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Modi: Murderer of Hindus!

Who does not know that on 9 August 2020, eleven Hindus were brutally murdered which migrated from Pakistan on call of terrorist-Modi & Co., for settling in India (!?) Even worse was/is that India not yet released post-mortem report. Due to this heinous murder, other Hindu families who went to India returned to Pakistan.
The worst terrorism is (also) going on in the India-occupied Kashmir. So, gentle souls around world are amazing that when 1/5th of 21st Century has passed, there may not be a region where it is possible to prove such barbarism. So, this scribe is unable to understand then, what barrier is blocking ICJ for declaring India as Terrorist State (??). On the basis of facts (even) Member National Assembly and head of Pakistan Hindu Council, Ramesh Kumar has demanded from UN that all those involved in these heinous crimes (must be) prosecuted in accordance with laws laid down by UN; ICJ…
On the other side world knows that Pakistan celebrates 11 August as Minority Rights Day according to Quaid-i-Azam’s golden wording regarding protection of minorities. The latest example is that a temple broken by RAW agents in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa was/is to be reconstructed according to Supreme Court of Pakistan’s judgment. The judgment (also) directed for “recovering expenditure” from terrorists. This is Pakistan of Quaid-i-Azam; Allama Iqbal… And, this is called justice (!!)
In such a scenario, it is hoped that ICJ/Amnesty International will play their role to bring culprit ‘Modi & Co.’ in court of law. A few prominent crimes – murder of 11 Hindus on 9 August 2020, 40 soldiers blasted in Pulwama, 36 Sikh murdered in occupied Kashmir, Parliament attack 2001, Mumbai attack 2008, Samjhauta Express and what not? So, voice of people over the globe is expecting from Humanitarian Organizations for declaring India as – murderer’s State (!!)
Tatrinote, AK
Thackeray, not fit for
CM’s post

Maharashtra’s CM Uddhav Thackeray has gone mad. Eleven months have passed but still he is not at all interested in restarting local trains for the general public which have stopped running since March 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak in the country. Maharashtra does not need a stupid and brainless CM like him who does not care for the common man and who cannot run the state.
Eleven months have passed and we have no money with us. We cannot even go to office to earn our daily bread. He should resign as he is not fit for the CM’s post. He only knows how to do gundagardi and break people’s houses which they have built out of their hard-earned money like Kangana Ranaut’s.
Mumbai, India

Climate crisis

The climate crisis has been crying for attention for longer time than expected even as the world community has been fighting with the crisis, most frequently in vain so far. Right now the American media outlets have confirmed that US President Joe Biden has formally re-entered the Paris Climate Change Report just a few days into office. The UN has welcomed this good climate policy now.
It is not just about the regimes and legacy when it comes to the climate crisis. In fact, there have been plenty of practical things to be executed on the ground. As for America, the Biden team has a lot more tough tasks ahead as the whole climate policy execution process involves many heavy industries like oil sectors based in the US. For instance, the Keystone Pipeline Project has been on various stages so far, transporting fossil fuel from Canada to the US. Such industries have come under policy attack amid urgent climate strategies needed to stop the global warming. Despite such conundrums at home and other global challenges up ahead, Joe Biden seems to be serious-minded about tackling the climate crisis as promised before. A welcome step indeed!
To simply put, under no circumstances should evolving industrial activities pose threats to Mother Earth and in general related activities over there like human life and agriculture to name a few. Frankly speaking, countries worldwide from the West and the East should evaluate their immediate needs as against the ongoing crisis and let there not be even a bit of hesitation on their part to save Nature over sedentary lifestyles.
On the whole, all the nations in the world should take serious steps to shed the shackles of inherent, exploitative systems that have been the spoil-sports in many ways. Keeping slow but steady checks on those exploitative activities like tapping the most of natural resources/sources, the international community will be able to counteract the climate change crisis in the best way ever possible.

Superfluous taxes

There is no denying the fact that the unique innovations of science are praiseworthy. At least one out of every three person is necessitous of science. The inventions of science have made achievements in enormous fields and electricity is one of them. Nowadays electricity has become essential for everyone. But it also has become so expensive that many cannot afford.
Many moons ago electricity was not pricey but now it has been made through unnecessary taxes in bills. There are many superfluous taxes in electricity bills which are being paid by the common man. The authorities charge unreasonable fines willy-nilly. These redundant taxes are the leading causes of inflation. Owing to huge taxes, people are forced to use direct electricity disregarding the fact that it is a crime.


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