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Congrats Shoaib Malik

I wish to congratulate Veteran Pakistan- all-rounder Shoaib Malik for becoming the fourth batsman in the world to score 9,000 runs in the T-20 format. Veteran Pakistani all-rounder accumulated 9,014 runs in 356 T-20 matches and he is behind great West Indies’ opener Chris Gayle who accumulated 13,051 runs, former New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum who accumulated 9,922 runs and West Indies’ Kieron Pollard who accumulated 9,757 runs.
It is an honour for us to celebrate his achievement and congrat him for the greatest achievement of him. As a fan of him, I wish him best of luck for some more achievements and he will continue to play the T-20 format for the Men in Green for full commitments and extraordinary performance till the next year’s T-20 World Cup.

Pakistan Railways

As stated by Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmed Pakistan that China has finalized the multi-billion dollar Main Line-I (ML-I) project as part of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The finalized project is worth $8.2 billion. He shared feasibility report of ML-2 (Fast Train) project with his Chinese counterpart and said that “We are planning to start work on the fast train project soon after the completion of ML-I in the next 3-4 years,” He said the length of railway track from Karachi to Peshawar will be around 1,800 kilometers and the new signalling system will be installed. There will not be any crossing on the new track and all the existing railway crossings will be abolished after completion of ML-I project.
The Minister is requested to first plug the corruption rampant in Railways that has shattered the whole system and tarnished the image of this institution in the eyes of citizens. It is unbelievable that that an ailing person can win a marathon race. First, we need to set things right in railways. There is a serious problem of over staffing, low efficiency, red-tapism, etc. Many scams of ghost pensioners have surfaced time and again. It would be in the fitness of things if we first set our house right and then go for mega projects. The available facilities of railways have been denied to majority of masses of this country.

PSM in dire straits

This is with reference to your editorial PSM some questions (07 Oct). The steel mills founded on 02 July 1973 earned profit for last time in 2007. Thereafter, the mill has been facing huge losses for a plethora of reasons. Now it is said to be a cash spilling unit for Government of Pakistan. Poor decisions by equally poor management has landed the Mill in a quagmire. In April 2014, the government released Rs 18.5 billion for PSM and asked the ministry to turn things around by increasing capacity utilization to 60%. PSM was tasked to raise the capacity utilization to 77% by 2015 during PML-N govt.
This level would be breakeven and the mill would be put up for sale. However, the targets weren’t achieved after another shutdown of the mill due to poor management. Although global recession also contributed to PSM’s downfall. It was mishandled like many other organisations. However, one of the main factors was stuffing the company with more workers than it needed by the PPP government. As per the estimates, PSM’s required around 9,000 employees to be fully functional. The PPP government instead hired over 17,000 people overburdening it in process.
A gas shortfall also followed around the same time which led to the closure of several steel mills across the country. Customers also started to import steel at cheaper rates from China and other countries as PSM gave up to competition. The tussle between Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) and PSM further made the matters worse for the steel mill. PSM owes SSGC Rs 19 billion, however, due to non-payment, SSGC cut off PSM’s gas supplies. Before the cut-off, mill was working at a 33% capacity, operations completely halted after gas supply stopped
During Financial Year 2008-09, PSM recorded a loss of Rs 16.9 billion. The trend continued as the total losses reached a staggering figure of Rs 118.7 billion by the end of PPP’s government’s tenure. The losses reached over Rs 200 billion when PML-N’s government ended its tenure on 31st May 2018. These losses have now swelled to rupees 220 billion. Despite numerous bailout packages it is still on ventilator. For how long we can go along with such white elephants. Like PIA, PSM was also a victim of nepotism, jobbery and favouritism. For betterment of institutions, sometimes you have to make unpopular decisions. Handing over PSM & Pak Railways to China can only change the fate of these two institutions. Alternatively, writing is on wall for all.

Navratri festival

The Navratri festival in some areas goes on till wee hours of the morning. In the place where I reside, Navratri celebrations went on till 1 am on all the nine days, which disturbed the sleep of many people, especially those who are sick and are bed-ridden.
The police should have checked on this. But they did not because I think they have been paid by the organisers to let the music play till the early hours of the morning.
Mumbai, India

Harassment is a curse

The first and foremost duty of every nation is to protect and provide safety to its public in every situation. Maintaining the needs and reducing the threat, should be the foremost priority of nation. If it doesn’t fulfil these needs, the nation faces riots, increasing harassment and rapes ultimately.
Unfortunately, the increasing harassment and records of rape have shown that we are so beyond to control these thrilling incidents. The workforce harassment and street rapes and kidnappings have become headache for country and so much decimating threat for public. The Government, unfortunately, is working on the use of Burqa to make women safe from rape and harassment. But they don’t analyse that actually what causes the harassment, and who actually are contributing in this shameful act.
Look just insisting women to wear Burqa doesn’t guarantee that they are safe, until and unless we don’t punish people who commit such crimes. Burqa can just hide their face, but don’t resist criminals. A few days ago, a woman was raped and a girl, who was wearing Burqa, was raped and killed ruthlessly. Did Burqa save her? No! It just depends upon the condition of your society, what are the trends and how they treat women. Enforcing Burqa in colleges, like in the KP, seems good according to Islam, but this is not the solution to stop harassment and rape. People, who do such crimes, are mentally disturbed. If they are provided proper counselling, there is every likelihood that they will improve.
Therefore, Government of Pakistan is required to take some tangible measures in this regard rather than Burqa. They should initiate and introduce some sessions regarding counseling to enhance people’s mental ability to be away from such acts. They should also train women to save themselves from being victimized. And finally, government should introduce new App, where if a woman faces any kind of harassment or clue related to rape, can call urgently and get help. Stop Harassment, Save Women, Save Nation.

Wine shops

Government should put a strict ban on selling and drinking of wine in the country being an Islamic country though a bill was passed in the assembly which allows only non-Muslims to buy wine and can drink but unfortunately wine is being sold out openly and majority of buyers are Muslims.
It is the State’s responsibility that no Muslim should drink wine but this is not the case in our country {unfortunately}. To ensure that only non-Muslims can buy wine, wine sellers should see buyers’ CNIC first and sell wine to only non-Muslims after confirmation through their CNIC. Wine sellers should also be non-Muslims.
Last but not least, wine shops should not be situated at least in any residential area. There is a wine shop beside Imtiaz super market in Gulshan-e-Iqbal where wine is being sold out openly and it looks awkward and bad that families pass by that shop and sometimes children ask their parents whose shop it is. Government should immediately close all such shops located in residential areas and ensure sellers and buyers should be non-Muslims.

Climate change

Climate change has emerged as a major focus of international concern and an activity. In fact it is one of the most serious threats that are being faced by the world. Increasing scientific evidence of the impact of human interference with the climate system coupled with the growing public opinion over global environment issues have pushed the issue of climate change into political agenda of ingredients community. Climate change as very name implies refer to abnormal variability in global climate.
A slight variation in these ingredients causes great upheavals. In the regard emission of greenhouse gases are the central factors responsible for the aggravating climate scenarios. Greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide, chlorine, chloroform, carbons methane and intros oxides. In fact the above cited gases cause ozone is a protective layer of highly reactive and unstable gas which is formed by combination of oxygen molecules.
It is important to note that for the first time in 1972 the issue of climate change came to an international spotlight when the United Nations sponsored conference on environmental issue was held in Stockholm. After the Stockholm conference a consciousness of environmental care took roots and gradually all the nations created separate minutiae and portfolio for environment. In 1987 an ozone depletion protocol was singed at Montreal. Bali roadmaps envisage 25% to 40% reduction in greenhouse gases by year 2020. After discussing major aspects of climate change one many easily formulate a framework to reduce its risk.