Human trafficking: A global security concern | By Tayyaba Khurshid


Human trafficking: A global security concern

ONE of the leading problems of the globalized world that has increased overtime is human trafficking. It involves kidnapping, trapping or sending individuals from one place to another either within state or outside. The individuals of underdeveloped states are trapped and manipulated in the name of good job and attractive salary and are sent to various countries where they are forced and coerced to labour, sex and other illegal activities. In many cases, the girls are even trafficked through proper channels of marriage but once reach the country of destination they are forced into prostitution and other immoral practices.

The victims of human trafficking are not limited to women and man but many children are kidnapped by certain radical groups and are trained for terrorist activities. The trafficked individuals face physical and psychological torture and end up in emotional trauma. The women who are trafficked to run the illegal sex industry end up in sexually transmitted diseases and other reproductive health issues. Only Pakistan alone has many reported cases of trafficked individuals and there are many who were never able to escape and tell the world about the inhumanity they have faced in the hands of traffickers. Humanity sinks to a new low along with increase cases of Human Trafficking in Pakistan. In some cases the trafficked men are sent to conflict ridden areas to be used for militancy.

Pakistan has been identified as main source of women trafficked globally. The wide prevalence of such crimes can be attributed to poverty, economic deprivation and lack of education. Although the government is institutionalizing the counter measures against human trafficking and other illegal crimes but the issue is still unsolved. The issue cannot be catered by individual states because the traffickers are not limited to a single state but they are running their mafias in various states and therefore collective cooperation by all states is required. It’s not a national but transnational crime and hence could only be solved by transnational actors.

The developed states like the US have also taken lead and Trafficking and Violence Protection Act was formed which helped the foreign governments to draft various anti-trafficking laws, strengthen the investigation procedures of culprits, persecuting the offenders and rescuing the victims. Although legal procedures exist to control human trafficking but the increasing number of cases each year through put the world reveal the inability of states to cater the problem. All states and global and regional actors including International non-governmental organizations should join hands for common cause of humanity and work collectively to preserve human dignity and respect.