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Indian democracy?

According to news report that appeared in different sections of press forty nine prominent personalities of India including show-biz personalities like filmmakers Mani Ratnam, Anurag Kashyap, Shyam Benegal, actor Soumitra Chatterjee and singer Shubha Mudgal wrote an open letter to Modi wherin they demanded that lynching of Muslims, Dalits and other minorities be stopped forthwith, their rights be protected and stressed that there was “no democracy without dissent”.
The open letter addressed to Modi that Jai Shri Ram was reduced to a “provocative war cry”. Interestingly, sarcastic repercussions of the letter have unveiled cruel face of Modi. A case was filed against these signatories and in the petition it was alleged that the letter has tarnished the image of country and undermined impressive performance of the PM besides supporting secessionist tendencies. As per police, the case was lodged under various sections of the Indian Penal Code, including those relating to sedition, public nuisance, hurting religious feelings and insulting with the intent to provoke breach of peace. Obviously, raising voice for downtrodden and suppressed masses in India is perfidy. Nonetheless, the world’s largest democracy is indeed a perfidy with democracy.

Climate change

We are nothing without plants and trees. People chop trees without any hesitation. Cutting down old trees will achieve nothing. It will only heat up our land more and lead to more heat waves or worse. I don’t understand why government doesn’t spend money to make our cities green and healthy.
We need local trees that will be there for generations. Is government listening to problems we are facing because of climate change?
Larkana, Sindh.

A pat on
the back

It is pretty interesting to see New Zealand withdrawing the controversial racist Africa and Middle East refugee policy. And this is the best way forward and way to go! It has been said that the media houses have played a very important role in annihilating the whole controversy around the policy. The so-called discriminatory refugee policy seems to have been following very hard rules against migrant people from regions like Asia.
We are all human beings and any bias against humanity should be resisted and protested with the help of media and people. On my personal and professional facets, I have been tirelessly encouraging equal treatment among people from all walks of life in my native area. Countries like New Zealand may learn from the continent Asia mixed with festivals and family values to create beautiful cultural traditions among all.
Mumbai, India
Pleasure of reading

In our society reading habits are dwindling due to more glamorous ways of entrainment yet this trend would damage future of coming generations. Parents are not paying due attention to choices of their children. They should help them in chalking out a useful schedule for their better future. They should also keep an eye on their activities.
Teachers should guide them in matter of studies but further they must develop their character. All great men acquired theoretical and practical knowledge. Reading should not be at random; it should be selected and chosen. It must be balanced. A man should neither be a bookworm nor totally indifferent to them.
Kech, Balochistan

No service
to people

After long discussions with PML (N) and PPP, JUI-F chief, Maulana Fazlur Rehman finally has a date on which Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam (JUI-F) led anti-government ‘Azadi March’ will leave for Islamabad on October 27. According to Maulana, date to march is now beyond reversal; “caravans from all over the country will reach Islamabad, stay there and send this government packing”. JUI chief is confident to get desired results on the basis of powerful “Long March” of devoted and committed workers of his party. Much of this will become clear as month progresses, but PML (N) and PPP participation seems likely to be half-hearted at best. Despite extensive consultations both parties have remained non-committal and hesitant, however leadership of these parties have assured their moral support to the Maulana.
It seems that both parties would rather have Maulana to take the plunge alone; hoping to reap benefits of pressure created on federal government, while insulating themselves from any backlash that might be faced by marchers. The two main opposition parties will try to keep this balancing act intact throughout the dharna but it cannot last, at one point they will have to throw their lot on one side of the issue. Meanwhile the government also has a decision to make – does it allow marchers to exercise their democratic right to protest or does it try to stop them under the pretext of maintaining law and order? Will these questions be answered in yet another titanic clash in the capital, or will the government find a way to placate protestors before that?

Is police for peace?

Countries where law and order situation is gloomy, those states are historically become victim of unprecedented killings and murders. Pakistan is among those states that are facing brunt of police brutalities. Either case of Salahudeen Ayubi, tortured and cruelly killed by Punjab police or alleged torture of a woman in Vehari’s Ladan police station, all such cases prove how ill-oriented and illiterate is police in our country.
The recent fatality of Saeed Ahmed Jakhro in Shikarpur, Sindh killed by police creates much public hatred for police department. The police arrested Mr Saeed, a shopkeeper from his shop, in accordance with Akra Parchi case. Later he was charged with opium (Chars) possession and brutally punished without legal investigation. He couldn’t survive the torture and died. One wonders whom to blame, the state that provides security or the corrupt police? This oppressive act shows police as a frightening force instead of a friendly force.
The report of reforming police is a hoax and it is established that no professional training or human behaviour is taught to police at all. All postings and reforms are implemented by political dictation. The people of Shikarpur urge CM Sindh, IG Sindh police and other law enforcement agencies for rapid and fair inquiry against those who tortured Mr Saeed and killed him without any reason.
Shikarpur, Sindh

Countering Islamophobia

PM Imran Khan presented his serious concerns over rising Islamophobia in the West. There is no relation between Islam and terrorism. Terrorism has nothing to do with Islam or any other religion. The step taken by Pakistan, Turkey and Malaysia to start an English channel to create awareness among the people regarding Islam is an intelligent and bold step. Apart from this other policies are also required to create awareness in the West regarding Islam and policies must be framed with proper targets kept in my mind. All Muslim countries need to come forward and join this effort.
After 9/11 we have witnessed increased anti-Islam rhetoric. It’s the responsibility of whole Muslim world to appraise western nations about reality of the Islamic teachings.

A day for teachers

Thank you for inspiring me to do my best. You help me strive for goals, found guidance, friendship, discipline and love everything in one person. And that person is you. Every year (Oct 5) is celebrated as Teachers Day internationally in order to give honour to teachers who build futures, It is celebrated to highlight the role that teachers play in providing quality education at all levels. This enables children and adults of all ages to learn to take part in and contribute to their local community and global society.
Once Albert Einstein Great said “ It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge and the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, ‘Parents give a child nothing better than a good education’. I’m forever grateful to my parents and teachers. And all successful people, as well, believe that there are vast contributions of teachers in their victory. Respecting our teachers in letter and in spirit should be our goal.
Larkana, Sindh

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