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Transparency and fair-play

In the interest of transparency and fair-play, it is commendable that the Sindh High Court has suspended the award of a Track and Trace contract worth Rs.25 billion, which the federal government wanted to give to monitor production of various sectors in Pakistan where tax evasion is taking place.

It is also important to know that installation of a Track and Trace system is a condition of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as well.

This is a very important issue as the federal government has attempted many times to curb tax evasion in such sectors as cigarettes, cement, fertilizer and sugar.

It has been alleged by certain quarters that the company which was initially given the contract by the Federal Bureau of Revenue was not capable of ensuring that the solutions it offered could effectively monitor sectors it was assigned.

In addition, there was a conflict of interest and therefore the SHC had to stay allocation of the contract.

This is a very praiseworthy move on part of the SHC and would go a long way in ensuring transparency in the award of government contracts.

The intentions of the FBR are also to be commended as they are very much in the interest of the country and, despite the presence of some black sheep, the FBR is continuously working for the betterment of Pakistan’s tax collection machinery.

Islam: A misunderstood religion

Islam is a divine religion of mercy and peace, patience and tolerance rather a religion of misery and destruction, unrest and killing.

Belief in the honour and dignity, great respect and finality of Holy Prophet (PBUH) is part and parcel of our faith, indeed.

In all situation it is not tolerated at any cost that any one malign the glorified image of our beloved Prophet (PBUH). Besides it, the teachings of our Prophet (P.B.U.H) bear the equal importance.

According to His (PBUH) farewell sermon, the sanctity of property, honour and life of every human being is as important as the day and month of Hajj and the Holy place of Makkah.

Peaceful resolution of conflicts is alpha and omega of Islamic teachings. But unfortunately, we Muslims are unable to understand what our Prophet (PBUH) asked us to do.

The brutal killing of two police-men, while performing their duties is not less than a shameful act of crime.

The violations of Corona SOPs, blocking of roads and bridges and taking law into our hands, are Islamic acts?

Allah commanded in Surah Al-Nisa of Holy Quran “Obey Allah and His Prophet (PBUH), and obey those who are in authority.”

Therefore, it is a dire need of the hour to understand and interpret Islamic teachings according to its true spirit.

Besides, Ulema have to play their constructive role to strengthen the state authority in this regard.

Hope or illusion

American and Iranian officials were in Vienna to revive the JCPOA 2015 which limited the Iranian nuclear program.

In 2018, the US under the Trump administration withdrew while Iran remained in compliance with the deal for about a year, and later on, it embarked on the enrichment of uranium.

US withdrawal was followed by economic sanctions on Iran which crippled the Iranian economy and icing on the cake was pandemic. Now in Vienna indirect talks were held two days ago to resuscitate the agreement.

Many officials who were part of the original 2015 deal are again on board now but the context and scenarios are changed now.

There were predictions that the Biden administration will reenter into the deal and relations between both countries will embark on the journey of trust.

But all harbingers proved wrong when both states became obdurate on the issue of who will act first.

Americans were insisting that Iranian should make the first move and decrease the uranium enrichment to the level decided in the deal while Iranian were adamant that the USA withdrew so the Americans have to make the first move and uplift the economic sanctions.

Then the killing of Iranian Major Gen. Qassem Soleimani was the final nail in the coffin. Now the context has changed, mistrust is at its peak.

It is going to be hard because both states are adamant about forcing each other to make the first move and the growing tensions between the USA and two other major parties of JCPOA; China and Russia.

Both China and Russia have increased ties with Iran since the signing of the JCPOA in 2015.
Online sports trend

It is unfortunate that online sports trend is rising in the country. Children like to play games on mobiles and tablets which, no doubt, entertain them, but constant focus on screen leads to many health issues.

There is chance of eyesight problems and mental illness like anxiety and stress. There is dire need to divert children towards physical games.

There were times when children loved to play cricket, football, volleyball, table tennis and many other games.

For mental and physical fitness, sports are of undeniable importance. It helps us to regain our lost energy and relieves burden of work.

Parents are also reluctant to let their children involve in such activities because they deem it mere a wastage of time which is an absurd approach.

Parents and individuals must pay heed on their nourishment and participate in physical exertion.

If the trend of physical games rises in the country, the pace of health issues would soon decline.

No education for girls

I am a resident of Jath which is a small village in Balochistan and which is 90km from Kech where there is no education for girls.

Everyone knows that how much girls education is mandatory in today’s world. Girls education is more essential than boys education.

However, how much education boys get the girls have the same right to get education. In our village seven years ago that girls school had been close.

What is the reason? Why is it close? These questions are yet not answer. So the girls are just working in their homes.

It hurts me to see the condition of our own village where boys are getting education but what about girls.

Furthermore, they are several girls whoes hobbies is to get education but their hobbies are being ignored due to lack of school. Also their people are in middle families that’s why they can’t go to a city to get education.

Hence, I request the government of Balochistan to take a strict action against this issue and build a school girls as soon as possible.
Jath, Balnigwar

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