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Steep price hike

Currently, we are witnessing that prices of items of daily use have touched new heights. Almost all items are selling at very high prices.
They have gone beyond the buying power of ordinary people. Flour, pulses and sugar prices have touched new scales while price of chicken has left many a people stunned. Being sold at Rs 280-300 per kg about a month ago, chicken prices have soared to 450-480 per kg.
Our so-called leaders, however, fully aware that wages of majority of population are low and due to these rising prices families face many difficulties everyday to arrange vital things for their children. In these pandemic days, few hands are earning and more mouths want to eat. I think our leaders seemed to have abandoned needy and impoverish people. The PTI government, instead of blaming previous governments, better take serious action to control these rising prices.
Kashif Chang Baloch
Sukkur, Sindh


Poverty is widely spreading in the country, which is not only hurting economic growth of the country but also increasing public anger against incumbent government. Especially in a country where public is daily facing all sought of problems while those running governments seem to be living on top, least bothered what’s happening down.
The cause of rise in poverty is inflation that is increasing like anything. Prices are touching new heights and it has become hard for poor to get two meals daily. Government and concerned authorities should act to bring relief to all segments of society.
Turbat, Balochistan

Importance of Pakistan Day

On 23 March 1940, Lahore resolution was passed that proposed creation of an Independent and separate homeland for Muslims. Lahore resolution, also known as Pakistan Resolution 1940 was passed in the Minto Park which now is known as Iqbal Park, Lahore.
Since then, March 23 as Independence Day is celebrated throughout the country, which is a public holiday. Additionally, construction of Minar-i-Pakistan on the site in Iqbal Park is symbol of resolution passed by All India Muslim League.
In early morning hours, 31 gun salute in the Capital and 21 gun salute in provincial capitals is carried out to celebrate this national event with full zeal and zest while armed forces units hold military parade in Federal Capital.
The official buildings including provincial assemblies, banks, post offices etc are illuminated with lights and multi colour buntings to mark the national day. President of Pakistan also confers national awards and medals on this occasion. Change of guards at the mausoleums of Allama Iqbal in Lahore and Quaid-i-Azam at Karachi takes place while flower wreaths are also laid at these two places on this remarkable day.
Ghotki, Sindh

Without science teacher

Students of Government Boys High School Ball Nigwar, a village some 90 kilometres from Turbat city, are deprived of science teachers for almost 7 years. After middle classes, these students have no idea about Physics, Chemistry and Biology because during science periods students are sitting outside of classrooms due to non-availability of teachers. Teachers come here but will stay for nearly 3 months, arrange their transfer to another place due to lack of facilities for them to live comfortably.
Shockingly, no one cares about poor students of a village like Ball Nigwar. Some of them cannot afford to visit nearby cities for higher education, as a result, they choose to stop going schools. I urge Government of Balochistan, to provide us science teachers as soon as possible.
Dasht, Balochistan


Our less encouraging educational institutions cause great harm to interests of youngsters forcing them to leave schools. There is a place in Balochistan, namely Balgater, comes in UC Tejaban which lacks basic necessities of education.
The said school, like many other schools, is in dire need of good teachers and materials to provide quality education. So, I request federal and provincial educational ministers of the country to look please improve our education system and bring reformations as soon as possible for the sake of providing poor people a good future.
Turbat, Balochistan

Tiktok ban

Peshawar High Court has banned Tiktok due to unethical and obscene content that Tiktok provides. No doubts such traits are distasteful for any decent society and also one of the reasons that Tiktok was banned again for second time. No doubt, it is an entertainment application but with passage of time it has gained popularity among young people and obscene content is a threat to our values and culture.
Pakistan is not the only Muslim country that has banned it but other Muslim countries have also done it. On first ban, PTA restored it with conditions and warnings of filtering the content but this solution did not prove practical. Fawad Chaudhry, minister of science and technology is against such ban, yet ban should be lifted once conditions and terms are met that adhere to constitution of Pakistan.
Via email

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