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COVID cases

China experienced a record breaking COVID cases on daily basis. All the cases are reported as sub variant of infections Omicron variant. The travellers coming from China carry major risk of COVID increase in the country and must be tested directly at the airport. Sindh government has suggested the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) and National Institute of Health (NIH) to strictly test travellers coming from China as they can result in spreading of more cases in the country. Accordingly, there are many fake negative reports carried by passengers while travelling, so it is important that the testing system must be carried out in every airport of the country so that people must be saved from COVID infection.
Dasht, Balochistan

Increase wages

Lately, inflation rate has increased manifold, which is giving tough time to common man. The impoverished people who work day and night to bring food to their family cannot provide basic necessities to their family because now this particular amount doesn’t get enough for them to bring food home; they may hardly get two meals on this given amount.
These people are living from hand to mouth because they are deprived of their rights and helpless to talk. In order to get two meals a day, they are not letting children get education. Concerned authorities should help them to get their daily wages according to increase in rates of daily products so that they can feed their families.
Turbat, Balochistan

Gwadar protests

The issue of Gwadar protest lead by Maulana Hidayat ur Rehman (Haq Do Tehreek) has been going on in the port city for over two months, yet Balochistan government failed to keep it’s promises. The government failed to stop illegal fishing by trawlers and locate missing persons.

The recent protest brought a bloody environment in the city where law enforcers resorted to teargas protestors as crowd tried to attack police station. Gwadar police arrested 18 protesters of Haq Do Tehreek (HDT) in order to clear the Gwadar East Expressway. In order to keep this issue under control, leaders of HDT, Maulana Hidayat ur Rehman should keep calm so that citizens don’t suffer a lot.

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Domestic violence
Domestic violence is an issue existing in most parts of the globe. The concept of our society is set in a way that women for no reason are victimised by their partner. Police Surgeon Dr Summaiya Syed says that 3659 women became victim of domestic violence and later they were brought to hospital for medical care. The manners, guides and ethics that a child gains from childhood will become part of his personality when he reaches adult age. Those with good ethics will live a quality life but person with wrecked manners will not only ruin his own life but life of others. Time and again, he will indulge in domestic violence and harm his partner. However, each parent want their daughters to have a good life partner but they never teach their son to treat his wife with love and care.

For preventing such cases, first of all, parents must strive to cultivate sound personalities of their children. Along with it, government must set family laws and award strict punishments for domestic violence so that a man thinks a hundred times before raising hand on a woman. Society has to change itself to get a positive mindset.
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Mental disorder
Everyone is familiar with literature and movies, which are the saddest and happiest obligatory reflections in comparison to all the elements of our society. We feel happy when we see happy movies; we feel unhappy when we see miserable movies. At the same time, literature is the same as movies. In this respect, there are many questions: why do we become more compassionate when we look at films and read literature that envisions our society? Why are we unable to feel the pain of reality?

Who is more responsible for our mental illnesses in a variety of social ways? The questions are different, and their answers are unanswered. As an example of our country, Pakistan was created to bring comfort and happiness. To mask the abject Indian vendetta, creating a separate state for Muslims was the primary goal. But reality runs counter to the ideological system and existence. The crises are at a level where we cannot think about possible solutions. In the same way, political crises have bankrupted the country.

The exchange of governments has been based on transparency and effective slogans, but bad policies have destabilized the overall system. As a result, poverty, education, health, and other fundamental needs are distressing. First, an example of poverty: in Pakistan, the poverty rate as a percentage of the total population has risen. As a result, many children are out of school, and unemployment and the influences that drive people to die have left many people feeling depressed, anxious, and stressed. Simply put, when barriers disrupt people’s lives in the form of discrimination in their social lives throughout the class system, it causes mental illness.
Jamshoro, Sindh

Fate of pedestrian bridges

Pedestrian bridges are something that most of us use on a daily basis. These are structures built over roads that require people to take longer and often beyond-reach routes up and over many lanes of car traffic without disrupting the speed or motion of vehicular traffic. Hence, this saves people from many possible road accidents. However, in recent years, the condition of pedestrian bridges, specifically in Karachi, has become horrible. Instead of preventing accidents, they have become a source of accidents due to poor infrastructure and mismanagement. Most of the pedestrian bridges in Karachi have their iron railings either missing or broken. The holes in the middle of the path make it a challenge for pedestrians to walk through them. To make the situation worse, there are drug addicts casually lying down, covering an already narrow passage; lots of beggars keep sitting on these bridges the whole day; and different street vendors set up their stalls in the middle of the pathway, completely killing the purpose of pedestrian bridges. I request relevant authorities look into this matter and resolve it on an emergency basis. Pedestrian bridges save us time and prevent accidents, and they should be fixed at all costs.
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