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Cheating in online exams

Covid-19 has shifted most of the activities to digital mode and so is the case with education. It is unethical and sad that students use unfair means in online exams. Students are innovative enough in devising new tips and tricks for cheating.
The best help comes from Google. Answer pops up as they finish typing on it. They have created Whatsapp groups where they can freely discuss anything. Hardly a few students can be found that don’t cheat. In Pakistan, students are hyper religious but they don’t deem cheating as wrong.
To curtail cheating in online exams, teachers should become more active, prepared and must ask clever questions to their students that can’t be found on Google. They should conduct viva instead of written exams to evaluate real educational status of students. Theses are some tackling measures to check cheating during online exams.
Thatta, Sindh

Online classes

The outbreak of COVID-19 has disrupted normal routine of people and also forced closure of educational institutions for several months. Besides, for time management HEC announced to conduct online classes but unlikely in many areas there is poor Internet service. On the other hand in remote areas many students don’t have access to proper Internet connections.
Resultantly students are unable to attend classes and cannot achieve proper concepts. It is worth mentioning that many students are deprived of fundamental devices such as laptop, cellular phone and tablet due to financial instability. This has further exacerbated situation in drop out of school children. According to World Bank it estimated that 930,000 children are expected to drop out from both primary and secondary education. However, 22 million children are already out of schools. This clearly manifests that situation is moving from bad to worse. It is a humble request to government that first priority should be given to education for reopening of universities under strict SOP’s so that everyone can continue their academic activities in proper manner.
Via email

Alcohol use
in youth

Use of alcohol has become rampant in youth particularly those under the age of 16 to 25. These are mostly students who use alcohol to free themselves of worries.
Some are addictive to other drugs and some start using alcohol when they join bad company.
Alcohol use causes many problems. People show aggressive behaviour, students waste their time and money thus wastes their lives with their own hands. People don’t give proper time to family and could get involved in accidents, beat other people and their family members. Government should take action to reduce impact of this issue. In universities where students use alcohol should be fined. Rehabilitation centres must be established to treat such patient politely and take proper care so that they rid of their addiction.
Kasur, Punjab

Class difference

In societies there is a trend that poor people are considered a slur and are given less prestige. People who have money are considered best human beings and are allowed to do anything right or wrong. They are meant to be superior class of the society. They are given much more respect, love and freedom of thought and actions. While on the other hand, poor are meant to be inferior. In Islam everyone is equal and there is none superior over the other.
Unfortunately in Pakistan the one who is poor has no self-respect and the one who has money is considered best. The elite class see poor, as they are some different creatures. But they do not know that those less privileged feel happy in who they are and are always thankful to Allah Almighty for blessings.

Childhood obesity

Few decades ago, question of childhood obesity was not an issue. But with arrival of fast foods, play station and X-box games, our kids have become inactive and resultantly are becoming obese. Specially, during Covid pandemic children became very lazy and had less outdoor activities, that rate is still increasing.
Obesity in childhood can fuel physiological, emotional stresses. The main cause of obesity is the fact that children eat too much and don’t exercise enough. Obesity in childhood can lead to many other harmful diseases in adulthood.