Bravo — brother Biden: opinion

Nighat Leghari

TO begin with, I would like to extend felicitation to Joe Biden, the newly elected President of America. He has been elevated as a full commander of a superpower who enjoys the power to bring any type of amendment to the fates of any impoverished country. He is being taken as a good omen for the world community. It is evident that all of his predecessors while sitting in the “White House” brought dense darkness to the world community.

His inaugural speech as President of USA is a Pondering Point for all the present and prospective leaders of the world. His speech was not a conventional or a stereo styled one. He did not elaborate on the political tactics and temperature prevailing in the US rather in all the countries.

Putting aside the surface aspects he searched deep into the problems and affairs which the human community is facing globally, which is a red signal to mankind. I am of the view that may it be that his personal trauma, the loss of his two kids has bestowed upon him. His speech was based on reality, not on fantasy.

He was wise and knowing individual in his address. He delivered a feeling of fulfilment and a dream sequence full of pluralism and optimism to Americans.

He said in his first address I am President of all Americans even for all those who did not vote for me, I will bring perfect union and racial justice. We will fight against anger, resentment, hatred, extremism, lawlessness, joblessness and helplessness. We will prove ourselves the leading force of good in the world. We should hear one another, see one another and show respect to each other. I will always with you. I will give better world to American children.

Here I would like to show a picture to Joe Biden when his predecessor president George Bush sent his troops to Afghanistan and Iraq and US fighters were killed in abundance the American children came to streets holding placards bearing the slogans, “President don’t chop up our fathers, we are in need of their love and protection.” The last words of President Joe Biden perhaps are purely and exclusively for the political opposition leaders of Pakistan. Joe Biden said may God bless and protect our troops.

I am not in a position to predict any opinion about the new President but I think while sitting on the lofty chair of a superpower he will not show off any feeling of superiority or arrogance. Sorry to say that his predecessors President Trump did not show any saneness or capability during his Presidency. Before leaving the White House he set a very bad example to provoke the Americans for riots on the occasion of the transfer of power.

The second predecessor who brought havoc not only to Americans but to the human community was George Bush under the pretext of human rights he snatched all the human rights from the infallible human beings of many impoverished countries.

He was a business-minded individual through and through and indulged himself all in sales purchase drive. His mask of morality was stripped off when the Washington Post carried a statement of one of a military man M. Newman, he said is it not a mental disorder of a man as strategic juggling who orders for such nuisance that lakhs of troops, thousands of food packs, portable toilets and thousands of medical packs are on more to protect the rights and freedom of the unconcerned and unrelated people. We are forced to inflict unbelievable atrocities on the infallible people.

My readers might have remembered that I had written a lot on this cannibalic culture of Bush’s regime. I would like to mention only a very few captions. (1). Supreme Civilized State Cages Human Beings. (2). US Wars for Human Rights. (Carried in “The News International”). Though Joe Biden has not unveiled the strategical and mutual relationship with Pakistan henceforth but Pakistan is hopeful for good mutual understanding and relationship based on respect from his regime.

But I would here like quote a piece from an article carried (a few years back) in a US-based newspaper, “The New York Times” A very few countries like Pakistan had done as much as Pakistan has done for Washington but the US has been very slow in fulfilling its promises with Pakistan. It is a truth un-rejected that managers of the USA believe merely in Marriage-Deconvenance. They provoked friends against friends and neighbours against neighbours. It is a friend indeed but not a friend in need.

—The writer is senior journalist, based in Germany.

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