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Muhammad Ali Sadpara National Hero

In 1945, two foreign climbers climbed the world’s second highest peak K-2 in the month of July and were crowned with bravery. This series of mountaineering continued after that. So far, several people have climbed the killer peak and raised the flag of success. In January 2021, a team of Nepali climbers climbed the K-2. At least 86 people are reported to have lost their life in the process.
Mohammad Ali Sadpara, a veteran climber from Skardu, has proved his mettle by scaling the world’s 9th highest peak – Nanga Parbat, the 12th peak – Broad Peak and the chest of the Skyscraper Mountains. In the first week of February, national hero Mohammad Ali Sadpara set out to hoist the national flag on the world’s second-highest Peak, K-2. Along with Mohammad Ali Sadpara, Iceland’s John Asnori and Chile’s Pablo Mohar were also on the trip. All communication with him has been cut off since Friday last.
Arjumand Sajid Ali Sadpara, son of national hero Muhammad Ali Sadpara, said, “I saw him crossing a dangerous place called Bottle Neck. I am sure my father and team have done K-2 head. On return, mishap may have occured. The Pakistan Army has launched a rescue operation to search for the missing climbers. As the chances of surviving are slim, there is also hope. It is being said that in 2008, Pemba Guljain Sherpa of Nepal lived in a death zone of K-2 for 90 hours and this time too, may Allah show a miracle. God bless the national hero. Amen.


Muhammad Ali Sadpara without oxygen bottle put his footprints on forehead of K2 hill is lost somewhere in the mysteries of K2’s beauty. This is the same K2 where lunatics are buried in every freeze layer of snow. To kiss its forehead many caravan of lovers went but often could not succumb to his alluring. Scaling it considered to be the Oscar award of the world of mountaineering.
M.Ali Sadpara belongs to Sadpara village in the shadow of Skardu is a lunatic Pakistani to accomplish it whiteout oxygen bottle. He is lost somewhere in the maze of Peak while returning victorious. It is important for him to come back so that he can tell the world how fascinating the view from the highest point of the world is. It seems to have one sided love of M.Ali Sadpara has become two sided and the queen of mountain has fallen under his spell. He is a great symbol of courage and greatness which proved that 28250 feet mountain is nothing as compared to a man of five feet eight inches. He proved that the greatest creature in the entire world created by Almighty ALLAH man is. We all as a nation pray for his safety.
Scandalous video of KP MPAs

The emergence of a scandalous video, showing MPAs from KP receiving bundles of banknotes, allegedly for March 2018 Senate elections, just a month before the elections to the upper house, raises many questions about the timings of this leakage.
While it casts aspersions about the morality of those receiving and giving the money, it also exposes the total lack of ethics of those who have for years been involved in manipulating elections in Pakistan and their role in bringing into disrepute the political process. We are reaping the harvest for betraying MAJ’s vision.
For a country, created through a democratic political struggle, led by politicians of integrity and character like Quaid-e-Azam, it was a stab in the back of Founding Fathers and their vision of a modern democratic welfare state, to witness remnants of colonial occupation like the Indian Political Service bureaucrat Iskandar Mirza in collaboration with a few uniformed officers ban all politicians. They put in place a concocted and perverted controlled system in the guise of basic democracy, which in essence was a dictatorship, with no checks and balances.
This group embarked on a mission to reverse all that Jinnah Sahib had dreamed of. They had the audacity to even launch a malicious campaign against Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah. We have lost half the country; our economy is in a mess and the welfare state replaced by a country which faces scourge of extremism and terrorism, courtesy a tin-pot dictator who got us involved in a proxy war in Afghanistan.
Thousands of our valiant soldiers have embraced Shahadat, to eradicate this country from Zia’s legacy of terrorism and extremism, while millions were displaced. Even after decades, the seeds of extremism sown by the terrorists, whom Zia gave refuge on our soil, haunts this country.