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Are you a ‘Binge’ eater?

Binge eating is a psychiatric eating disorder in which the person, despite being full, eats uncontrollably. This puts binge eater in awkwardly embarrassing situations and individuals resist eating in public. These regular episodes of binge eating are not followed by compensatory approaches such as intentionally vomiting, using laxatives and impulsively exercising.

Princess Diana also suffered from Binge Eating Disorder (BED) and she admitted that “The bulimia started the week after we got engaged and would take nearly a decade to overcome.” Studies have shown that nearly 4 million people in the US have been affected by BED. This disorder has also cast its shadows on Pakistan. A survey conducted in Pakistan showed the prevalence of BED in which out of 382 participants, 35.1% of the participants suffered from the condition.

Binge eaters have an increased risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, intense feeling of guilt and low self-esteem. It could be successfully dealt with by emotional support and therapies like cognitive behavioural therapy, weight loss therapy and medication.



Arshad Sharif case probe

Recently, Arshad Sharif case investigation was handpicked. A long after but no matter of time of decision of probe. Actually it is good to feel the juncture of investigation which is going to be imperative, to be solved. As told to the authorised members of the selected team will leave for Kenya on January 15 on the assurance of the Kenyan Government. Now the question will come to be that, will the family members of the victim get the answers of his death or it would go confidential.

Perhaps, he was assassinated, not mistakenly killed. Now the rest of the answers can be revealed after the probe of the team whether he was killed mistakenly or elusive hands are involved. Moreover, the mysterious round of investigation will get revealed after the selected team of government. Undoubtedly, it is the best step and a good and impressive decision of the government which has been picked up by the Islamabad police, giving the report to the Supreme Court. It is deplorable for the sack of journalists who are always a rare part of the mirror.


Via email

Scams, scandals stain country’s image

During the past few years, the images of our country have been defaced beyond redemption. A large number of scams and scandals, involving top politicians, administrators and VVIPs have come to light. These scams and scandals, most of them that have been unearthed by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), involve huge sums of money running into thousands of crores of rupees. They have shaken the entire conscience of the country to the bones.

n my opinion, all ministers and public servants should be made to declare their assets. The vigilance department should also keep a constant eye on the corrupt officers and other public servants. Ministers and senior officials must set a noble example of an honest living free from corruption, bribery, nepotism and immorality. The laws of the land should be provided with more teeth to deal with the corrupt elements. Corruption, at any level, is bad. The government must launch a vigorous campaign against this social evil.


Mumbai, India

Unsafe gas cylinders

It is an established practice that gas cylinders are handled with great care and extra-precautionary measures are taken during its transportation and storage. Pressurized gas cylinders always pose significant risk, if they are handled in a careless manner.

The other day at 4K Chowrangi near Surjani Town, Karachi an untoward incident took place in which a vehicle, transporting liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders caught fire and started to burn. Even one of the filled gas cylinders turned into a projectile and started to move uncontrollably on the busy traffic road. Citizens and commuters who witnessed this ghastly mishap literally became scared. Had there been adequate industrial safety practices followed, this horrible accident may not have transpired in the first place.

In the wake of gas shortage, masses are too worried about making arrangements for domestic fuel. Resultantly, people just focus on carrying empty cylinders and get it filled while safety measures have become of secondary importance! To be sure, unaware masses do not pay required attention for handling disastrous containers and treat them as routine stuff. In the present circumstances, it becomes mandatory for relevant authorities to commence an awareness campaign which furnishes needed information to masses so that such negligent practices on the part of handling gas cylinders could be nipped in the bud.

After passing one or two months of awareness, the Sindh government may impose a moderate fine on individuals who transport filled gas cylinders by not following due protocol. Traffic police and paramilitary forces may also help in this regard, too.