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Kashmor tragedy

The spine chilling savage act of best reality in Kashmore is a dark scar mark on the face of our society. We have stooped so low that ethics and morals have become dead words for us. Vulnerability of women and children in our society is not a new phenomenon. With the advent of social media and modern means of communication we have become a rudderless ship.
Millions of keyboard warriors keep themselves busy in sharing and forwarding posts without realizing the impact it would have on society’s mental health in general and on the social fibre of morals of people in particular. Unfortunately, from a child of eight years to an elderly person of 80 years everybody in our country becomes ‘Socrates’ on giving views on all sorts of matters, especially on moral flaws of the society, creating and sending a bad message to the world and tarnishing the image of our homeland in the eyes of rest of world.
There is a dire need to formulate a strict Cyber Security Policy that must regulate all uncalled-for content on social media. Education and grooming of people on how to respond to these gory incidents is the need of the hour. Sadly, horrific events take place in our society without any interval showing the weak morals of a few mental midgets. These cannot be generalized to all populations. A retrospection of past incidents provides enough evidence that flaws exist in moral training and education. Religious scholars, educationists and reformers should join hands in eradicating growing bestiality in human behaviours.


Real hero

Muhammad Bux, ASI who risked the life of his daughter in Kashmore case, in order to apprehend the savage culprit is a real hero of present times. A few are endowed with such courage and valour. He successfully caught the culprit with the help of the police force but has entered an un-treaded path where most of the people fear to step on.
Highest civil award should be awarded to Muhammd Bux for showing courage and going beyond the call of duty. Such people are the pride of our society and nation. Hats off to Muhammad Bux.

A model village

Tando Soomro, a model village in District Tando Allahyar, located at 70km is in the east from Hyderabad, where villagers join hands together by electing leaders among themselves to carry out initiatives on education, health, security, hygiene and clean water. In Tando Soomro, one would see wider streets, a systematic drainage and a proper waste management system built by the Village Committee. Wooden panels are placed on each electricity pole to prevent electric current. In short, the village is fully facilitated by all whatever is needed.
In the village, there locates a vast playground for football and cricket matches, a computer lab with latest computers, four schools for primary and higher studies, a water filter plant, five mosques, a hospital and each mobile network with fast-running. Each house is provided a dustbin so that no one can throw the wastage on the street. To protect people from malaria, dengue and polio, villagers carry out preventative spray and polio vaccination throughout the year.
The people of village ensure their children‘s 100% attendance in school. To prevent crimes, villagers have built boundary wall around with the entry and exit points. Fortunately, not a single case of theft or murder has been reported in the last five years in Tando Soomro. Villagers collect donations from each home which reaches 10 to 15 millions. The amount is utilized for health, education and security of the village. Government should build the sense of advanced-villages like Tando Soomro, so that threat of urban human migration, illiteracy and insecurity can be prevented.

Arnab’s reporting is splendid

No one can beat Arnab Goswami’s reporting. It is splendid. Now that he has been released on bail, we are happy and proud of the network and his staff for fighting 24×7 for his release.
The people who should now be jailed are Parambir Singh and Uddhav Thackeray. They are a shame to India. I always appreciate Arnab Goswami for standing behind the truth. He is a true patriot showing us only the truth unlike other TV news channels that only keep telecasting government-dictated news.
Mumbai, India

Ado about America

The present political standpoint in the USA has not been up to the mark even after the current election. With some more time left for the new regime to step into the White House, there have been protests over fraudulent election charges alleged by the incumbent against Joe Biden’s winning political prospects.
The current voter fraud protests have really dented the image of the US at the world stage. Now the time has come to clear the air as against the election results in America. Besides this, one more good lesson that the US can learn now is to make future election process much more foolproof than now. The recent Washington protests have shown that all the Trump supporters have been serious-minded and that they are ready to do anything.
Legal tangles have almost become the order of the day worldwide. Confronted with issues relating to occupations like agriculture and natural disasters, the people from my native areas like Kanyakumari, in Tamil Nadu have been able to rise to the occasion through local settlements and negotiations. Just like in Asia and Europe, the American continent has been in possession of great jurisdiction power and other legal philosophies. Therefore, the legal community and the powers that be in the US should wake up to the current political situation and take bold steps to counteract the crisis out there.

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