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Arbitrary rise in milk price

Dairy shops in the metropolis have increased milk price by Rs. 10/- without formal government approval and milk is being sold openly at increased rate. And it is surprising to see that those who were selling milk at Rs.110/- per litre are now selling milk at Rs. 120/- and those who were selling milk at Rs. 120/- which was arbitrary rate by themselves have now increased another Rs. 10/- more which is injustice for common people to buy and afford milk in such skyrocketing inflation.
Moreover, it is not hidden from anyone and well-known truth that pure milk is out of reach of common people except those who buys milk from dairy farms and milking is taken place in front of their own eyes while it is out of question to buy pure milk from shops. Government needs to crack down on dairy shops to ensure old rates as well as pure milk is supplied to common people.

Women day and negative slogans

International women day is observed as ‘aurat march’ in Pakistan every year on March 08. Thousands of women gather in every city that surely reflects two positive things. First they are aware of poor treatments given to them. Second they dislike the way they are treated so they want to eliminate it.
However, aurat march in Pakistan getting controversial every year for the strategy it has adopted. Firstly a few controversial slogans during the past few year marches have questioned the direction and objectives of the entire women’s movement. Secondly, Pakistani society seems clearly divided on the issue. It is because of two parallel movements — ‘Islamic feminism and secular feminism’. Aurat march in Pakistan also seems to be inspired by the Western women’s movement. But it has failed to incorporate the level of organisation and planning which helped people in the West to end the second-class status of their women.
Western women’s movement was a systematic approach. It first aimed at gaining voting rights before focusing on gaining educational and workplace rights. Lastly, they turned to protect women’s bodily rights.
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Effects of bullying children

I am writing to express consequences of bullying children. Bullying includes making threats, spreading rumours, attacking someone physically or verbally and excluding someone from a group on purpose. Verbal bullying includes teasing, name-calling, inappropriate sexual comments, taunting, threatening to cause harm, embarrassing someone in public. Physical bullying constitutes hitting, kicking, pinching, spitting, tripping and pushing.
Bullying can affect everyone. It may lead to many negative outcomes comprising impacts on mental health, substance use and suicide. Kids who are bullied at school by teachers or by their fellows experience adversarial physical, social, emotional, academic and rational activities including their intellectual health. Depression, anxiety, increased feelings of gloominess, loneliness, changes in sleep and eating patterns and loss of appetite and loss of enterprise in activities they used to enjoy and decreased academic achievements and school participation are some health effects faced by the children being bullied.
A very trifle number of bullied children might retaliate through extremely violent measures. Moreover, kids who are bullied are at a risk of suicide. Many issues contribute to suicide risk. These risks can be escalated further when parents and peers do not help these kids. Bullying can make an unsupportive situation worse.
However, kids who bully others can also engage in violent and risky activities into adulthood. They are more likely to abuse alcohol and other drugs in adolescence, get into fights, vandalise property, engage in early sexual activities, have criminal convictions and traffic citations as adults.

Street robbers

Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I want to draw attention of concerned authorities towards street robberies all over Pakistan. Street robbers search for victims who appear to have money and other valuables. Street criminals are responsible for injuries, deaths, sexual assaults and loss of personal property through force.
They also look for victims who are unaware of their immediate surroundings, for example, busy on calls or are listening to music, might appear less alert and are more vulnerable to street robbers than other people. Such activities of these criminals are destroying our society. I request concerned authorities to look into this matter and take immediate action.

NUML clash

Clash between two student groups of NUML university Islamabad resulted into death of a student Abdul Haqq, while five others were injured as per ICT police reports. According to reports, some Seraiki students were teasing a girl, while a student of Pukhtoon student federation scolded Seraiki students that led to a clash.
Being a student at the university I feel that this clash was not between students but between student councils that unfortunately disregard all laws, rules, their learning just for their self-admiration. These councils were made for protecting due rights of students yet they have given rise to violence and unruly behaviour.