Turkey turn to turmoil | By Nighat Leghari


Turkey turn to turmoil

MAKING the headlines the jolts of a deadly earthquake hit across the two countries Turkey and Syria. Unminded with the environmental agents when the whole population was enjoying the sweet sleep at midnight, the landline of the both countries went filed with the roars of the jolts. Swilling thousands of thousands living beings and thousands of hospital apartments among hundreds of buildings, Churches, Mosques raised to ground. In a state of high horror and panic people came out of their homes reciting Holy Quran verses loudly.

The Holy Quran reads, God sees that you do and God seizes mankind from above and below on account of their sins, and then there is none to save them from Almighty of His wrath (Almonim). The geological and met office authorities seemed to be helpless. Tragical enough that science education and sophisticated technology in the developed countries considered as the promised security or survival, sincere education of warning system for the likewise disasters in prior but no one can stop the Heavenly Hand.

When long ago the North Europe the Pacific Ocean Titanic waves roared on the landline and people were screening for the help, one of the victims said, it is “God’s Wrath” and it is known as the presence of the Almighty. This devastation of all living community will be visible in the Red Bracket in the book of history, this catastrophe who will be remembered for the people on the earth for all the times to come.

From the dawn of the human society, humanbeings are facing the catastrophe and it is always taken as the “God’s Wrath” but tragical enough that human community did no conceive any wisdom or lesson from it on the contrary itself brought catastrophe in kind of wars putting aside all the devastation brought by them. In spite of the developments in human behavior and making the ways in the “Space” his rising desires for battles with each other is encroaching on the cause of wars. No doubt defense is inevitable for every nation and country but every nation while maintaining the internal integrity of their own country every nation is ready to set their conflicts and disputes on the battlefield instead of dialogues dais.

All peace for maintaining peace is merely a lip service. Building just a peaceful world beyond the wars should be our utmost desire but we the mankind got peace while standing in the battlefields. The star cross alarming sights of the devastated countries is enough food for meditation to all their human beings who take wars as solution of all the grievances related to mankind. Devastation by the Divine disasters are enough to conceive lessons. We should all avoid to earn God’s Wrath.

Pakistan has extended all its sympathies love and practical tangible held to our Muslims brothers. I exclusively extend my prayers for their forbearances and solitude in this odd and miserable conditions of the countries. May God safeguard all the Turkish & Syrian people for this loss, henceforth I wish them all the best for all the times to come.
— The writer is a senior journalist based in Germany.