuse and cruelty prematurely.

The Prevention of Cruelty of Animals Act of 1890 was redrafted in January 2018, but the approach towards animal welfare has not improved, thus there is a need for fresh legislation that recognizes animals as sensitive beings with inherent values.

The state and society should also concentrate on animal rights protection along with law enforcement and by promoting World Animal Day.

Resistance to occupation

When France surrendered to Nazi Germany on 22 June 1940, the French Resistance known as Maquis emerged to fight the occupation.

Charles de Gaulle on 18 June 1940 called upon French to continue the fight even though their army had surrendered.

Britain, USA and all other allies supported Maquis with arms, ammunition, intelligence and logistic support.

In response, Nazi Germany vowed to rule with an iron fist, including collective punishment of innocent civilians. The UN recognizes this right to resist for countries under occupation.

Those involved in French Resistance were termed as terrorists by Nazis but for the rest of the world they were freedom fighters and heroes.

Today we witness the leaders of the free world, reversing their stance and justifying an occupying force to target civilians as collective punishment, killing children, women and elderly as Israel’s right of self-defence.

Other than Bernie Sanders, there is no other voice of reason or sanity that dares to talk about the rights and safety of Palestinians, as vital as the safety of Jews.

If occupied land where Palestinians lived for centuries can be justified on the basis of Zionist arguments misquoting their religious books, then this opens the doors for extremists of all shades to embark upon aggression and unleashing miseries upon millions of innocent citizens living in any part of the world.

The irony is that many elitists in Pakistan and other Muslim Majority countries who are affiliated with Free Masonry and have assumed the role of apologists for Zionism.

Jews have a right to live in peace and security, so do others, including Palestinians, Kashmiris, Rohingyas etc.

As long as Zionist mindset does not accept that all human beings have equal rights, including their right of private property, justice etc., the world must be careful.


Shame on the UP govt

When festivals of other religions are not allowed to take place in the country (India) because of the Covid-19 situation, how come the Uttar Pradesh (UP) government in India allowed the Kumbh Mela to take place this year in April with over two lakh seers and sanyasis in Haridwar? The Uttar Pradesh government is answerable for this and he should be punished.
Mumbai, India