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Land of criminals

District Kashmore is one of the most unsafe districts of the interior Sindh where dacoits sneak into the city and play with the life of citizens. Life of common citizens is at sea. Robbery, snatching, kidnapping and murders have become order of the day. It has become battleground between kidnappers and police personnel.

Hooliganism is at its zenith and daily routine of common citizen is being perturbed. Whole population of district Kashmore is afraid of kidnappers who fearlessly snatch expensive items from the citizens. On resistance, they murder people without any hesitation and fear or kidnap them for heavy ransom. Due to such a chaotic situation, people shut their local businesses before sunset and confine themselves within the four walls at home.

Recently, a heart-wrenching incident occurred in district Kashmore which shook the humanity in toto. Savage dacoits kidnapped an innocent child from taluka Tagwani and raped him brutally and then leaked his naked photos and videos on social media. Such an inhuman act of kidnappers has trembled the whole humanity. On this tragic incident, police seem totally hopeless and clueless to arrest the criminals.

Apart from this horrific tragedy, many other cases of murder and kidnapping have been filed against prominent ruffian of the local area. Police is showing lackadaisical approach to capture the dacoits. Having no fear of concerned authorities, the dacoits sneak into the city and snatch money and other valuable stuff of the local people.



Deforestation, a dilemma

Global warming has been a global headache. People have joined their heads & hands together to curb this overwhelmingly increasing issue. Environmentalists are repeatedly requesting to avoid excessive installation of factories and manufacturing of cars emitting hazardous smokes and gases. The world is switching to alternate environment-friendly energy resources in order to reduce the risks of global warming.

In addition to this, they keep on suggesting the world on different international forums to plant trees in order to reduce the risk of green-house effects damaging the ozone layer. But, it is heart-wrenching to see Khazana IRC Hotel management at Khairpur Mirs, allegedly, cutting down dozens of shady trees. These trees were as old as the Talpur dynasty. These trees were the symbol of their rule and were the heritage of the glorious past. These trees were planted on either side of the road leading to IRC and physiotherapy hospital near Garhi pull, Khairpur.

But those taller trees were cut down to small pieces. Those trees were adding pearls to the beauty of the area but unfortunately they were cut down. District government must take notice of such deforestation and whosoever is responsible must be taken to the task. And such brutal activities must be nipped in the bud.


Agra, Sindh

Neglected social workers

Social Work discipline is one of the prominent practical and theoretical disciplines in Social Sciences. It mainly aims to enhance the development of human potential and the fulfilment of human needs in order to augment human personal and psychological well-being. Additionally, social workers tend to directly engage with clients in an effort to diagnose their concerned problems.

In short, social work discipline focuses on theoretical frameworks, and components such as mental health, trauma, addiction, juvenile delinquency, social group enhancement, community organization and development, social research, social administration, social action, social casework, and child and labour welfare. In addition to this, part of the curriculum also includes working hands-on with clients through a field education experience, internship, or supervised practicum.

Recently, Sindh Public Service Commission announced 45 posts of Assistant Director in the Social Welfare Department (BPS-17). Upon witnessing the advertisement, one can be astonished at the inequity and sheer ignorance of the Commission which is undoubtedly a prestigious institution and firmly believes in meritocracy in letter and spirit, however, the Commission has overlooked social work discipline altogether.

In the advertisement, as per the pictorial, the authorities concerned only mentioned the discipline of Sociology, which is indubitably itself a prominent discipline, as eligibility criteria. Moreover, the SPSC website doesn’t display the BS in the Social Work discipline; instead, it’s mentioned in terms of BA. It is utter injustice to sideline a discipline, such as Social Work, which offers similar courses as Sociology.