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Ambulance & Fire Brigade

In every society, some emergency services are highly commendable such as Ambulance and Fire Brigade which carry out their work only for the sake of humanity and to keep human lives out of danger at any cost. Civilised societies and their priorities in the direction of making people more comfortable prefer them to other societies that have less work and mismanagement. It has been observed that it is a dilemma and the misery as well as disappointed attitude of the citizens that they never give way to these services so that they can reach smoothly their destinations in time.

It would be worth considering the matter if the honking ambulances and fire brigades are allowed to run parallel with the BRT’s exclusive ways, designed for Green, Red, Orange and Blue Busses. If such priorities by the government and by people would be given to these basic human services, it would be highly appreciated in society and would be a beautiful gesture. I hope concerned authorities would be able to run these services on BRT ways, reaching timely to reduce human loss and to save precious human lives as well.



BISP fraudulent practices

This refers to the fraudulent practices done by BISP agents. The government has released first quarterly tranche of Rs.7000 for 2023, and Benzar Taleemi Wazaif for the children of the poor. In alone BISP, about 7.7mn families would receive over Rs.55bn in the first tranche. The beneficiaries, women and transgender, are in most cases are unaware about their balance. Most of the beneficiaries do not know that their children‘s instalment is added to their BISP amount. This makes agents‘ task easier to deceive the beneficiaries.

Recently, in Sehwan, many beneficiaries are defrauded by the agents; one of whom was my relative who was defrauded for her Rs.17,000. Agents gave her only Rs.7000, and deceived her of her four children‘s amount (Rs.17,000). Upon knowing, she raised concerns, but agent got successful in reaching compromise with the defrauded. This is just one case. On a daily basis, agents swindle hundreds of the beneficiaries alone in Sehwan. The fraudulent practices have been coming forth across the country. The supreme authority of BISP, Minister, is just busy in making claims of transparency. The watchdogs, provincial and divisional of the BISP, are less-bothered to the concerns of beneficiaries, as if they are being paid by the agents.

Besides deceptive practices, the agents are agile in cutting the Rs.1500 per head. This sometimes wonders me. How a country having nuclear weapons is so poorly-technologized, and left on the mercy of fraudulent, that even a matriculation-passed fraudster deceives the so-powerful country! Indeed, frauds with poor-untuitioned is equal to doing frauds with the country.

The amount of BISP must be made transparent and fraud-free. For this, the government needs to launch an online portal by which the amount of BISP can be checked, accessed and transferred to the different Bank/Mobile Accounts by the beneficiaries. Simple and easy access to the beneficiaries be made. The more simpler and transparent system, the more fraud-free it would be. Furthermore, authorities need to be extra-active and high-handedly punitive in the fraudulent cases.



Students’ transformation

Education is the only tool, with that life can be transformed, people can learn new knowledge, skills and habits of a group of people that are transferred from generation to generation through teaching, learning, and research. The moral values of people, especially students, can be improved, and the greatest method to cultivate moral principles is via education. Before talking about the importance and impact of moral and ethical values on the students we must need to understand what ethics are.

As Aristotle said, the human is a social animal, the human cannot live in isolation without interacting with others. We can say human is dependent on others and the environment he lives in somehow. The behaviour and actions he makes with others, and the way he interacts with and treats others are called values. Values are the basic principles that influence human behaviour. If a person has basic life principles, they will be insensitive to those around them. This principle will lead to behaviour development. These values are positive potentials for humans.


Naushahro Feroze