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PIA and Emirates

PIA is one of the oldest airlines yet services and maintenance standard of the airline is highly neglected. In comparison to other airline PIA progress is not as good as it should be. Emirates Airline was initiated in 1985 and operates approximately 3600 flights per week having nearly 159 destinations and approximately 300 aircrafts.
Thanks God Emirates Airline in last 35 years not even faced a single incident of plane crash and airline is trustworthy around the world providing best facilities. In comparison to it PIA has only 56 destinations and operates nearly 700 flights per week. PIA has history of plane crashes with massive loss of lives. The CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) is another major culprit that has ruined civil aviation in Pakistan due to its non-professional attitude and sheer mismanagement, incompetence.
PIA authorities should show responsible and professional behaviour and make the airline a profitable company and brand for the world. It should strive to become again renowned airline of Pakistan as well as the world.MARYAM SAFDAR

Indian news channel

Indian television news anchor Arnab Goswami is spreading false news and hatred about Pakistan on his news channel. Arnab has no clue of what is saying. He is an absolute disgrace for journalists and journalism. He should have been reprimanded a long time ago for talking nonsense in the name of journalism.
It is quite amazing to see him anchoring a leading channel for earning money yet he is extracting more than what he deserves as a failed journalist.
Mumbai, India

Nuclear defence deterrence

It was on May 28 that Pakistan faced with challenge of Indian belligerent designs was forced to test and publicly announce its nuclear defence deterrence to counter India’s threatening posture and nuclear explosions and threats. Earlier it was a civilian PM ZAB, who having witnessed our humiliating surrender in 1971 took bold initiative to acquire nuclear capability, despite American threats, that they will make an example out of him. It also goes to his credit that he arranged finances from Libyan leader Qadaffi and Saudi King Shah Faisal and gathered a team of Pakistani scientists, engineers, working in various nuclear facilities and research centres.
There is no doubt that PM Nawaz Sharif was a relatively weaker man, both in intellect and vision compared to ZAB, yet he knew that public opinion in Pakistan would never forgive him, if he does not respond in kind. Quaid-i-Azam had clearly laid down his vision that survival and destiny of Pakistan lies in adoption of a democratic welfare state, where power lies with people and state is answerable to them. There is no concept of neither a monarchy nor dictatorship in Islam and according to renowned Islamic scholar Muhammad Asad, the closest concept to Islamic system of governance is democracy.
We must remember that on two phone calls from USA and UK, the powerful military dictator Ayub Khan chose not to avail perhaps sole golden opportunity to liberate IOK in 1962 despite Chinese advice and Indian army having suffered a humiliating defeat.
It was again Zia who got this country involved in a proxy war to please USA. As if this was not enough Musharraf succumbed to threatening phone call of Under Secretary in Bush administration and offered bases including facility for drone attacks on our citizens.

of libraries

No one can deny that libraries play an important role for progress and development of a society and country. Libraries are equally useful for laymen, professionals and students. In foreign countries, library facilities have been extended even in remote villages.
A decade ago, people used to read books in their leisure time and received all sorts of information through them. However, with the advent of technology and social media, people waste their time by being distracted on these platforms. Thus, reading books is not really a hobby or passion anymore. In order to solve this issue and augment reading habit authorities should take action and build more public libraries in all major cities and towns of the country.

Xenophobic West

The murder of ‘a black man’ George Floyd by a ‘white’ policeman Derek Chauvin marks the latest evidence of racism in America, the so called liberal and civilized people and resulted into an abrupt eruption of protests and violence across the US. And the violence becomes the only option for the people who are being oppressed and discriminated for decades on the basis of their colour and ethnicity.
The disgusting incident in Minneapolis followed the murders of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia and Breonna Taylor in Kentucky, has ignited protests across the US. In Minneapolis some of the protests have turned violent: buildings have been set on fire and a Target store was looted. As Martin Luther King Jr said, “A riot is the language of the unheard.”
The so-called torch bearer of humanity, equality and liberalism, the super power America is confronting a catastrophic and inhumane racial discrimination against black people for centuries and violating the principle of mutual co-existence. This concept had been nourishing in the consciousness of Goras (the white people) since their birth that they are superior race of God because they are white and they have the right to acquire all the blessings and exquisiteness of this world.
This phenomenon can also be seen in Europe and ex-colonies of Britain. This proves the Western society highly uncivilised and inhumane. We, Muslims, also victims of this behaviour want to follow the style, culture and products of inhumane western super powers thinking that they are civilised, but actually we already have a super power in form of a complete code of conduct in form of religion i.e. humanity, kindness, brotherhood and true principals and evident examples of equality but we are distracted towards West. We must own the principles and doctrine of true Islam without sectarianism divide instead of following an illusion of West.

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