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Wheat crisis and sinking ship of PTI

The crisis of unavailability of wheat is deepening. In a digital age, monthly and annual needs can be quantified. Estimation of food stuff for short and long periods is easy, worst shortage of wheat in the country is not understandable. Government is blaming profiteers and hoarders for hoarding wheat but this stance has proven false. Despite a ban on export of wheat, government exported 640,000 tons of wheat.
Now, it has approved import of 300,000 ton wheat. It is just like putting the cart before the horse. How this strategy will work. Unfortunately, incumbent government has miserably failed in controlling the prices of daily use commodities. From tomatoes to flour, vegetable to pulses and edible oil to wheat flour, everything is slipping out of its hands like sand. Sugar crisis is also in the making and soon shortage of sugar will become a bombshell for consumers.
Stringent demand of IMF has pushed the government to the wall. Low tax recovery, inconsistency in policies, missing unity and cohesion in PTI has dented the reining regime badly. The Muslim League-Q and MQM are flexing their muscles for a predictable change. All these developments are making PTI a sinking ship, a rudderless ship having no vision and action plan. The class falling under poverty line is incessantly increasing. The saviour has no clue how to survive.

Nawaz Sharif’s health

The nation was relieved when almost all newspapers published the photograph of former prime minister in a relaxed mood in a London restaurant along with his close family (Jan 14). The photograph must have brought a ray of hope for all critically ill persons in the country. I’m sure that such persons must have started arranging funds for travelling to London as its clean environment and fresh air bring life to a critically ill person.
What a miracle. Hats off to the UK medical experts who within days through their superb medical skills treated so well our former prime minister that he is once again back to normal. Interestingly, when he was in his own country. his doctors had lost all hope and extremely disturbing news was coming from the House of Sharif’s.
After a very long time the PML-N supporters got good news. The government of Pakistan and all the developing countries should learn a lesson from this and instead of introducing programmes and packages for the downtrodden citizens to improve their standard of living, must create special funds for the treatment of critically ill people in the UK and other developed countries.

Importance of counselling

Guidance and counselling are important for pupils, and schools have a huge role in bringing out the best in them. Good conduct is coveted, but sometimes young minds need guidance to polish their personality. Through counselling, they are given advice on how to manage and deal with emotional conflict and personal problems.
Proper counselling will help incorporate valuable lessons in their daily life. Some sessions should involve career guidance, where the students are advised on the selection of courses and different career paths. It’s important to prepare them for life after school and what to expect in different fields they might opt for. Counselling for both life choice and career choice
Parents and students still believe in bringing good grades to get into the best engineering or dental colleges that will give them a successful career. But, it is also important to know their interests; here the teacher plays a vital role. Choosing the right field is totally dependent on self-assessment. Self-assessment includes observing the ability, area of interest, analytical skills, work style and personality of the student. With broad career options, teachers need to equip him with all recent trends, current developments in different streams, demands and financial prospectus giving priority to the child’s interest.
Counselling sessions at an early age open the lines of communication making student familiar with the importance of choosing the right career. A regular counselling session is about listening to him and giving respective suggestions. Guidance and counselling aim at: Rendering focus on his needs, acquiring the right understanding, maintaining discipline, enabling overall development.

Muslims are real victims of CAA

Recently, the Indian Parliament passed the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), according to which a Muslim or low caste cannot be the citizen of India. Protests are continuing all across India against this Act. The Act has not only affected minorities, specifically the Muslims, within India, but also has created a crisis situation for its neighbouring countries.
After the implementation of CAA, possibly India may push Muslims and other {deemed} illegal citizens to its borders. Bangladesh, being a neighboring Muslim state, may face an influx of refugees from India mainly Muslims. Bangladesh has concerns with regard to refugees from India who may flee or be pushed to its borders. India and Bangladesh have good ties but any untoward incident may spoil them.
Discussing more! India is blaming Pakistan and ISI for these protests rather than taking into account the ground realities. Despite the protests and international voices, India paid the least attention to the situation. India takes leverage of its huge market and trade relations with the rest of the world, especially the powerful nations. On the other hand, it is least bothered about the human rights concerns expressed by the international community. The international community must take action against India to stop this discriminatory Act from being implemented.

Religious tourism

With the completion of the Kartarpur corridor, thousands of Sikhs will come from all over the world, especially India, to perform pilgrimage. Despite the war-like situation between India and Pakistan, people are still coming in large numbers from India to Pakistan and even from rest of the world. This is an outstanding start for “religious tourism” in Pakistan. I think the government has created great economic opportunity for local and common unemployed people.
The hotels, restaurants and other various things can be initiated for the attraction of tourists. This move will surely earn great boost to uplift the crippling economy. This is great opportunity for PTI government to complete their promise of giving jobs to poor people. Laudable step indeed. It will reduce the intense situation of unemployment.

Polio cases

Polio is a highly infectious disease caused by a virus mainly affecting children under the age of five years. It invades the nervous system, can cause paralysis or death but unfortunately in our country there is no proper cure /treatment of this. Furthermore, within two weeks of this New Year (2020) six cases have been reported from across the country: Sindh, Punjab and the KP.
According to website of the polio programme as many as 134 polio cases were reported in 2019, compared to 12 cases in 2018. The provincial data for 2019 shown 91 polio cases reported from KP, 24 from Sindh, 11 from Balochistan and eight from Punjab. This is my humble request to the Prime Minister of Pakistan to take benevolent measures immediately to address the issue.
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