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IK Minar-e-Pakistan political show

There is no doubt that Imran Khan’s oratorial skills are far better than his political adversaries. He is playing upon sufferings of millions of deprived, enduring perhaps one of the worst inflationary periods, when the whole world faces recession. Pakistan’s unfortunate fate is that its people, with very exceptions, have had such individuals at helm, who promise the people all that they could wish for, when not in power, but deliver absolutely nothing, except further add to their woes.

Imran Khan, like his predecessors, is certainly no exception. The speeches and promises that IK made at Minar-e-Pakistan are similar in tone and content that he made in 2017-18. However, when he was at helm, he in his own wisdom chose to appoint Buzdar as CM Punjab, who lacked vision, intellect and capacity to govern. Khan Saheb enjoyed complete support of establishment under ONE PAGE system, before his relations with establishment soured.

I have seen this routine political gimmickry being practiced for decades in this unfortunate country. Politicians and dictators have exploited religion card to the hilt, some security, while others mix of both.

In the process our territorial sovereignty has been compromised, our citizens face scourge of terrorism and extremism. The only commonality is that citizens of Pakistan have been duped. I wish that IK, this time around, will deliver on his promises.

For that he must publicly apologize to people of Pakistan for his poor governance from 2018 to 2022 and give a solemn pledge that he will appoint men with integrity and experience at helm in the provinces and federal level. He must distance himself from Real Estate Mafia and instead focus on reviving agricultural economy to achieve self-sufficiency.

Pakistan must focus on development in science and technology to boost export-oriented industries and reduce reliance on imports and foreign debts. The real asset of Pakistan is citizens of this country who have wedded their future with destiny of this country and have no split loyalties.



Modern education

I am writing this to highlight the need for modern education in Pakistan. Modern education is crucial for the development and progress of any country. Pakistan is facing numerous challenges such as poverty, illiteracy, unemployment and economic instability.

Modern education can help in overcoming these challenges by providing individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a rapidly changing world. It can help in building a knowledgeable and innovative workforce, improve the economy, and increase the standard of living for the people.

The education system in Pakistan must be updated and aligned with the needs of the 21st century to keep pace with the advancement in technology and science. A modern education system is required to equip students with the skills they need to compete in the global market, while also addressing the needs of the local community. To achieve this, it is necessary to invest in education, create an environment that encourages learning and ensure that students are exposed to the latest educational techniques and methodologies.



ChatGPT concerns


I would like to draw attention, especially of students , through this piece regarding the impact of ChatGPT which may especially leave on the students. Note this article is completely based on my personal observation, though someone may totally differ with me in this regard. As a saying of great historian Christian Lous Lange goes, “ Technology is a useful servant, but a dangerous master.”

It directly implies that despite playing a pivotal role, however, technology has been leaving the worst consequences over the life of individuals. As far as the matter of ChatGPT is concerned, undoubtedly, it has brought great revolution in the world of AI. However, simultaneously, it is also going to leave the worst consequences. It is a sign of great threat especially to the students because it is a tool which will affect the creativity of students badly in every field. As a result, students’ achievements in other fields will surely decline exponentially which will be a colossal challenge for the world to overcome.

Furthermore, unfortunately, it may easily be used for bad means especially by students as a tool of cheating for taking out assignments. Not only this, but it will also become one of the crucial reasons for the firing of employees. A study goes here that within the span of two years more than 38% of organizations will implement ChatGPT in their institutes which is also huge burgeoning issue which may surely lead to the firing of employees which will, perhaps, become the cause of suicide.

Finally, by cutting the long story short, ChatGPT is one of the dangerous app, if not halted promptly, it may surely leave the worst consequences in the shape of above mentioned ways. It should completely be banned all over world because its cons are more dangerous than its real pros.


Shaheed Benazirabad

Illegal parking charges

The Sir Shahnawaz Bhutto Memorial Library is a place where every student from Larkana and its outskirts has been once and utilised it for their educational purposes. At the car parking of the library, a person is charging illegal charges for every bike, and there’s no receipt of it mentioning that whether district administration, municipal corporation, or library administration is charging it, upon inquiring from fellow students, it came to my knowledge that its an illegal tax, and such types of practice are also done in other parts of the city by such criminal people who misbehave with people when inquired about who’s charging the parking tax and if this taxation is documented or legal or not.

Everyday thousands of students come here and it’s a sign of worry that not any student has raised voice against this corrupt practice. Authorities are requested to probe into this matter and punish the culprits involved in illegal taxation throughout the country.



Box letter


I am writing to express my deep concern about the issue of illiteracy in Pakistan. It is disheartening to know that Pakistan has one of the highest illiteracy rates in the world, with almost half of the population unable to read or write. This is a significant hindrance to the progress and development of our country. The current literacy rate in Pakistan is 62.3 percent which means that around 90 million people in the country cannot read and write. Illiteracy not only affects an individual’s ability to access information, but it also limits their opportunities for employment, healthcare and civic engagement. It perpetuates poverty and reinforces social inequality. Moreover, illiteracy is also a barrier to the development of critical thinking skills and the ability to make informed decisions. It is imperative that the government takes immediate action to address this issue. This can be achieved through a multi-faceted approach that includes improving access to education, enhancing the quality of education, increasing public awareness about the importance of education and investing in teacher training programs. We need to work towards creating a society where every individual has access to education, regardless of their socio-economic status. I urge government, civil society organizations and individuals to take action towards eradicating illiteracy in Pakistan. Let us work together to create a better future for our country and our people.