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Political activities

Education and political activities can’t go hand in hand as these two are vastly different fields. When we talk about attaining education, political activities have nothing in common with it. Pakistan has some good public and private universities yet many public universities have been destroyed due to involvement of students or staff in politics. Some students have even formed their own political parties within universities. Despite being good universities in Pakistan, nobody wants to study there.

The Vice Chancellors of these universities are well known for either being involved in politics themselves or being unable to do anything against students, indulging in political activities. I would suggest to government that there is still time to save our children and education by selecting well-educated and politically neutral Vice Chancellor for universities, so as to prevent students from engaging in politics that destroys educational environment.


Nawabshah, Sindh

Mobile phones cause distraction

Unchecked use of mobile phones has greatly impacted students to carry out thorough studies. Though mobile phones have advantages yet unchecked use has many disadvantages as well. First of all, when children return home from school, they start playing games on their mobile phones, watching movies and using Face book, due to which they cannot devote time to studies or other physical activities at all. Because of this, they become weak students in school. Due to excessive use of mobile phone their eyesight also weakens quickly. It is better for a student to spend his/her time on books and improve in studies instead of wasting time on mobile phones.


Via email

Enforcement of human rights

Although, Articles 8 to 28 of the Constitution of Pakistan guarantees fundamental rights for the people however, practically on ground there is no implementation. The poverty level is very high and a large population is unable to fulfil basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. Unemployment in the country is at its peak, and that is very disheartening. Many young man who are holding higher education degrees, are deprived of their right to earn some decent job due to mismanagement and corruption. As corruption has become order of the day, basic right of justice is also beyond the reach of common man and that has affected rule of law.

Moreover, women rights are more infringed. As the practice of “Karo Karee” honour killings are becoming frequent in the country. In spite of some efforts by government such crimes against humanity are still out of control. Domestic violence against women is frequently reported. Child abuse is another crime that is at peak, as thousands of cases are reported every year.


Hyderabad, Sindh

Careless riders

Turbat has become a big town where traffic jams are frequent. In such traffic chaos, small boys riding motorbikes is too dangerous and risky. Recently, a small boy riding a motorbike hit a 9-year old girl, who was on way to her home from school. She was in serious condition fortunately she was saved.

Such cases have been happening very frequently yet traffic police avoided taking any action. Parents should not allow their children to ride in such heavy traffic.


Via email

Ban plastic containers

Plastic is a synthetic material manufactured from materials such as coal, cellulose, natural gas, salt and crude oil through polymerisation or poly condensation process. Numerous people use plastic for carrying food since they don’t know about its harmful influence on health.

Industry assume that plastic containers are safe yet some experts pointed that plastic is harmful for health especially the mixture of heat in food and plastic. The studies highlight that chemical in plastic can draw out of plastic and in to food and beverage we eat and can cause health problems such as metabolic disorder including Obesity. Kitchen materials especially food containers such as Tiffin and plates are made from plastic. Replace plastics containers with steel, ceramics or other materials. People also use food plastic wrap to seal and secure food items in containers, as they are unaware of its harmful impact. Spreading awareness regarding harmful effects of plastic may prevent many people to use it in kitchen.


Turbat, Balochistan