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for common citizens

By and large, it has been seen that in the legislatures (both federal and State/provincial) of the civilised world, legislators discuss and deliberate upon the issues of their citizens, and accordingly make necessary legislation to protect their social, economic, cultural, political and religious rights. All this is done to achieve their welfare.
But, unfortunately, here in Pakistan, our legislators (both federal and provincial) hardly discuss the issues of the common man in the Assembly sessions. Rather, in these sessions, our parliamentarians discuss and lament their personal issues and no due consideration is given towards making legislation on the various issues affecting the life of the common man. In other words, I must say that our legislators pass only those laws which suit to their interests.
There is a need of the hour that our legislators should focus on their primary role i.e. legislation for their citizens on a number of issues affecting their life such as poverty, unemployment, hunger, dearness of daily use commodities, illiteracy, terrorism, environmental degradation, lack of proper and effective transportation, lack of proper health facilities, etc., so that with implementation/enforcement of these laws, our common citizens are able to experience some sort of betterment in their lives.

Freedom of expression

It is the constitutional right of everyone to express his/her ideas and share his views on a particular topic. Right to expression enables one to be aware of others’ basic rights and their feelings. However, freedom of expression should have limitations. If left unchecked, it becomes a tool to target other individuals and create an environment of fear and chaos.
I have come across many people, especially on social media, criticizing and mocking at others’ religions, languages and ethnicities under the guise of this very right. And, when they face criticism for their remarks, they try to seek refuge in it and believe that their ‘right’ is being suppressed. This is rather violation of free speech. To promote peace and stability, it is necessary that all countries should come up with laws to ensure that right to free speech is not abused or violated.


Backbiting and being suspicious of others is a very big sin. In our society, this thing is very common and majority are our women. They spend all of their day in this thing but not only women’s men also get involved in such practices. In the Holy Quran, Almighty Allah makes it clear that how much big this sin is and compared backbiting to eating a dead donkey. We always try to know the affairs of othes instead of minding our own business. We always interfere in other people affairs, and usually try to sense their weaknesses.
When we come to know anything about a person, we tell all others about it. First, one shouldn’t find faults in others but when you find it, don’t tell others and keep it secret. We shouldn’t do backbiting or being suspicious of others because they are very big sins, keep yourself out of it and also keep your family members your friends away from these things.
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Marginalised Kashmiris

The expectation remains same as happening from the last year in India-held Kashmir (IHK). Marginalized Kashmiris suffer at the hands of cruel Indian troops for the last four months. The violence and terror in the region also closed internet and networking services.
This is very hard to live in such conditions without any reason but in fact, deciding the option to wait for the freedom. There is never going to be freedom of speech and liberty in Kashmir until there is voices from the United Nations.

Toyota production system

It is said that the growth of a country is directly proportional to its effectiveness in managing the resources available to it. Being a developing country that has aimed for growth, industrial excellence and prosperity for many years of its existence, Pakistan still has a long road to its development.
However, it is important to note that one of the greatest reasons for Pakistan’s slow growth can be attributed to ineffective management of resources. The manufacturing industry of Pakistan, that once bloomed in the regime of Field Marshall Ayub Khan continues to experience a downslide due to improper rationing of resources; energy in specific. One of the bigger reasons for this decline is also the lack of standards in the manufacturing industry at large. Toyota Production System, a socio-technical system for automobile manufacturing practices and theory, which is one of the most sophisticated and advanced systems for automobile production, if applied to this industry could create 360-degree improvement and innovation.
While Pakistan faces cost crisis and resource management issues, TPS would not only provide cost cuts through waste reduction and elimination of extra resources, it would also increase the speed of production as well as quality. TPS would continue to improve Pakistani automotive industry specifically by providing a solid and sound framework for the industry to follow and apply to their business models, creating more standardisation and lesser variation. This would not only improve quality, but also reduce Pakistan’s dependence on foreign countries for purchase of high-end cars, and thereby improve our current account deficit.

Women security

Some people are still unaware of the danger of leaving their car doors unsecured and windows wide open. I remember as a child, everyone in the neighbourhood would leave their car doors and windows open, without any thought of being robbed. In such circumstances, one matter that begs to be addressed is the safety and security of women driving alone, especially at night when women get into a vehicle; they usually put their handbag on the passenger seat.
In that case, the thief could just simply open the passenger side door and takes the handbag. Hence, it becomes increasingly important for women to make sure that their car doors are safely locked and windows aren’t rolled down too low. And most importantly, when retuning to one’s vehicle in a parking lot, the driver – a man or woman – should be aware of their surroundings.

Pakistan’s overpopulation

Pakistan population is estimated about 21 crores according to 2017 census of Pakistan and it makes Pakistan the world fifth most populous country. Growth rate in Pakistan is 2.10 while the average life expectancy is 67 years. Fertility rate of Pakistan is 2.68. At the time of independence Pakistan had population of 3.3 crores. Demand for family planning in Pakistan is high but adoption of family planning is hampered by lack of services, misconceptions and government neglect.
The Family Planning Association of Pakistan (FPAP) founded in 1953 was unsuccessful because of religious opposition and lack of finance. After 18 Amendment in Constitution, family planning responsibilities were shifted to provinces which are unable to make population control policies as of now. All the stakeholders are urged to devise such policies that lead to better family planning and bring prosperity to the country. Hope all would listen!

feast of St Bonaventure

Over six lakh pilgrims from all over Mumbai and its suburbs embarked on a pilgrimage to celebrate the annual feast of St Bonaventure at the historic Portuguese Church at Erangal beach at Madh Island in Malad (West) on Sunday, January 12, 2020.
The feast of St Bonaventure is celebrated on the second Sunday in January every year. The Church of St Bonaventure was the first Church to be built at Madh Island in the year, 1599. Till the year 1976, the Church was in ruins as it stood on the open coast facing the sea. In 1976, through the efforts of Fr Peter Bombacha, the Church was repaired and brought back into use. A statue of the saint — St Bonaventure has been standing at the altar ever since.
St. Bonaventure was an Italian medieval Franciscan, scholastic theologian and philosopher. The annual festivities of this Church have become a magnet today for both Christians and non-Christians. They then make their way to the local fair where scores of people sell local produce and other goodies like specialty foods, musical instruments and music CDs. Currently, there are very few East Indian Catholic families and Koli Christians residing near this church. In Marathi, this feast is known as Erangalcha Sann.
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