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Let us make it possible

Right now all the media reports have confirmed Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan testing positive for COVID-19.

Khan has been receiving warm wishes for a quick recovery from Asian countries and the world community at once.

Indian counterpart Narendra Modi sending his wishes for Khan’s recovery has been confirmed by certain Indian media outlets.

The very fact that the people and politicos together can never be exceptions to the nagging virus disease must be understood and taken seriously by everyone.

Even after the vaccine rollout, the fact of countries still fighting with the pandemic has a strong message made for all out there.

Apart from strengthening the entire vaccine process, still, the people have to stick to serious yet basic healthcare guidelines like hygienic food, healthy lifestyle and other COVID procedures like wearing masks.

In my native areas like Tiruchendur in Tamil Nadu, the people like labourers have been usually going together as a group to work in the fields under various crops and greenery activities and have been winding up accordingly in tandem. Put aside that, it is time to join together and fight together against the coronavirus.

Seriously speaking, there have been heavy tasks up ahead like creating jobs, strengthening economy and supporting much more greenery and agricultural activities. Yes, we can start and do it all over again.

Let us make it possible to win over this bloody pandemic soon through more disciplined healthcare protocols and by properly and scientifically identifying the most curable vaccines.
Maharashtra, India

Bura na mano, Holi hai!

Holi is often associated with freedom from quotidian rules. The saying, “bura na mano, Holi hai”, is meant to allow even strangers to apply colours on each other without inhibitions. However, this practice is often wrongfully taken advantage of.

Not only do people forcefully apply colours on others, but people have also been molested in the garb of doing so.

Merriment can be boundless; but, at the same time, it should not encroach beyond other people’s boundaries.
Mumbai, India

Lock down/up not solution!

According to Tib-e-Nabvi (SAW), black-seed is suitable for treating respiratory conditions including – asthma, allergies, cough, bronchitis, emphysema, flu, swine flu… O’ it is effective for every disease except death (Hadith)! So, being a Muslim, this scribe is unable to understand why Ulema and Muslim Headship is not concentrating on this ‘Hadith’.

And, instead, every source is being used for purchasing/injecting of vaccine, masking, distance as commanded by Western commanders.

Standard Operating Procedures of Islamic religion are crystal-clear vis-a-vis viruses, since, Adam (AS) shifted on earth through: namaz; roza; zakat .

Amongst these ‘namaz’ is on top which needs cleanliness of the whole body for which Westerns are trumpeting today (!). Every Muslim offers five-time ‘namaz’ so, in addition to clothes, does wazoo (ablution) for cleaning himself.

It is to clean mouth, nose, face, forearm and feet. So, a Muslim has to wash these body parts five times a day compulsorily and, for tahajud/nawafil is in addition. Some Muslims remain in ablution always, because, they know cleanliness is 50pc faith on Allah – Hadith (!).

It is mandatory for Muslims to do ablution for cleaning viruses; remove extra hair; do not take food restricted in Islam.

It (certainly) curtails the pandemic like Covid-19… Hence the role of Islamic/other SOPs in general and the way a Muslim maintains cleanliness is helpful to curtail the spreading of pandemics till shining of last sun on earth.

Even then, reason-time-and-location is fixed for death of every-living-being according to law of the Nature (!).
Let’s provide our generation education-cum-training of Islamic way of life.

And, in addition to other think: manufacturing of bomb/missile; adulteration-free food/water; depression-free life; earning of rizk-e-hilal… By doing so, we could say, goodbye to pandemics and lock down/up – because, these are the natural remedies de facto.

Otherwise, humanity will remain in grip of pandemics – a note for think tanks over the globe (!!).
Tatrinote, AK

Boundaries towards learning

Education is a process of enlightening one’s world, that flamboyant one’s world eternally.

However, in our society it seems to be a different scenario towards study and most importantly for learning.

As far as learning is concerned, most of the institutions bound their students for rote learning.

More or less 95pc of the students study only to pass their academics rather than for learning purposes.

Moreover, it has become a so-called norm for our educational institutions that they subject their students to maintain certain desirable CGPA to keep on going for their academics and students, consequently, have to implement rote learning just to ace in examinations in spite of studying for learning purposes.

Therefore, it is imperative for educational institutions to let students study for actual learning rather than enforcing and confining them to maintain particular grades; so that students are able to study candidly and can learn independently.NEHA ALI DHAREJO
Larkana, Sindh