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Karachi should be clean!

Through the column of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards the serious problem of garbage in Karachi. Because when it comes to garbage, Karachi is the king of trash heaps.
The garbage situation in Karachi is going from bad to worse, day by day. Open sewage drains and garbage dumps are giving rise to many harmful diseases. Especially after this Eid-ul-Azha and continuous heavy rainfall, majority of the streets were flooded with water and trash, wreaking havoc for citizens. Moreover, stagnant rainwater mixed with remains of the animals, serves as a serious health hazard for citizens, with the changes of many serious disease being spread.
Karachi is the economic hub of Pakistan but still there is no one to look after this city. Karachi needs serious attention and it is also a matter of great concern for higher authorities. Sindh government should look into the matter and take some proper steps to make Karachi clean and beautiful.

Think world, not self

In what may be exposed as the conspiracy of silence against humanity, the very few resourceful and powerful individuals at the helm of world affairs are either party to the exploitation of the world’s teeming billions or have turned a total deaf ear to their agonies. They are so obsessed with fulfilling personal, institutional and national interests that thinking beyond routine issues — already discussed and negotiated — seem unlikely.
When will our world leaders realise that it is not “talk” and ritualistic aid that will contribute to the solution of the world’s problems, especially of UN resolution on Kashmir and its commitment to the right of self determination for the Kashmiris? When will they acknowledge and address the plight and right of the misery-stricken Kashmiris, Palestinians, majority in Central and West Africa, Latin and South America, South and East Asia and the world at large?
Do they have the courage to transform the “aid with strings” mentality into confidence-building towards self-reliant public mindsets! UN and world statesmanship, please break conspiracy of silence, shun vested interests, “think world not self” for a change!

Encourage people & shun rumours

The other day I had happened to break into a small conversation with the bus crew while travelling. To my COVID-19 query, he had lamented the coronavirus impact and also talked about the delay in getting the proper COVID-19 vaccine. I had really got inspired from his talk and put some positive words to him saying that the people would turn up in large numbers as they had started going out and going about their personal and professional duties.
Secondly, I have now been able to see the people around turning up for their duties at various places. These all have been the positive signs amid the COVID crisis. Still, they are in need of encouragement and moral boost/support now.
All we need now is that spark – coming out of even things as beautiful as swagger. Bizarre? No need to get panicked. But that has been the beautiful fact now. I had recently caught the American presidential candidate Joe Biden up on CNN. After that election meet elsewhere in the USA, Biden was gently and stylishly boarding his “charter plane”. That beautiful and confident walk [call it swagger] telecast on CNN had then sent out positive vibes literally across our living room. Seriously enough, the international community is in need of such positive gestures from great people and the think tank around the world amid this crisis. Speaking of “getting infected with COVID-19 again” and “its second wave,” let there be no place for rumours and unnecessary panic among the people. The powers that be and the media worldwide are now highly accountable to this big task ahead.

Tiger Force

Tiger Force is a good initiative by the Prime Minister Imran Khan. The purpose of this Force is to maintain the matters at gross root level where sometimes government and administration cannot reach or they cannot even know about the exact situation of those places. So this Force helps government and administration for the betterment of areas. Large numbers of youth have been registered in this Force and it is good because the youth are the backbone of any country.
PTI government took good initiatives in the past years and TF initiative is one of them, because to engage the youth for a good cause. Prime Minister always motivates the youth because he wants to change the Pakistan into “Naya Pakistan” with positivity and youth is the main role to help the government in this critical situation. Nation and government work together is rear to watch.
It is time to change the things in a good manner and moving towards on a right path because we, as a nation, cannot afford losing anything more at this time. Naya Pakistan is an ambition of Prime Minister Imran Khan. One day Pakistan will rise and shine. Hope that, the TF would work according to the instructions given by the government and work for the betterment of the country.

Frisking at airports

When people are frisked at airports or at malls, they don’t cooperate with the authorities. They must do so willingly. It is for their own safety. They must realise that.
Mumbai, India

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