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Technocrat set-up

There is a new buzz in the capital – about a long-term caretaker technocratic set-up to be in place for a year or more. Actually PTI, ironically seen as the closest to the idea of technocrats running systems, will be most vocal about such a set-up, which it sees as a hindrance to its demand for early elections. The technocrat fantasy is hardly new; time and again has there been a rumble from above the power corridors that the political class just cannot manage and a technocrat apolitical set-up would be the magic wand that can fix everything.

This notion has absolutely no constitutional basis or political backing, other than provision for a caretaker set-up before elections which too cannot stay in power for more than 90 days and elections have to be held within that time-frame under Article 224 of the Constitution. What’s worse is that there’s also talk of plans being discussed for an emergency to be proclaimed to extend the caretaker technocratic set-up.

Article 232, which is about proclamation of emergency due to war or internal disturbance, does not give any reason for an unelected Parliament to be in power even due to an emergency. Legal experts say this will be tantamount to an abrogation of the Constitution if such a set-up is put in place.

Those who think that the country can come out of this economic mess if technocrats take charge and take difficult economic decisions without being answerable to the people of Pakistan are in for a surprise. Such experiments have failed before too. Tough economic decisions cannot be taken without a political consensus.

Any such misadventure will be dangerous for democracy and lead to further political uncertainty and chaos, undoing decades of the little institution-and-nation building that has taken place here.consistency of present parliamentary democratic system is the best way to resolve the economic crisis of the country. Any unelected set-up has the potential to swing towards autocracy. However, there is only one reason a caretaker set-up is to conduct free, fair and credible elections. Anything beyond is unconstitutional.



Should subjects have genders?

Just like how some colours are considered specific for men and women, the society has even set subjects specifically for men and women. When choosing a path, males and females are often expected to choose different subjects. Traditionally, more science-related subjects, for example, mathematics and information technology, are considered masculine subjects, whereas art, language and humanities are typical feminine subjects. However, this segregation should not be appreciated.

Why are subjects genders oriented? First, gender ideology can affect educational choices by influencing how boys and girls evaluate their competence in a certain area. Generally, boys have more confidence in their math or science ability than girls, who often evaluate their competence in reading, language and social activities more positively. The second way in which gender ideology can steer boys and girls towards different educational tracks is by influencing what they value in a future occupation.

Women value working with people and emphasize social and altruistic values in their ideal job, whereas men like to work with things and value economic wealth, prestige and status. The third way in which gender ideology might affect educational choices is by influencing academic subject preferences. Boys are considered to prefer scientific subjects while girls prefer art subjects.

This discrimination of subjects between both genders is the reason business sectors are male dominated while arts sector is female dominated. This creates a huge issue because then all ideas in business sectors benefit men and similarly arts sector produces ideas only for women. I believe that every sector should be equally open for both male and female. All subjects are equally important for male and female.



Foreign Exchange Reserves crisis

Even now foreign exchange worth billions can be earned by giving prime value government lands on lease to the highest bidders for which payments must be deposited in dollars and resident Pakistanis are allowed to deposit (no questions asked) undeclared Foreign Currency in banks at 7% PA profit payable half yearly.



New Year resolutions

I don’t believe in making New Year resolutions because we make the same resolutions every year and then… never really stick to them.

Not making a resolution and enjoying the simple joys of life is the best resolution. It also helps in keeping up with your aspirations in professional and personal life.


Mumbai, India