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Gas price increased

To counter the long-standing issue of circular debt in the energy and gas sector, OGRA has petitioned for a price hike. The recommended price is prescribed at Rs 952/unit for the two companies, namely, the Northern and Southern Gas pipelines. There is also a fixed uniform rate for all types of consumers so that the effect is levelled. However, this is likely to affect domestic consumers the most, as their rates will triple.

At the moment, the federal government calls the shots but if no decision is reached in 40 days, the average price will be applied to all categories of consumers. The present-day situation which is also linked to the IMF and a step toward an end to gas sector circular debt. However, price hike is not the only solution, the prescribed solution should also keep the larger issue in mind. This price increase definitely will more than double the problems facing the common man in addition to uncontrolled prices of daily food items.

Although the onus of this responsibility rests on previous governments as prices were kept lower than prescribed over the years, the allied government of PDM should do its best to decrease the miseries of the people .At the same time, alternative sources of energy must be explored. These include focusing on solar heating, electric capacity and other replacement systems.



Indo-Pacific means

The Indo-Pacific region is of great strategic importance for the Quad (also known as the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue or Quad), which is a strategic dialogue between the United States, Japan, Australia, and India. The Quad countries have a shared interest in maintaining stability and promoting a rule-based order in the Indo-Pacific region, which is a major centre of international trade and home to several important shipping lanes. The Indo-Pacific region is of great economic and strategic importance.

India’s Look East Policy and Act East Policy have focused on strengthening ties with Southeast Asian countries and engaging with the region through trade, investment and cultural exchange. India has also been increasingly active in regional security initiatives, such as the Quad, as well as in multilateral forums like the ASEAN Regional Forum and the East Asia Summit.

China also has significant economic and strategic interests in the Indo-Pacific region. As a rising power, China has been expanding its economic and military presence in the region through initiatives like the Belt and Road Initiative and the establishment of military bases in the South China Sea. This has led to increased tension with other powers, particularly the United States and its allies, over issues such as freedom of navigation and territorial disputes.

ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) countries are also key players in the Indo-Pacific region and have been engaging with regional powers such as India, China, Japan, and the United States to promote stability, security and economic development. ASEAN countries have also been active in regional security initiatives such as the ASEAN Regional Forum and the East Asia Summit, as well as in promoting the ASEAN Outlook on the Indo-Pacific.


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Miseries for Karachities

The Karachiites are miserably facing atrocities of K-Electric for two decades. Fake, false and excess billings, faulty meters, power breakdown and load shedding in the charming name of customer service. The life of citizens has become a curse. They are passing restless days and sleepless nights. Does K-Electric qualify to get extension or renewal of their license in presence of the performance of the company cited above?

Competition is essentially required for running a private company in the corporate sector economy. Private sector monopoly leads to undue profiteering at the cost of consumers. K-Electric is a glaring example of this malpractice. State monopoly can be accepted. In these circumstances, either the state takes over the control of power supply in Karachi or engages more electric supply agencies to ensure healthy competition among power suppliers in the city of the Quaid.



Gwadar protesters

The local protesters shut down Gwadar, the home city of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). While Gwadar Deputy Commissioner and Inspector General of Police have ordered to arrest the protesters, after the death of a police constable who was killed in Gwadar other day.

According to police spokesperson, constable Yasir was shot dead in the neck after violence erupted during the protest at Hashmi Chowk. But on other side, Haq Do Tehreek leaders denied killing him and blamed the provincial government for the violent situation in Gwadar.

However, the helpless public as usual is suffering, because the complete city is shut down and now almost every city of Balochistan is disturbed by the protesters who are just demanding their legal rights in order to get two-time food.

Moreover, everyone likes to rest at home and go to his or her work, but Gwadar citizens are compelled to burn their sleeps and to come on roads so that the world should get aware that the international city Gwadar is just a name, here the citizens are suffering to get their fundamental rights. Finally, the provincial and the federal governments should take some immediate steps so that the protesters should end their protests.