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Imran Khan UN speech

PM Imran Khan delivered a passionate long speech while addressing Annual UN General Assembly. He poured his heart out and touched upon benign role of Muslim majority countries, that instead of standing up to expose tyranny and conspiracy behind proponents of Islamophobia, chose to go along, trying to adopt a convoluted version of Enlightened Moderation, with likes of Musharraf aping to tunes of Zionist lobby.
Imran Khan exposed tortuous treatment meted to Kashmiri population that has faced collective punishment, being confined to their homes for almost 55 long days. He also spoke against extensive money laundering being indulged by corrupt civil, uniformed and political elite who have been involved in institutionalized corruption plundering their countries and transferring black money to foreign safe havens. However, he must understand that western economic system encourages such money transfers, because instead of physical colonial occupation, like over 200-year British Raj, new mode is economic colonization.
IK should focus on taking concrete steps, through legislation and implementation of laws, to stop flight of capital by corrupt elite from Pakistan. PM Khan should ensure that likes of Admiral Mansoor-ul-Haq, Nawaz Sharif, Asif Zardari, Chaudhry Shujaat, Altaf Hussain and super bureaucrats like Qamar Chaudhry who were involved in daylight robberies, are prevented from robbing this country and face sever prosecution and punishment.
PM Khan cannot wage international war against corruption, because almost every tyrannical tinpot dictator, monarchy that rule Muslim majority countries is involved in such irregularities and they cannot be expected to heed his call. European and countries like the USA are themselves partners in plunder of natural assets of poor countries.

Robust speech

Prime Minister Imran Khan delivered a vigorous speech on the floor of United Nations General Assembly on Sept 27, bringing our country’s core issues into the world’s notice. The PM represented our country in an appreciable way while he also discussed some important problems the world is facing. The speech was divided in four points; Climate Change, Money Laundering, Islamophobia and Kashmir.
Explaining the term Islamophobia, he shot down the idea of radical Islam created by Western nations after 9/11 and said that there is only one Islam which is of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The PM also cleared Pakistan’s policy on Kashmir, terming the curfew inhumane and demanded a peaceful resolution by the United Nations. He also warned India that we will fight till our last breathe for the sake of Kashmiri people and cautioned the world of regional instability as both states possess nuclear weapons.
However, the overall speech was delivered in such a bombastic way that audience couldn’t stay without giving him applause. The world should listen to his words and take action against inhumane curfew and blockage of communication that enters 56th day.

PIA always in conundrums

It is irony of fate that major State-run departments always remain in conundrums. News items appear in press for one reason or the other tarnishing their image and tainting reputation. In 2017, it was reported that PIA A-310 aircraft was reportedly taken to Germany by former PIA CEO Bernd Hildenbrand. The plane was illegally taken to Germany by the former PIA CEO and later on was sold to a museum.
Astonishingly, in March 2019 this A-310 aircraft was sold for Rs196.6 million in Germany. The plane which was anchored at the Leipzig airport of Germany and was sold in two parts. The two engines of the A-310, including other equipment, were sold to a private company which had offered the highest bid for the plane. According to a PIA spokesperson, the plane’s sale was in compliance with PPRA rules and was sold at a higher price in comparison to the local market. It is worth mentioning here that the parking charges of the plane stood at €0.2 million, which was settled down at €13,0000 against the structure of the plane with the museum, situated at the airport. Who sold it to a local museum? PIA officials had said that the national flag carrier still owned the plane and the Federal Investigation Agency was probing matter. No information about the findings of FIA appeared in press henceforth.
While the previous acts are being brushed under the carpet, another press item is worth mentioning. According to an audit report, as many as 46 flights were operated from the Islamabad Airport in 2016-17 with no passengers boarding the airplanes. The report transpired that the national flag carrier suffered a loss of Rs180 million by operating 46 flights sans passengers. It said 36 flights on Hajj and Umrah routes were also operated without passengers. No official inquiry was made as to why the flights operated regardless, even as the administration knew that the flights were operating without passengers. How many bail-out packages government will give to such organizations where state of affairs is in total jeopardy? Is it not food for thought for those who are at the helm of affairs?

Why media courts?

Strategy is being carried out establishing Media Courts in this already freedom waning country – Pakistan. Undoubtedly, media courts are an indispensable threat to the freedom of speech. However, in this country where journalists are being treated as slaves and are beaten by highly influenced people, what one can expect from these state actors after establishing media courts?
Moreover, what will be the situation of freedom of expression and journalists after media courts running? Though, it is best way to have check and balance over media institutions and proceeding media-related issue but what should one do of media watchdog like PEMRA, ABC and civil courts. Owing to this plan, one thing is explicit that these institutions have become dormant and need to be demolished.
However, on one hand, government needs to make its institutions vigilant and active such as PEMRA and ABC. There is no need to go with media courts that will only worsen present situation of the journalists. As already, Pakistan is placed on hotline in the sense of murdering journalists after Afghanistan, according to the International Media Forums. On the other hand, it becomes mandatory to punish S. Iqbal Babu like journalists who often sell their conscience in the exchange of money. They do not leave any space to defame someone whether one is guilty or not. Therefore, government should learn to tackle this type of local journalists craftily instead of establishing media courts.
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Climate change

It is doubtless that climate change is affecting us all. Even sceptics seem to have accepted the fact that the earth is now 1°C warmer than it was in the pre-industrial times. The climate change is becoming an alarming issue which we all know. It is imperative that awareness campaigns should be launched which include information regarding the effects of the climate change and what actions can be taken on a collective as well as individual level to reduce its impact. There is a huge need to generate ideas, gather resources and educate masses about climate change and ways to slow down or counter the process in Pakistan.
However, the battle against climate change cannot be fought with ideas and targets alone rather it requires an attitudinal shift among the leadership and the public. The attitudinal shift can begin with schools. If the government makes climate change, its impact and the importance of conservation a part of the science curriculum, not only will it help reduce the burden of public awareness, it would also produce eco-conscious young men and women. We as individuals should also try to learn more about our environment and what we can do to conserve it. Together, we can contribute towards reversing the harmful effects of climate change.

Pakistan’s new coach

It is a fact that Misbah-ul-Haq is one of the legendary cricket players of Pakistan who played 16 years with more than 10,000 runs in International Cricket. However, I would like to congratulate the former Captain for being selected as Head Coach and Chief Selector of Pakistan Cricket team. It is a great opportunity for the 45-year old to exhibit the team better with a lot of experience and to inculcate professionalism among players. In his first comment as Head Coach, he said, “The team is full of talented players who just need a little bit of a fine-tuning to be on the right path.”
His comment reflects that how he is concerned about the performances of the team. So, it is time to make a habit of participating, dieting and practicing certain drills on a regular basis. Finally, the nation congratulates Misbah-ul-Haq with the lots of bless to exhibit the team to the top all three formats of Cricket. I hope that team performance will get better step by step with the help of a legendary coach.

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