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Cost of honesty

Honesty is the best policy but sometimes honest people have to pay heavy price for being honest. Unlike private sector organisations, in public sector organisations, it is very hard to find honest employee or officer owing to multiple reasons. Firstly honest people are hardly appointed in public sector organizations as appointments are not made on merit and secondly if somehow honest people are appointed, they get tough time for being honest among corrupt employees. Corrupt employees try to trap honest employees in any sort of scam and start blackmailing them as their honesty becomes hurdle for their corruption or honest employees face threat of irrelevant transfers and postings.
All employees carry some sort of reputation as corruption cannot be hidden in the same way honesty also speaks itself. The competent authority should make sure that if honest employees are trapped in any sort of scam, a transparent inquiry should be carried out through a reliable and trustworthy investigating agency by an honest inquiry officer and indispensable transfers and postings should not be made in case of honest employee after due verification.

Maulana’s Azadi

Recently Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman has announced a protest and a sit-in at Islamabad calling it as the “Azadi March”. However, it is still unclear what the ultimate motive of this Azadi March is, whether it is to show solidarity with the Kashmiris against the Indian aggression in India-occupied Kashmir or it is merely to topple the government of Imran Khan. But one thing is crystal clear that the Azadi March is going to create an environment of chaos and conflict in the capital which will not just be an ultimate challenge for the government but it will not be in the greater national interest of Pakistan.
A protest and march against the government at this time when geopolitics is very active in the region and Kashmir issue is at its peak of either exploding or dissolving, although protest is their democratic right but the opposition must reconsider it for the sake of national issues and national interests.

Middle East’s turmoil

Over the years we have seen proxy wars between Saudi Arabia and Iran for the dominance in the region. What is unfortunate is that the people that are suffering because of these proxies are the common Muslims who have nothing to do with the regional and international politics. We have seen a large amount of civilian casualties in Yemen, Iraq and Syria because of these proxies. Today the situation between both the countries is very intense and a war can be seen just around the corner.
To normalize the tension in the region, Prime Minister Imran Khan has visited both the countries meeting with their top leadership in the effort to mediate between the two Muslim countries. Leadership of both the countries has shown positive attitude to the Prime Minister’s initiative and appreciated Pakistan’s peace building efforts in the region. Now we can only hope for the situation to cool down and no more bloodshed in the future.

Kurds in trouble!

Kurd is an ethnic race that is divided into four countries, Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey. Over the years the Kurds have seen extreme brutality by regimes. During Saddam’s era the Kurds were allegedly the subject of chemical weapons. Today however Iraq’s Kurds are in a much better condition than before. Recently Turkey launched a military operation in Syria’s northern areas that is inhabited with Kurds and is a safe haven for PKK and other Kurd militias.
Although Turkey’s stance was to create a 30km buffer zone for Syrian refugees but according to analysts the ultimate goal was to attack Kurd militias that are a threat to Turkey’s interests. Whether it’s true or not but the Trump’s letter to Erdogan has de-escalated the situation for now. Let’s hope the situation gets better and no bloodshed in the future would occur.

Safe driving for life

Every year massive increase in the number of cars with advanced features has obviously made our life more convenient, comfort and leisure. With this also comes a sense of responsibility while driving the vehicles. Safe driving is something to be taken very seriously and could be a matter of life and death. Distracted driving is something that has been an issue for years.
The main distraction is that phone that everyone is addicted to. Each of us goes to office and other work places everyday. But we are not comfortable when we go on the road because accidents take place. Mostly accidents happen due to over-speeding and careless driving by the youngsters. Accidents are avoidable, all it takes is to be aware of your surroundings. Pay attention do what you are doing. Cell phones and radio listening are common distractions while driving a vehicle.
Keeping the proper speed is critical while driving. One of many factors in remaining safe on the roads is the ability to control your emotions and your stress. Some driver’s do not know how to deal with stress. This emotion can hinder the ability to drive safely and ensure safety on the road. Always wear Seat Belt. Follow Three Second Rule – Keep a Safe Distance. Always Avoid Distractions. Never Break Red Signal. Avoid Accidents. Save Money. Live longer!

Water crisis in Pakistan

Since our childhood, we have learnt that ‘Water is the basic need of human life’ but how many of us have realized the fact that still many of the humans are even deprived of drinking water. Today in Pakistan, we see that the economic growth and advancement of agriculture and economy truly lies in water availability. But what makes the situation more upsetting is the fact that Pakistan is one of the countries that are facing severe water shortage currently and If we keep in view the large chunk of Pakistan’s population then we will come to know that they have no access to safe and clean drinking water.
Besides, according to the news report ‘70 percent water in Pakistan is not suitable for human consumption’. According to IMF report, “Pakistan ranks third in the world among countries facing acute water shortage.” Furthermore, Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) also have given a warning to the authorities that soon by 2025 South Asian country will reach to an absolute water scarcity. This warning is an eye opener and authorities concerned should think about our future, please.

CPEC: Back on track

PM Imran Khan visited Beijing earlier this month. It was his third visit since he took power more than a year ago. But the significance of the latest trip was that it happened against the backdrop of certain key developments. There was little or no progress on projects under CEPEC since the new government took charge in August last year. The government of Pakistan deliberately slowed down CPEC as it suspected corruption in projects signed by previous governments.
That approach caused a lot of concern in China. The Pakistani government also said that many CPEC projects were not mutually beneficial for the country. The US has also been closely following the BRI & CPEC. Washington raised questions whether such projects meet international standards or not? The real reason for its opposition stems from the fear that China is trying to impose a new economic order.
Also, the unilateral move of India regarding Kashmir pushed Pakistan to have a major cooperation with China. The government of Pakistan has realized that CPEC was a transformational project and will boost the growth of Pakistan’s economy. A stable economic state guarantees a strong ‘Foreign Policy’. The Pakistani government is now making serious efforts to repair the damage caused to CPEC during its tenure.