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Hospital waste

All the authorities, from dawn to dusk, are usually tagged with the word “Irresponsible” in our country. It is indeed a proven and factual word. The same mechanism is being dealt with health authorities in Pakistan. The health of citizens in this country has all time been compromised and has never reflected to satisfactory results.
Moreover, the careless disposal of medical waste seems to gauge no place for the settlement. The reports suggest that only five government hospitals in Sindh are on the way to adopt standard operating procedures for disposing scientifically. The rest of the hospitals in the province are foolhardy about consequences despite the list of terms and conditions issued from the government. This looks as if the government’s directives are a mouth-piece for high-handed hospitals.
If one wants to see the grave picture of hazardous medical wastes, should look at backwards of hospitals and the heaps on sea shores. Coronavirus has already engulfed the entire country with anxiety and suffocating fear so we cannot afford any negligence by the concerned authorities for at least in this dire situation. The government should seriously deal with the issue by enforcing strong rules and laws rather than just seeking comments and making it chaotic.

Ordeal of PIA crash victim

PIA is a statutory body created to serve revenue paying passengers for safe reliable travel and carriage of cargo and not as job provider for political cronies, or retired and serving officers nor corrupt bureaucrats, who over past five decades have driven it to insolvency, plagued by frequent fatal accidents with an incompetent regulator like CAA making it worse. Air crashes are collateral part of commercial aviation that occur due to a combination of pilot error, technical problems and regulatory deficiencies. In the event of a crash, airline executives are supposed to rise up to occasion and be compassionate, humble, apologetic and helpful to next of kin and not adding to their woes by shouting at them. Yaseen alleges that he was shouted at in a PIA office by an officer in uniform. The video recorded account of the ordeal faced by Al Yaseen Ali, a 32-year old American of Lebanese origin is heart shattering and shameful for those at helm of affairs in the Aviation Ministry, PIA and CAA.
Why cannot those at helm speak the truth, which may be embarrassing for them, but lessens pain and suffering of those who are victim of an air crash or railway accident and other accidents which result in loss of human lives or property of private citizens. After all the State functionaries exist to serve and protect people, not add to their woes. Yaseen states that he was given false information.
The irony is that Yaseen nostalgically quotes his late father “This land is majestic, this country shines with beauty and the Pakistani people are priceless, but they don’t know it, because they have been lied to for so long”. We have this history of being lied to by many.
Defaming PIA

Covid-19 has hit badly the economy of Pakistan and later the plane crash in Karachi became icing on the cake. A plane crash caused by technical problems of the aeroplane and misjudgement of the control tower is now making derisive image of the country.
In my humble opinion and of many others insulting your own country system and announcing that many of our pilots have fake licenses/degrees is ridiculous. However, if it is true real culprit should be arrested and action should be taken against all fake licensed pilots rather than disparaging all pilots. Dignity of country should not be compromised. We have excellent pilots who are hugely appreciated by whole world.
The consequences of defaming our own national airline that travels across more than hundred countries will be very disastrous. The European Union suspended operations of PIA for six months. This will result in economic loss, lack of trust and a historic humiliation. Pakistan is a prodigious country and history is evident that we never compromise our dignity. Some political clashes should not allow any sort of defaming to the country. Rather than muckrake about the past we should think about the prosper future and maximum efforts should be made to benefit people of Pakistan.

Ban on PUBG

Good decision has taken by the PTA, because in view of complaints received from different segments of society, PTA has decided to temporarily suspend the PUBG game. Thus, due to its extreme adverse effects on the youngsters, government of many countries like Nepal and India have also banned the game and since Pakistanis tend to be the victim of the game’s obsession, the govt of Pakistan too should ban it completely not temporarily.

Custodial deaths

The custodial deaths of father and son duo P Jeyaraj and Bennix is the latest example of how police brutality results in the loss of lives. This clearly states that the police are no more for the protection of the people.
They are worse than goons and are supported by our government for all nuisances. It’s the starting of a cold war and I hope people will stand against these criminals in khaki and teach them a lesson.
Mumbai, India

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