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Stop violence

I am deeply traumatized that Zimbabwean Government struggles to end the persistent scourge of gender-violence and the related acts of rape, sexual assault and killing of women, domestic violence against women seems to be worsening as families struggle with anxiety, economic stress and live in close physical proximity to one another. About 35 women are raped in Zimbabwe almost on a daily basis.
Politically motivated sexual violence against women is prevalent. Rape is used as a tool to silence and intimidate dissenting voices and repress political opposition. I am very distressed that Zimbabwean Government has not challenged men to change their social conduct and embrace gender equality and non-violence. Women are particularly vulnerable to violence because of their low status and lack of power within the family. In Zimbabwe, there are no accurate figures on the extent to which girls or women are raped or sexually assaulted some of them they are raped by ZANU-PF thugs, soldiers, police and CIO.
Security forces appeared to use the crackdown to commit numerous cases of rape. Many women fear violence if they discuss family planning with their partners and may sometimes choose to use contraception without their partners’ knowledge. Southern African Development Community, AU and UN leaders demand that the careless, clueless and corrupt ZANU-PF government put an end to the use of violence against and act to stop these deplorable actions against women.

AIDS: A dreadful disease

A number of terrible diseases continue to stare the scientists in the face and men of science stand just bewildered and confused. Acquired immune-deficiency syndrome (AIDS) is one of those terrible diseases which has already taken a toll of several thousands of lives in America and Europe. It is an illness in which the body’s natural system starts failing by slow degrees.
It is caused by a virus which infects the white blood cells of the body. Early symptoms of this disease are a significant loss of weight, swollen glands, fever and night sweats, lethargy and infections of oesophagus.
It is not a completely infectious disease but it can be transferred through infected needles, semen, blood, urine, stools and saliva. It is a dreadful disease so one should have regular medical examinations and should avoid the sharing of needles to inject drugs, sharing one’s razors and toothbrushes with others. The Government should educate the people about the various pros and cons of the disease. Let us pray that our country does not fall prey to this dreadful disease.

Women’s harassment

Through the courtesy of your esteemed newspaper, I want to highlight the social issue of women’s harassment in our society. According to Islam, women have equal human rights as men have. But in our society basic human rights of a woman are neglected seriously. There are many cases in our country when women were abused both physically and mentally.
When we talk about harassment, we just point out the harassment at houses but there are many women who are facing harassment at public places, transport platforms and at work places. Even at educational institutions, women are not safe. Out of every three women, one woman is harassed everyday. Harassment declines the confidence level of a woman.
She feels herself insecure and loses her trust and freedom. She cannot participate in any social or developmental activity and suffers from mental and physical torture. As God has created every human-being equal, so women should also be provided with fundamental rights of security and safety. Government should take strict action to prohibit the curse of women’s harassment.

Use of social media

Social media is something most kids, teens and adults are using all the time. Having people on their phones all the day is not only disappointing but also damaging. Instead of talking to someone face to face, people prefer just texting or going on a social network. Use of social media can lead to adverse effects such as it can cause cyber-bullying, can compromise education and have effects on social skills.
Social media is used 96.6 % in the world today from things like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Social media can be a world’s great invention as well as the world’s worst invention. For some people understanding a life without social media is near impossible. It can cause them substance use, aggressive social behaviour and depression. Excessive use of social media can cause anxiety, depression and mental illness in people. Therefore, I earnestly urge all the stakeholders to please avoid excessive use of social media, otherwise it will be too late.

Dowry’s affection

Nowadays, it is essential and even become a goal of the most people to throw number of magnificent parties and gatherings on weddings. Even though, No one can even anticipates the weddings without having fancy gatherings, high-key parties, pricey dressings, hifi decorations and so on.
Moreover, giving dowry has become a so-called standard in our society as it is supposed to be given at every cost, no matter how rough the condition of the bride’s family is.
The people who belong to well-off families can easily manage to do so. However, it proves to be an arduous task for those who belong to deprived background. When it comes to marriages of daughters, necessitous parents sell their commodities just to fulfil their daughter’s in-laws demands. And if they could not handle to fulfil their requirements, their beloved daughters have to immensely forbear and have to pay high-cost in this so-called modern society where dowry has become an eternal requirement for a happy marriage.
Amid loads of heart-rending cases that are still unrevealed where people think that they can brush the matter under carpet; Ayesha’s case come forwards as a wake-up call for the society as she committed suicide as the consequence of her husband’s continuous demand for dowry. People should acknowledge that it is time to say farewell to dowry and save myriads of innocent lives.