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Petrol bomb

The last nail in the coffin of poor masses has been hit by PTI by increasing the price of petrol by Rs.25 per litre. PM Imran Khan had said a few days ago that petrol was cheapest in Pakistan among South Asian countries. One fails to understand what changed his mind and why the relief given to the poor has been taken back. The economy is already facing historic recession all over the world and same is the case with Pakistan. In such tough and difficult times, putting more burden on people is shameful. Government servants are already running from pillar to post to find some relief as minimum increase in their salaries have also been denied by the PM of the State of Madinah.
The actual inflation is hovering around 14% breaking the backbone on lower strata of society. In an environment where unemployment is increasing exponentially due to an outbreak of pandemic and overseas employment is also shrinking, the increase in petrol price is awful. It would be in the fitness of things if the government takes back immediately the increase in the petrol price.

Radio downfall in Pakistan

Surprisingly, the decline of Radio Pakistan commenced in the mid-60s when television took off in the country. Only two to three per cent of the entire budget of Radio Pakistan is allocated to programmes and the rest of the money goes to non-programme heads such as salaries and other administrative expenses. On the other hand, Radio Pakistan is losing its credibility because today it is being run by unprofessional people. I remember the days when a broadcaster would never bother about better pay scales, perquisites or luxuries of life. He was concerned only about production and if a couple of his listeners praised the programme, it was all that the genuine producer needed.
That was the biggest reward for him. But then the rat race of pecuniary considerations started everywhere and professionals too were seen standing in the queue. This trend of materialism overshadowed professionalism. To cut a long story short, the Radio Pakistan which was regarded as the medium for serious people in the country, that rose the nation to its feet during the 1947 mass migration, the 1965 war and on the occasions of Independence Day celebrations, has no voice today and gradually losing its credibility earned during good old days.

Covid-19 a rumour

We are facing a situation in which we can’t hug our loved ones. We can go out and chill. We should go out and arrange crowded parties. What is Covid-19? It is nothing than just a rumour. Stop! Is corona a rumour? Think again. Let’s see, if Covid-19 is a stupid rumour, then why we are facing so much destruction?
Why there’s a Covid case in every second family? Covid-19 itself is not a rumour, ‘there is no Covid-19 it is a rumour. It is a humble request to everyone who is spreading such rumours please stop because social distancing for a few weeks is better than losing life.
Via email

Karachi Stock Exchange attack

The gory attack on Karachi Stock Exchange is abominable. The recent wave of horror unleashed by terrorists raises so many questions about the security plan of our offices and public places and members of the general public. As war on terror has entered its last phase this denouement was expected.
More and more vigilance is required at all public places to protect and safeguard the lives of all. Salute to gallantry displayed by private security guards, police and rangers. It is hoped that the government as well as members of the Stock Exchange will provide handsome money to those martyred in protecting the life of others.


The attack by 4 terrorists on Pakistan Stock Exchange building in the broad daylight shows that they were being guided properly by some one: the possibility of the involvement of Indian RAW and Afghan NDS must not be ruled out since the peace process in Pakistan is not what they always wanted. The attack hints that this was an attempt to discourage foreign investors at one side and on the other side try to bluff the Pakistani authorities that the terrorists have the ability to attack wherever they want to.
All kudos to the Pakistan Rangers and Sindh Police that they eliminated the terrorist in a matter of minutes. All this process to declare normalcy in the area took 30 minutes which must be lauded. The statement by the Sindh Chief Minister, Murad Ali Shah, condemning the attack is not sufficient. He must take enough measures to secure the life of the people of his province as well as take out-of-the-box initiative to not let the sacrifices of the security forces down the drain.
Dera Ismail Khan

The lurking danger

The attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange building by 4 terrorists in the daylight proves that how evil forces are eager to shatter the peace process in Pakistan which has been achieved following the countless sacrifices of security forces and civilians. The incident which left three people dead including one sub-inspector and two security guards beside seven other injured people must not be taken lightly. All the terrorists, of course, were killed by the resilient Rangers and Sindh Police.
Everyone seems ready to criticize security forces round the clock but their innumerable sacrifices are always neglected: be it on the part of governments of provinces or the general public since no concrete steps are taken by the rulers to cement the peace process in Pakistan until serious calamity happens. The provincial government of Sindh needs to honour and reward the deceased officials as well as take stringent steps to make the city of Karachi no go area for terrorists and evil forces. The other provincial governments in Pakistan sleep on the current situation and are required to take extra measures to secure its people and provinces.
Dera Ismail Khan

National doctor’s day

National Doctor’s Day in India is celebrated on July 1 every year. The Day honours doctors across the country for their relentless service throughout the year. In India, Doctor’s Day is celebrated to honour the legendary Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, who was also the second Chief Minister of West Bengal.
This Day serves to show gratitude to all those who have selflessly aided us in our time of need and tirelessly worked for the health of their patients by commemorating the greatest representative of these ideals. With the number of infected people on the rise every day and hospitals teeming with hundreds of people, it has never been more important to appreciate the efforts that doctors make to ensure that we sufficiently recover from whatever may be ailing us and continue to remain healthy.
Doctors are special, and this year is one where we have seen them as our real-life heroes. Doctor’s Day is an opportunity to thank all the heroes in medical fraternity for their selfless contribution. They are pulling long hours and working round the clock as world is gripped with this pandemic.
Mumbai, India

Re-opening of universities & challenges

With the courtesy of your newspaper, I would like to invite the attention of educationists and public towards the re-opening of universities. The federal government is considering reopening the universities across the country from July 15. According to details, Higher Education Commission (HEC) has been formally informed in this regard while suggestions have also been sought from university administrations. But, as we all know that hostels are sealed, public transport is open but people don’t travel for fear of Corona and that is why transporters are taking double fare.
The administration of Islamabad has sealed many sectors. So, students who are living in those sectors, how they can reach university. According to experts, COVID peak would come at the end of July. So, is it fine to re-open universities at peak of this pandemic? My suggestion to government is: Students have studied four months on online classes. Now, they have to just give their final exams, which universities can conduct it online. Likewise they conducted Mid-term exams. And then re-open universities in September which is as per schedule of every year.

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