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Astronomical education

Space missions have remained the most highlighted topic for decades because of the curiosity to find life beyond the Earth and to find another place in deep space for the next generations. So, every country is striving to stand its ground in the space game and the winner, in this case, will be considered as the most advanced country in the world.
Countries like the USA, China, Russia and India are gearing up their space mission programs whereby SpaceX is planning to get human to Mars by 2026; and, China’s Tianwen 1 spacecraft has entered Martian orbit; on the other hand, Russia is planning to take the first tourist on a spacewalk in 2023; moreover, India is planning the second attempt towards lunar surface. But, meanwhile, Pakistan in this game is nowhere in sight. Pakistan’s Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (Suparco) is in the throes of a budget crisis and struggling for its existence.
In Pakistan, from primary to intermediate level, not a single lesson about astronomy is in the curriculum. For that reason, the majority of students are not familiar with the basics of astronomy so we should not expect youth to be dynamic and futuristic. Moreover, there are no universities that offer a serious educational degree in Astronomy; eventually, students enthusiastic about astronomy do not see career opportunities, and sadly switch to other professions.
Lastly, this is the most neglected issue in Pakistan, and I urge the government through your esteemed newspaper to take steps regarding the Space Science Programs whereby an extra-budget should be given to the Suparco so that it can fulfil its expenses and provide career opportunities. Moreover, astronomical lessons should be included in the curriculum to develop youth interest. And amateur astronomy societies which are working in the major cities must be facilitated and provided with modern equipment and telescopes. Possible Space science departments should be established in universities.
Ghotki, Sindh

Sky is limit

Experiences out of expectations particularly the ones raising you to the skies brings enormous joy. What an amazing opportunity provided by KAC (Karachi Aero Club) on International Women’s Day. Yes, I hit the skies as my first ever flying lesson under Aspiring Women Aviators tag of KAC, launched without soaring price tag, particularly for Women.
I didn’t have to wait long, and arrangements were impressive when I made it to KAC, Tuesday morning, March 9th. Excitement was way above par and unusual, and the feeling was a mix of nervousness and bliss, yet comfortable. Soon after, I met Captain Muneeb who briefed me about flight plan quite comprehensively followed by flying instructor, Captain Sikandar Khan. Humble and cooperative team of KAC made me much more confident.
The instructor was sitting to my right and guiding me on different aspects of checklist consisting of pre-and-post flight fundamentals. We disappeared from the surface of land in no time after running short lapse, I was feeling like a bird this time with an immense pleasure. I manoeuvred aircraft at my own after earning captain’s confidence. Wow! I was able to manoeuvre the aircraft where I wanted. Delightful and beyond description. An hour-long journey ended smoothly and made me almost bound to pen down my first flying class experience. Thanks to wonderful KAC team for enabling and empowering women in true sense.
Via email

Neom megacity initiative of MBS

Basically the Neom word is the combination of two Greek words ‘Neo means ‘New’ and M means ‘Mustaqbal’ which means Future. So, it is referred to as the new future megacity. It is a matter of fact that its administration and governance system would be sovereign and autonomous than the rest of Saudi Arabia. Moreover, this project replaces the dependency on fossil fuel with renewable energy.
It is a futuristic ambition of Muhammad bin Salman (MBS) to innovate, organize and administer a utopian city with modern, scientific technology and innovation. Interestingly, 500 billion dollars are being invested to digitize the entire city.
Based on Artificial intelligence, bullet trains can travel around the globe in five to four hours, and hyper-loop technology and a wireless connection with free accessibility to the internet known as Digital Air. However, under the banner of MBS, this flagship project is fully environment-friendly with zero carbon emissions and is based on renewable energy sources.
It utilizes nanotechnology and robotics embedded in artificially intelligent machines. Ultimately, this is a quantum leap towards the futuristic vision, hope, and enlightenment with a variety of holograms used in many educational and research-based institutions. Its construction has been underway since 2017 and would be finished in 2032.

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