Voice of the People


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Stop illegitimate dollar outflow

Pakistan’s deteriorating economic situation and weak economy are being blamed on the change of government in Pakistan. Additionally, some circles are blaming the alleged smuggling of dollars to Afghanistan as also the reason.

About $2 billion goes to Afghanistan from Pakistan in the form of official and unofficial trade, misuse of Afghan transit trade, smuggling and through the borders. This fact has been revealed not other than the Chairman of the Exchange Companies Association of Pakistan (ECAP), adding that these factors are burdening Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves. Currently.

Moreover, even wheat is being smuggled and in the last couple of months Pakistanis are facing the wheat crisis – wheat prices are skyrocketing. So far no tangible measures have been taken which has led to this fiasco. Officials are required to take earnest measures to ensure the stop of smuggling in order to preserve and stabilize the Pakistan economy. An immediate and strict action must also be taken against those who are involved in smuggling so that there is some ease for the countrymen.



Threat to trees

The letter is intended to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards one of the crucial problems of Karachi e.g. threatening of the Karachi trees. It is the recent news that over 23,000 trees in Karachi are threatened by multiple development projects. This is a disturbing and unacceptable loss of green space in our city.

Trees provide countless benefits to our communities, including cleaning the air, providing shade and serving as homes for wildlife. They are also a vital part of our city’s infrastructure, helping to prevent erosion, reduce storm water runoff and mitigate the urban heat island effect.

The loss of these trees will have serious consequences for the health and well-being of Karachi’s residents. It is imperative that we do everything in our power to protect and preserve these valuable resources.

I urge the City Council and other decision-makers to prioritize the preservation of our green spaces and to consider the long-term impact of their actions on the environment. We must draw a red line when it comes to the cost of development and the destruction of our natural resources.



Impact of social media

This letter is intended to draw attention towards mental and physical health-related outcome of the youth due to excessive use of social media which is increasing day by day in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s population is primarily young and the majority spends plenty of their time on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. This excessive use leads to serious psychological problems such as anxiety, sleep disorder, despair, loneliness and even suicidal behaviour which lessens their duties and inventiveness for work.

Dangerous diseases occur in the body by sitting and staring nonstop for hours on the device. Youth’s connection with nature and their family is diminishing because young people are now busy using social media and unaware of the importance of health and relationships.

To protect the future (youth) of Pakistan, actions such as holding mandatory consultations at the high school, college and university levels are mandatory for spreading awareness of the harmful effects of social media on the well-being of the younger population. Steps should be taken for the solution of this menace or else we the future of the younger population will be destroyed.



ZANU-PF’s behaviour

It is so sad; ZANU-PF’s behaviour is painful to beat old women and grandparents. In fact, if you look at the age group that has been beaten by the youth of ZANU-PF, it is painful. Zimbabweans know that when it comes to vote people are beaten, some are killed. A few days earlier (10 January 13), ZANU-PF Mashonaland East Province has expressed great concern over videos circulating on social media purportedly showing a group of individuals physically abusing elderly people in Murewa.

Apart from the disgusting physical abuse captured in the video, the province is disturbed by allegations that the perpetrators are ZANU-PF members acting on behalf of unidentified bosses. ZANU-PF kills people like killing chickens. The Zimbabweans vote freely but they are not free. Zimbabwe election unrest turns deadly as army opens fire on protesters. Since the time for the votes has arrived, some people will be beaten and killed since they already started. I am now appealing the world to put eyes from the heartless ZANU-PF party in Zimbabwe not continue to abusing people’s human rights.



Power breakdown

I am a resident of Colony Gate Karachi. I have been living along with my family in this area for more than three years now, and we have not faced much problems with electric supply in our area. Recently, we have been experiencing frequent breakdowns of electricity for more than five to six hours. These frequent breakdowns of electricity are affecting day-to-day activities to a great extent. The residents of the area have been undergoing a lot of inconveniences due to this.

No work goes as planned because we are not aware when we would have power supply and when we would not. There are continuous fluctuations in voltage which is also causing trouble by ruining the working condition of the electronic devices that are of regular use. School going children, working individuals, women and old people are affected by this situation.

It is necessary that the authorities of the Electricity Board take some responsibility to install powerful transformers and streamline the power supply. It would be of great help and relief to all the residents if you could highlight the situation in a column of your esteemed newspaper. We believe that this will get the attention of the authorities and some action would be taken at the earliest to relieve us of the difficulties we are facing due to the frequent breakdown of electricity.