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Aurat march

Recently, some individuals on social media voiced against the Aurat March and demanded a permanent ban on it. In my opinion, the opposition to the march, which will be held on March 8, is trivial if it is organized in our own socio-cultural context.
The position of women in our society is deplorable, which is no secret. Especially women of rural areas are subjected to inhuman treatment, oppression and subjugation. They are denied their due rights and share in property. Given this, there is a need to appreciate such efforts as they will play a pivotal role in creating awareness towards gender equality.
Meanwhile, it is also the responsibility of the organizers of women’s march to ensure that the said march reflect our culture and traditions. Instead of emulating Western feminists or representing some elite groups and their demands, they should work for addressing the problems of rural women, who are the worst victims of patriarchy.

Corona-virus is a blessing!

Through your newspaper, I want to draw the attention of the authorities to an important issue. As we all know, the corona-virus has come to Pakistan in the city of Karachi. It is a dangerous virus whose complete cure has not yet been discovered. It spreads from one human to another. As news began to spread in the media, the media also cautioned against the virus.
The virus has badly affected the lives of Karachi citizens. The first impact of the virus was on the educational institutions of Karachi. As soon as the news came in the media, it was announced that schools would be closed for two days. Because kids can’t take care of themselves and its a spreading virus. And if this virus continues and so our schools are closed, then our education system will suffer a great loss.
And our other major disadvantage is that the costs have been raised on the precautionary measures needed to prevent this virus. The first precaution to avoid this virus is to cover your face. And we can cover our face with a mask. After hearing the precaution of wearing this mask the demand for mask increased. Shopkeepers have begun to take advantage of this and increased the price of the mask. It is as if the virus is a blessing for them. The government should do something tangible against these vendors.

Quetta bleeds!

Once again the beautiful city of Quetta has turned into the blood-pool of innocent citizens of Balochistan, Pakistan. Once again the beloved of the victims mourn and prepare the graves. Once again the ministers and authorities show-off condemnation and vow to ensure security. The people are now tired taking up the corpses and chunk of dead bodies. The most recent suicide attack on a religious rally in Quetta has engulfed the casualty resulting more than 15 deaths and 20 injured victims.
The sectarianism has caused the pillars of country collapsed socially, economically and structurally. However, the concerned religious groups are engrossed in controversies amongst themselves, then how can we overcome the challenges being faced by the external enemies of our country. We should be united because divided we fall united we stand. The federal and provincial governments both must come forward to ensure security to the victimized community instead of concerning timely grief.


As a society, we need to get this phenomenon that every single human being is different and possess a distinguished set of abilities. Not everyone is supposed to be a topper; as a matter of fact grades or positions are not a good parameter to judge someone’s abilities & hidden talents. Someone who is not so good in his/her academics still can land to a better place in life. And in the same way not everyone is meant for a 9 to 5 job life. I have witnessed so many highly talented people around me who are apparently not acknowledged by the society and eventually left behind due to pre-conceived criteria of success. To address this sensitive issue, I think before anyone else, we need to embrace ourselves for what we are; trusting own abilities is essential.
It is us who can make the world understand that we all are different and must be treated differently. Change doesn’t come easy and we have got to work for it; because society is not imported from somewhere we make it so everyone counts. The world is diverting from conventional ways so should we. Now not everyone is a job hunter; people have found themselves many options to meet their needs gracefully by utilizing their talents & abilities at best andon their own.
So what should we do to fight all odds and stand out? The answer is always with us; trust yourself, know your worth and look up for the opportunity that makes you proud of yourself. Freelancing is an option we all can opt for self-sufficient life style. Nowadays, there are many online platforms from where we can polish our talents and sell it as we want to make our own living. Digiskills.pk is one of the best initiatives of government. It has the vision to make youth and other segments of society financially independent by giving them a strong sense of self; free and certified 10 online courses are available. Just sign up at digiskills.pk and give yourself a chance to learn and earn online.

Degree versus knowledge

In Pakistan, the teaching techniques upon which our whole education system is running have been vanished from the world since long. Our children have to carry heavy school bags bearing course books, homework/schoolwork copies, drawing pencils, markers and uncountable accessories and a lot of anxiety, but despite having degrees, because of this in a modern period our children’s are knowledgeless.
Actually, one of the major issues is that degree is just a paper that you are graduated but knowledge is a power because of knowledge you think better and speak better, so knowledge is better than degree. Somehow, time has come to review in our education system and apply latest techniques of teaching.

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