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Address violence and rape culture

It has become an unfortunate reality that Pakistan is no longer a safe country for women in general and children and trans-people for particular. Recent motorway incident and reported Kashmore case are particularly shocking in nature. It showed vulnerability has increased at unprecedented level for the afore-mentioned segment of the society, which has far-reaching impact not only on victims but also on other potential victims.
Recent recurring of reported rape cases and sexual abuse are sadly just tip of the iceberg. What we do not see and overlook, is other unreported cases because of multiple factors. There are many victims of domestic violence in many forms and living miserable life; traumatized on a daily basis and their plight goes unnoticed and unreported. Moreover, crime rate is likely to grow in areas where writ of the state is too weak and where awareness of laws is very little as well as persistent illiteracy.
Critics argue that if Motorway incident was dealt with seriousness it deserved, cases like Kashmore could have been prevented to some extent. Reportedly there have been significant rise in rape cases even after Motorway incident.
All these factors point to unfortunate reality that still persists. One should understand that the rape is about power and control and always the fault of the oppressor. Victims’ clothes, environment can’t and should not be blamed for. Such incidents call for urgent action and should be dealt with utmost seriousness. It is vehemently urged to create child, women and trans-friendly environment because right to access to the streets without fearing for safety is their right as well. Authorities must go beyond political rhetoric, lip-services and do the needful.
Kamber, Sindh

Resolve Ethiopian challenges

The recent conflict in the Tigray region in Ethiopia is a matter of great concern. This is a clear pointer to the fact that Ethiopia has been facing numerous political challenges one after another. The unrest brewing in Tigray has showcased a lot of lessons to the world.
First off, there has been a great deal of misunderstanding between the federal government and the whole of Tigray region on various fronts. Against this backdrop, a quick fix is the need of the hour in order to settle down the current situation much before anything catastrophic could erupt out there.
True, the world civilization has been confronting a plethora of issues straight from the cradle stage. And this is true of African countries. Many areas in Tamil Nadu have been literally wading through many ifs and buts in terms of challenges relating to water conservation, crop cultivation and farming activities up until now.
It is time to shun violence and focus on growth on all the counts like politics, economy, knowledge domain, agriculture in countries like Ethiopia. The world media, the government out there and the UN should pay attention to the issues facing Ethiopia.

All those appreciable efforts

The space mission teams like NASA, Space Exploration Technologies Corporation – SpaceX – and the Kennedy Space Centre all deserve undisputed appreciation on the launch of their Falcon rocket carrying SpaceX Dragon capsule with NASA astronauts and one more from Japan on board to the International Space Station in relatively low Earth orbit. I had just watched it live on BBC and CNN. Team efforts, meticulous planning, support from peers and dears, in-depth science domain and passionate hard work involved have been just as amazing and extremely inspiring.
There have been interesting stories and talks behind the whole mission called ISS – the International Space Station. This has been a joint effort involving the US, Russia, Japan, Europe and Canada-something great and something to be proud of. I as a student had been studying many interesting scientific endeavours during my schooling and in college days in Tamil Nadu in the whole 1990s.
Similarly, practical perspectives always deserve attention to save our world from the unknown and other threats popping out elsewhere. It is just time to divert all such science missions into common yet intensive domains in order to tackle climate change, natural disasters and other catastrophic crises apart from saving Earth and Mother Nature. Such scientific activities oriented to society and humans are definitely going to bring out radical changes in improving technology and welfare status and also strengthen crucial activities like farming, food production all in the best interests of the world community.

Drainage issue

We have frequently complained many times to Sindh Chief Minister that Railway Station Mahalla Sehwan has been suffering a severe problem of drainage since years, particularly during the monsoon season. Rainwater usually spreads over weeks in the streets and it badly affects people and their homes, and traffic cannot pass through the inner periphery of area. Vehicles also get stuck. The important lanes of the area usually remain fully-filled up of gutter that affects whole area.
The area is ill-maintained by Sehwan Town Committee too. No remedy has ever been provided in the area. Neither CM Sindh (M.P.A from Sehwan) nor Town Committee has given any attention to the problem. Above all, the area is mostly populated with followers of Syed Murad Ali Shah, yet there exists no system of drainage. We have submitted complains from time to time. But what response was given, is nothing yet. Murad Ali Shah has been serving since 2017. However, he did nothing yet. CM should pay attention towards his supporters, who voted for him.

Metropolis crisis

On behalf of the people, I wish to draw your kind attention towards the major and deep rooted metropolis issues. Millions of people of Karachi, biggest and the major city of Pakistan, have been facing various problems for long time now.
Firstly, people are facing severe water crisis, this issue wants immediate attention from the government. Secondly, traffic jams have gotten worse; government should make a good transport system, so that people won’t suffer. And last but not the least, pollution garbage and waste disposal issues have turned Karachi into the world’s filthiest city. The authorities concerned must strengthen Karachi Sewerage Board to address these issues.
The issues are very serious, our government should pay attention to solve them. People have suffered a lot and still are suffering from such deadly issues. So, it’s my humble request to kindly publish my concern in your newspaper for the authorities to see.

Pakistan’s first transgender lawyer

From streets to courts Pakistan’s first transgender lawyer Nisha Rao is nothing but inspiration for us all. Nisha is a self-made transgender who paid his/her way through college by begging on Karachi’s streets.
He/she, being a transgender, experienced herself all the brutality and injustice of the society. In the context to Pakistan social injustice is a prevalent feature. Nisha Rao proved that hardships of life makes us strong.

Pray for CM Sindh

As CM Sindh has gotten COVID-19 positive, everyone in Sindh and across Pakistan asks for prayers for his early recovery. In first COVID-19 spell he worked day night and took serious measures to control rising cases.
He himself visited all COVID-19 wards and centres where patients were taken. He is the brave son of Sindh soil. We pray God for his good health and long life so that he may serve his people (now) in a better way.

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