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Ominous clouds hovering

It was really shocking to hear JI chief Maulana Sirajul Haq condemn in his speech Prime Minister Imran Khan for urging Pakistanis not to cross LoC to show solidarity with Muslims in India-occupied and terrorized Kashmir. Imran Khan has said, and quite rightly, that such a move would harm the Kashmir cause by giving Narendra Modi an excuse to claim that the struggle of Kashmiris was not indigenous but Pakistan-engineered. And going further, Sirajul Haq wished for a new PM, who would declare war on India.
Slightly digressing here, I would say that while in the main political parties in Pakistan, the top leadership is either accidental or hereditary. I had always believed that JI had a merit-based system for leadership progression. But seeing a character like Sirajul Haq in the top position, I now have grave doubts about the efficacy of the system. I think it is common knowledge that with both India and Pakistan having nuclear weapons, a war between the two is sure to turn nuclear, with the whole of India and Pakistan becoming a battle-field. And that means widespread death, destruction and devastation in both countries with Pakistan, having lesser depth, being perhaps more vulnerable. And the fact that we caused more damage to India would be no consolation.
And there is another heavy-weight Maulana who, without presenting any proof, has declared Imran Khan’s government to be a threat to the national security and has vowed to topple it through October 27 hooliganism. We have got a bit of peace after sacrificing 80,000 lives, including $ 120 billion loss to infrastructure through militancy and terrorism. It would be a shame to lose it all and revert to Lal Masjid type of hooliganism simply because of lack of will to treat the trouble-makers with the firmness that situation demands.

Terrifying condition at PIMS

During the past weeks, Dengue fever has been hitting all over Pakistan drastically. Hundreds of patients are diagnosed with it on a regular basis and huge influx of patients has been observed in government hospitals. By chance, I had to visit Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) last night. I was astonished to see deplorable and unhygienic condition of the hospital. One must agree with me that it is the main hospital of the capital on whom most of the people rely. In the capital of a country, hospitals like PIMS should serve as a role model for other hospitals in different parts of the country, but it is totally opposite.
No proper check and balance on cleanliness, test tubes were rolling on the floor. A few doctors were on duty to attend the patients, but sadly their behaviour with the patients was not up to the mark. They are not at fault, they are overburdened. In the hospital, beds are limited, patients are lying on the floor. How could be a patient recover from illness in such substandard conditions? I request the authorities concerned to take necessary steps for the betterment of health sector.

Kashmir: A graveyard

More than two months have passed since the lockdown in India-occupied Kashmir, yet there is not any sign of peace and tranquillity. The people are detained in their homes and also deprived of fundamental and civil rights. The Kashmir Valley, presumed as heaven like place on earth, has turned into a graveyard. Around one lakh people have lost their lives for the sake of freedom. Others are being oppressed and suppressed with pellet guns and granites by Indian Army. However, it has become hell-like situation in the IoK owing to atrocities at the hands of Indian Army. In spite of that, Kashmiri people are not going to knee down before Indian government. The more they will be forced, the more they will resist. They are not afraid of death, death is martyrdom for them. Now, there is no option left to the Indian government except to leave Kashmir, but it will hurt a lot to their self-esteem and ego.
It is unfathomable that why world leaders are deaf and dumb on this issue. Why do peace makers and custodians of human rights seem silent as dark night? Why are they reluctant in giving them right of plebiscite that had been promised to them seven decades ago? Moreover, regional peace organizations such as SAARC as well as OIC are no more, they are dead. There is not any constructive role played by them to mitigate the sufferings of Kashmiri people and to carry out such strategies in order to pacify the current situation in the occupied territory. Besides this, PM Imran Khan’s speech in UNGA aroused an array of hope but all seems as only tall claims. In order to unveil the real face of Modi before the world, Islamabad must explore all other means, so that the world community should come forward and show its seriousness to resolve this unresolved issue as soon as possible.

Humanity in our society

At first we should understand the meaning of humanity. What is humanity? Humanity simply means we must understand the feelings of other humans and we do respect their feelings. However, what I believe, surely nowadays humanity doesn’t exist in our society. But, there are many reasons for which humanity cannot be seen in our society.
Furthermore, it is technological era everyone is busy on their work or business either by their mobiles or laptop and etc. As a result, they can not manage a time to understand the feelings of other people let alone respecting their feelings. At conclusion, today no one get time to make friendship with other people they don’t have a work for you.

US Senators in AJK

Senators Chris Van Hollen (who was recently barred by India from visiting Srinagar) and Maggie Hassan visited Muzaffarabad to see the ground situation in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The Senators said that they are concerned about the worrisome situation in India-occupied Kashmir. They further said that the violations of human rights in Kashmir are now at its peak. They added that the US would urge India to lift the inhuman curfew and release all the prisoners including the political leaders. They also expressed their resolve to remain engaged for the resolution of the dispute. The Senators were given a detailed briefing on the current situation on the Line of Control.
The AJK leadership was hopeful that this visit would help the US Government and the world understand about the humanitarian crisis and the complete black out in India-occupied Kashmir. We must know that the reversal of the special status is not only the violation of UN Charter but also it’s the violation of the Article 49 of Geneva Convention. When the region was tensed back in February 2019, Pak caught Indian pilot but returned him as a peace gesture.
The question arises that if India follows Geneva Convention then why they violated article 49 of the Convention? Definitely, India has no answer to this. It was noticed the Indian government’s strategy of not allowing impartial spectators to visit the IoK had uncovered India’s real face. Both President Khan and Prime Minister Haider encouraged the US representatives to help the people of the IoK from India’s severe ruthless measures and squeezing New Delhi to determine the Jammu and Kashmir debate as per UNSC resolutions.

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