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If it lasts
too long

It’s still too soon to say when this Coronavirus nightmare will be over, what kind of changes the world would leave behind if it lasts too long. But it is already abundantly clear that governments around the world will have to redefine their priorities. How could it be, really, that the world suddenly faces an existential threat in the form of a virus that nobody can understand despite all the technological advances in the field of medicine?
And, even in the 21st century, we live in a world where there aren’t enough ventilators, hospital beds or even mortuaries to face a real, full blown crisis; even though the Coronavirus threat, for all its damage, is still not quite as full blown as it can get. If only such things could be handled with bombs, bullets and super-rich shareholder bailouts, things wouldn’t be nearly as dark.
Coming out of the virus, there is a clear need to reorient popular funding towards protecting and saving the world and its inhabitants. All the expensive weaponry produced by some of the world’s wealthiest, and politically most connected, firms will amount to nothing if much of the planet’s population is suddenly wiped out by a freak pandemic. And this is another thing that the super-rich just wouldn’t have thought of in ordinary times – the Coronavirus is least impressed by one’s bank balance, financial worth or pedigree. And not all the people lying on hospital beds, not sure whether they’ll live or die, are from the lowest sections of society.
Khalana AJK

Honour killing

This refers to the letter “honour in killing” (June 16) by Asif Murad Umrani. Killing in the name of honour is very common in our society. It is all because of violating traditions and cultural norms but let me ask a question that are these traditions and norms made people or the people made them, and are these accepted by Islam? Really, Islam does not allow killing of an innocent soul in name of honour.
I think the people have gone onto wrong paths and they do not know the actual honour killing. So, they should change the way, they honour killing and I also request the people that please do not kill humans in the name of honour.
Malir, Karachi

Online classes

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) decision to launch online classes was undoubtedly exclusive option available to embark upon. Besides going for such option, there should be certain issues to be addressed. For instance, Pakistan is a country with major chunk of land deprived of 4G services mostly in the distant areas. Resorting to such an avenue is simply to take away the educational facility from less privileged areas.
Moreover, it poses great loss to the students living in combined family structure. Since, students cannot manage to build concentration for long and continuous six hours in limited home space thus creating unfavourable environment. Furthermore, most of the students are not in position to afford the hefty internet packages especially when these crises have put great cut on global economy.
The most often complaint raised by students is inconsistent internet connection; most of the times service is disconnected due to various reasons. Therefore, student has to feel great distraction while viewing lectures. Most importantly, there are long outages of electricity almost in every corner of the country hence this creates major inconvenience while dealing with electronic gadgets. Last but not the least; teachers are not compatible with the online classes. This may be the lack of training provided to them.
Therefore, I request higher authorities to mitigate the sufferings of students in the best possible manner, otherwise there is no motive left behind to close educational institution when almost all the parts of country are normalized with explicitly violating SOPs. Even when sectors like transports and public places, considered as hotspot for spreading virus, are eased then what is motive behind closing educational institution?

Asylum seeking should be eradicated

I strongly believe that if the world unites effectively in tackling matters that cause people to flee their home countries and engage in an unspeakable lethal journey, then the recurring incidents of migrants sinking in the Mediterranean Sea will eventually come to an end. Conflicts and persecutions force thousands of humans to cross the Mediterranean in ramshackle vessels. Many drown. The visual images are striking some heart breaking and others frightening.
The elements of human rights abuses and other persecutory elements which include deep discrimination based on ethnicities, homophobic attacks, domestic violence and persecution based on choice of religion, political affiliations and criticism of governments contribute to wave of movement of people from their countries to host countries in search of sanctuaries. Factors that trigger this continuous displacement of people from their home countries should be widely exposed, challenged and eradicated once for all.

Diet against COVID-19

Eastern people have a good immune system especially in Pakistan due to God-gifted natural resources. It has been observed that the COVID-19 especially attacks those who are already suffering from any disease. Albeit COVID-19 hits the children below five years and the older people above fifty. Keeping all things in mind we have to keep our diet strong to fight against this contagion.
Doctors have suggested taking garlic, onions, turmeric and haldi with any recipe made at home. Vitamin-C is strong agent against COVID-19, so take lemon juice and orange drinks. Drink milk also. Avoid drinking carbohydrate drinks. And also avoid fast foods, sugar as they are harmful to our immune system. It is advised by doctors to have these items as to kill COVID-19 and to make the immune system stronger.

Utilities in Karachi

I am a resident of Gulshan-e-Iqbal and each time the summer season sets in, we brace ourselves for all kinds of hardships because of the intense heat. Water problems are becoming acute and while we always hope that it will be better than before, so far there is no change. The lockdown because of Corona means we are all at home and more water is consumed. I appeal to the government to please do something about the water tanker mafia and provide us with water in the lines for which we pay our taxes.
The one real positive among all the challenges we are facing as we exercise social distancing is the relief from electricity load-shedding. Last year K-Electric had laid down Aerial Bundled Cables in our area and said that it would help improve the supply of electricity. However, as soon as the first signs of a heat-wave emerged we expected long breakdowns but the reliable supply of electricity, has been a blessing for us, especially the children and the elderly.
I appeal to the authorities to take necessary steps to provide an uninterrupted supply of basic amenities such as water and power, so the people of Karachi can spend this lockdown period more comfortably as we all fight the Coronavirus.