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Banking frauds

Karachi English daily published a letter “Banking Frauds” on 18th March 2021, arguing that to save clients assets deposited in trust with bank, that are not misappropriated by some front men in connivance with bank that perhaps leak clients information, therefore the concept of Bank acting as your trustee has not only been thrown to winds, the regulators i.e. SBP is unable to check bankers acting more autonomous than the IMF driven autonomy plan recently approved by the Cabinet.

In given situation who will listen to Mr. Masud’s suggestion to ensure that techniques such as call masking are curtailed so that unsuspecting customers are not easily fooled.

First Summit Bank was threatening me on flimsy ground that funds kept in my account will be transferred into SBP as unclaimed or so, that when I protested they transferred into my other account with another bank, Bank Al-Barka branch located far away, we are requesting in writing since last more than ten years to transfer the funds in our account with another bank, while both banks are mentioned in our annual audited accounts, Al-Barka is adamant that first we have to visit branch for cumbersome activation then further action will be taken the account belongs to a trade body whose office bearers keep changing on an yearly basis, its not possible to ask our North Circle representatives to travel and come for showing face, because Bank has illegally stopped crediting earned profit on deposits since long and not providing six monthly statement of affairs.

All efforts including approaching SBP for 10 years have remained unanswered and after legislation of new amendment we have to announce Obituary of Trustee and Clients existence.
Chairman, PCETA

Internet for students

I am sorry to say that there is no concept of 2G, 3G and 4G internet in parts of Balochistan.

As a result, thousands of students are in hot waters. Students in Turabt are facing a plethora of problems problems due to lack of internet in the city.

Furthermore, as food is a necessary for life, no doubt internet is as necessary for a student to be connected to the world and find necessary material for study from different authors and sources.

Thus, in a province like Balochistan internet is not less than a blessing where one hardly finds a good teacher to teach.

It is my request to the Government of Baluchistan to kindly make arrangements for the provision of internet facility for the students.

Covid’s worst victims

Covid-19 surfaced in the late 2019 and with it came the world-wide lock-down in the early 2020.

All the businesses were shut in the face of growing threat of rapidly spreading virus. Pakistan also implemented lock-down as per its own threatened situation.

Economy was badly affected and all the economic activity came to a halt for the time being.

Lock-down was lifted almost after two months of harsh enforcement before Eid-ul-fitr last year. But the educational institutions remained shut for another four to five months.

There is also a whole industry or economic activity attached with the schools and colleges.

This industry includes the stationary items stores, uniforms and above all, the street vendors, canteens and hawkers.

Educational institutions are again closed as cases are surging again.
These hawkers and vendors earn on a daily basis thus running the cycle of their life.

But when schools are shut their earning is also badly affected as their majority of sales happen just outside the schools and colleges.

Government is also satisfied that markets and industries are open so labourers would be at ease after finding sufficient work.

But this section is neglected and in result increasing difficulties for them. Stationary stores and canteens’ owners are also worried due to no customers.

Government should look into this matter appropriately so they don’t collapse financially.

school fee

It is true that Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan by land.Here in Balochistan due to Covid-19 private schools have remained close for more than six months.

Balochistan is a backward province of Pakistan, the private institutions exist there largely.

No doubt, the institutions are demanding their complete fee despite government’s directions to charge reasonable fee of Covid-19’s holidays since a huge portion of the masses remained unemployed.

Moreover, pandemic in Balochistan was not less than a curse since the people in Balochistan are the most backward and poor in the world.

In a situation where the state was in full lockdown how could a man earn in a province like Balochistan where one may not get a penny after begging for complete day.

The parents didn’t earn money that much and they didn’t save any money for their children fees. It is my request to the concerned authorities that they should direct the Balochistan private institutions not take the full fee from the poor people of Balochistan.

Owing to Covid-19 and private institution’s arrogant attitude many students have left their studies. Thus, now the students are working as labourers.

The government of Pakistan should do something for Baloch students since Balochistan is Pakistan’s future.

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