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Help for flood victims

THE devastating floods have caused widespread miseries, while post-flood issues are bound to take their own toll. Many philanthropists and relief organisations have put in remarkable efforts yet issue is too massive. The government should deliver promptly because flood victims are pinning their hopes on its ability to deliver.




Forests are natural wealth of any country that keeps environment pleasant around. As somebody said, “No place in the world looks beautiful without forests.” Forests are natural gifts for a country, yet unfortunately in Pakistan they are being cut excessively in some areas. People are intentionally cutting trees for their personal uses such as roads, building and urbanisation. In Pakistan, approximately 70% people use firewood for cooking in household. Every year Pakistan losses approximately 27000 hectares of forest, this aimless deforestation is responsible for climate change. Owing to it people are facing unbearable consequences. So, relevant authorities must restrict this process in the country and increase forest cover to save environment. Already floods have killed hundreds of people and destroyed their houses in country


Awaran, Balochistan

Awareness of breast cancer

Among Asian countries, Pakistan has highest incidence of breast cancer. Nine out of ten women in Pakistan are suffering from some kind of breast disease and it is very common in Pakistan. Whether they are from rural areas or plains, they do not know what are preventive measures to avoid breast cancer, what are its symptoms and what is its treatment. Secondly, most of the women hesitate to go to hospital and undergo breast examination. Due to which it is growing very fast in Pakistan.The solution is that just like there are polio teams, similarly the health department should create breast cancer awareness teams along with the awareness camps that go door to door to educate women about this disease and after every two months also get a free inspection.



Water Shortage

Water shortage problems have intensified in Karachi while inflation, electricity and gas problems were already there for long. Citizens who now face water shortage quite frequently as most areas of Karachi do not have water supply and where it is available, over there water is shut off every other day due to apparent problems in water pipelines. My question to authorities, if there is no water in the city or when there is a problem in the pipeline, from where this water tanker mafia come and sell their own water to the citizens for money?

First citizen pay the bills and then compulsively give money to tanker mafia to fulfil their needs. I request management of water board to take action against this mafia before our entire city is under the control of tanker mafia. Water board must act to end these public worries and problems solved on urgent basis.



Repair roads

I would like to draw attention of concerned authorities towards pitiable condition of roads in the city. There are huge potholes in middle of the roads. Almost a year has passed yet roads are yet to be repaired. The road users and especially resident of the city have to face great inconvenience. There are frequent traffic jams. Innumerable accidents have also taken place.

I would request civic authorities to take necessary measure to get these roads repaired as soon as possible.

Sara Shahid

Via email


THE most urbanised province of Pakistan and capital of Sindh Karachi has an important role in development of the country. Yet no one is giving proper attention to this metropolitan city. The population of Karachi is increasing rapidly and this increase in population has very adverse effects on country’s economy. High population causes problems of health, inflation, sanitisation, education etc.

As population grows, demand of goods increases which ultimately increases cost of goods and services and that causes further inflation. In this way the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. The concerned authorities must put their heads together and devise a mechanism to deal with this problem.

Sohiba Fareed

Via email

Religious extremism

Whenever one hears about any blasphemy case or lynching, the heart sinks down and bleeds. Ever since Pakistan got independence in 1947, many people have fallen prey to religious extremism. The hatred and blood thirstiness against one another are faiths and beliefs so deeply entrenched that human life does not account in front of radicalised minds. It seems that these people have hijacked state machinery. After all, we should not turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to these matters as state that nurtured this mob mentality has eroded its writ to deal with these elements inflicting so much disobedience. We have already diminished our name in international community. We cannot afford any more degradation within or outside the country.