Kiwi fruit — a tonic for health

Dr Yasin Khan Durrani

Kiwi (Actinida) is a fluffy fruit with a fleshy soft texture, available throughout the year mostly from September to November. It was first introduced in New Zealand in 1904 by a school teacher Isabel Fraser. Since its skin resembles the native bird “Kiwi” of New Zealand, hence popularly named as Kiwi fruit. The fruit has black seeds and sweet unique flavor popularly known as Yang Tao, abundantly grown in China.

Allah (SWT) has blessed the humanity with all types of fruits in different colors, taste, fragrance and nutrients, to be used equally by a healthy and a sick person, containing less sugar and no cholesterol good for diabetics or hypertensive patients. .

It is popularly grown in New Zealand (gooseberry) and is the main crop in China (Actinida Chinesis), it can be grown easily as a seasonal fruits in Pakistani as experimented by the Agricultural Deptt. In fact, Pakistan is a place with most favourable climates to grow Papayas (Carica), Chikoo (Manikara), Pineapples (Ananas comosus) and Sharifa (Annona). These are economically prized fruits and can be exported as well.

The China Kiwi is less sweet as compared to New Zealand Kiwi. According to a report published by a Fruit Analyst, New Zealand produces 4,1700 million tons of Kiwi and is the biggest exported fruit worth 1.2 Billion US Dollars. It is 29% of their total export. Whereas China exports 2.3 million tons of Kiwi.

Kiwi is rich in Vit.C,E, anti-oxidants and many other nutrients, advisable for pregnant and anemic women, lactating mothers, necessary for fetal development and especially rejuvenating for the seniors. It is the world’s healthiest fruit and out of 100 gm, it contains zero Cholesterol, sodium,(3mg) low in sugar (9 gm), and carbohydrates 15 gm, Vit. C 154%, Fiber (3gm) Protein (1.1 gm), Vit.A (1%), Calcium (3%) Iron (1%) Mg. (4%) Fat (0.5%) and Potassium 312 gm. Since Kiwi is a fruit with balanced nutrients, it can be freely used by all age groups especially during pandemic of COVID-19. Since it is a power house of anti-oxidants Kiwi is the world’s healthiest fruit and is recommended for those who suffers from hair loss, asthma, cardio-vascular disorders and poor vision.

—The author is a retired Professor from Rawalpindi Medical University and an Hon Professor of Eye at First National University, Tianjin, Republic of China.

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