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Water conservation

Water is one of the most priceless resources on the globe. Water conservation must be a priority, as water preservation and efficiency are key components of sustainable water management. Our agriculture and farming sector is largest consumer of water.

Water shortages have a great impact on human health, socio-economic development as well as environment.

Water could be preserved/reclaimed by improving and adopting water management systems, evade canal leakages, developing rainwater reservoirs and wastewater recycling.

Rainwater harvesting and reused wastewater also permits decreasing scarcity and facilitating pressures on groundwater and other natural water bodies. Water is central point of our lives and must be used judiciously to save it for coming generations.
Chunian, Punjab

Irresponsible comments

Oh! You have a dark complexion, you are looking dark and fat in pictures. You are not looking pretty or handsome, you all have definitely heard these kinds of comments because of your complexion, features, height or most probably because of your weight. We have been living with this behaviour since we were born and feel okay with it.

We have never ever questioned this mindset. This has become part of our personality and that is bad etiquettes.

We all are perfect in the way Almighty has created us. We should never try to show or change ourselves according to such negative comments from others.

We should accept this reality that everyone is differently created, we can never be like others.

We can groom ourselves by working to build our spiritual and mental capabilities to become an accomplished human being and never underestimate our own qualities that we have been granted by almighty.

We should realise whenever someone discriminates or degrades someone on the basis of his or her complexion or skin colour, height, weight, features etc that person lacks confidence.

Accept everyone the way they are and let them live their lives the way they are and way they want.

Avoid discrimination

Discrimination is sign of injustice and has become quite familiar trait in our society. Mostly, we hear about teachers who discriminate in classes and schools.

They usually pay more attentions to those who are their favourites, while students who are weak are neglected greatly.

Due to this attitude many students lose interests in studies and their performances are not up to the mark.

So, I humbly request people in all walks of life and especially teachers to avoid such practices in schools, colleges and universities in order to provide equal rights of learning to everyone.

Each student should be seen equally and be given their right to learn.
Turbat, Balochistan

Young learners and pandemic

The year 2020-21 witnessed a pandemic that locked down the whole world. A large population was affected by it in one way or the other. Work from home, online schools became a norm.

From physical world we transitioned into a virtual one. The social distancing forced us to survive through virtual social media.

This was a good way to keep in touch with the world, with our loved ones and with studies or work. But it had its side effects too. This scenario mostly affected young kids. Education was compromised. Online education, though feasible for adults but it was not at all beneficial for young kids.

Physical school provides an independent environment for kids where they learn and grow, while online school made them more dependent on parents, which was frustrating for both at times.

Handling software and typing is something kids struggle with a lot. Internet connections and electricity shortage also played havoc. Writing and practice of many subjects was also compromised.

Two precious years of children education got wasted. And it surely will have long-term effects on basic learning of young learners.

Nothing for masses

I refer to print, electronic and social media discussing achievements of various military and civil governments in Pakistan. Mostly there is criticism and less praises.

I think not only Pakistan rather the whole subcontinent is facing dreadful conditions for masses in their countries. Even after more than 70 years of independence, lives of people from Dacca to Delhi to Islamabad have worsened.

Majority of the population still lives under crushing poverty, social injustice, class system, while ruling class and their accomplices constantly take turns to govern their countries.

Repeatedly, these leaders have succeeded in fooling ignorant masses at large. Miseries and poverty have turned almost everyone to follow the path of corruption and dishonesty in order to survive.

Just because of poor leadership, lack of patriotism and farsightedness our country, which is gifted with enough talent is being exploited.

Majority of educated and qualified lot leaves for rich western countries as brain drain, while uneducated and illiterate lot is being further spoiled by rising extremism in the country.

Population growth rate is on the rise resulting in green and fertile land being consumed by housing projects.

Crime rate has gone up beyond imagination and corruption is rampant everywhere. Thus, a cycle has been initiated that has no end in sight, unless people come to their senses, get united and force a change, first in themselves and then leaders and system.
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