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Why not government schools?

From childhood, I am listening from others that shift children to private schools instead of government schools. The reason behind this is that in government schools there are no well-trained teachers who teach the students sincerely. As a student, I have some doubts regarding this false statement. In the last year, a lot of teachers got PSt and JESt offers from the government and they leave their private schools and join schools where there is no education.

Thousands of well-trained teachers moved toward government institutions. But the ratio of students in government schools is the same as in previous years. The parents that always wants good teacher for their children are not transferring their children to government schools. At that time we have a lot of talented teachers in government schools. So why parents are not sending their children to government schools?

We can easily conclude that only teachers are not the reason that parents are not sending their children to government institutions but lack of infrastructure and no proper buildings these all things are the barrier to the government education system. Government should pay heed to infrastructure of schools. Hiring teachers is not enough for hiding their mistakes.



Organised crimes

Anyone who recently visited Pakistan can attest to prevalence of beggars. There are reportedly many more beggars today than there were a few decades ago. In addition to their population growth, beggars’ behaviour and extent have morphed over time. Beggary has developed into a lucrative industry for some in recent years, even evolving into organised crimes.

Begging is linked to other offences such as terrorism, prostitution, drug trafficking, organ trafficking, child abuse, and human trafficking. Despite the fact that begging has been against the law in Pakistan since 1958, beggars are still common, and the law is rarely enforced. In Pakistan, organized criminality is a booming industry. Lack of alternative employment opportunities, economic inequality, and higher food prices are all economic factors that contribute to beggary. Initiatives from NGOs and government typically treat beggary as a social issue rather than a legal one. Therefore, beggars deserves more focus than it currently receives.



Street crimes

This letter is intended to draw your attention towards one of the ever-growing street crimes of Karachi. Being a responsible citizen and a student of NED University, would like to throw some light on incidents that have taken place recently especially the case of Bilal Nasir, a third-year student, was shot dead near the university as a result of resisting in a robbery incident.

As we all know the phenomenon of urban crime is ever growing urban population. The factors that provide a breeding ground for criminal activities include rising of population (people of different cities visiting Karachi), lack of employment, and a non-function police and justice system. We students are the future of this country and even we feel very insecure in the current environment. For us our electronics hold immense value and aid us with university requirements but this makes us an easy target for the robbers. These crimes have become so common that even the media has stopped covering it. Proper arrangements have to be made to eradicate these crimes. The police, rangers and our political leaders must unite to fight against them. I hope you would take this matter seriously and offer us some assistance in these tough times. I look forward to hearing from you.



Proportional Representation

My lifetime experience as student of national politics in PNA, MRD & PDA alliances led me to support presidential form under Proportional Representation system of election. This I had suggested in early days of MRD. Parliamentary democracy has become a rogue, Sovereign default, Chair-takers for Punjab, PTI resignations a card abused for political engineering by PTI & PDM, dissolution of KP Assembly are not a issue for teeming millions unable to get two square meals for survival due to continued Loot & Plunder by all and sundry.

Half-hearted Karachi local bodies’ election results show in spite of manoeuvring un-clear mandate like we mostly see hung parliament. Out of 235 UC’s PPP begged 93, J.I 86 and PTI 40 so why not go for a re-run of elections between the two parties securing higher number of votes and install a fully empowered City Father who would not succumb to political gimmicks and place all city utility services under his domain and ensure un-interrupted water & sewage, gas, electricity, transport and related Civic facilities.

This is the imperative need of time as Karachi is the hub of industrial and commercial activities once Karachi City has an autonomous local government. Unity, Faith & Discipline will remain a farfetched dream and history will not forgive for collective compromises in this ongoing musical chair.



Traffic problems

I would like to draw attention of concerned authorities to traffic problems arising due to construction of the Gulistan-i-Jauhar flyover. Commuters, pedestrians, cars, rickshaws and buses are badly suffering due to this construction. I have learned from reliable sources that this construction is going to take almost two years, which may result in severe accidents and a nuisance to the public. People are facing a lot of hardships, especially ambulances and old people because there is no proper diversion due to continuous traffic jams and severe accidents are taking place. They have used the service lane as a proper diversion but this is not a proper solution. I suggest that the Traffic Engineering Bureau TEB should plan a proper diversion by providing a temporary cut for better movement of vehicles at a proper place from the footpath/green path at a shorter distance, as there is no proper construction.