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Gender inequality

There are a number of factors that contribute to gender inequality. The first and foremost is poor implementation of laws regarding women protection. May people violate laws concerning women but they are rarely punished. Secondly, less say of women in decision-making. Thirdly, conservative mindset. Fourthly, illiteracy and feudalism. Fifthly, cruel customs and traditions. Sixthly, misinterpretation of religion.

Last, but not the least, economic dependence of women on men. Pakistan has been classified the second worst county in the world in the aspect of gender Inequality. Basic and fundamental rights are not given to women. Women in Pakistan are leading the most difficult life. They face violence and harassment every where. Pakistani women are more than half of the total population, but women are treated cold-heartedly within their homes by their partners or leading males through different ways like domestic violence, karo kari, killing based on honour, acid throwing, forced marriages.

The Plight of women in rural areas is so critical. Gender discrimination is deeply rooted in our culture. Domestic violence has become the norm of the day. People feel proud after beating their own women. Gender discrimination is also deeply fixed in Pakistani society in education and employment areas. Mostly women are deprived of their needs and rights. The family honor is related with women and their actions. Women face harassment and criticism from people. Lack of family support and narrow mindset make it the worst. The founding father of the nation Muhammad Ali Jinnah once said. “ No nation can rise the highest of glory unless your women are side by side with you.” Development of Pakistan without emancipation of women is out of question. Gender equality can be improved through various ways. Gaining equal value in society, from home to workplace, and having equal representation and protection of women’s needs and rights in policies and laws are all components necessary for gender equality.


Sukkur, Sindh

Awareness of breast cancer

Among Asian countries, Pakistan has highest incidence of breast cancer. Nine out of ten women in Pakistan are suffering from some kind of breast disease and it is very common in Pakistan. Whether they are from rural areas or plains, they do not know what are preventive measures to avoid breast cancer, what are its symptoms and what is its treatment. Secondly, most of the women hesitate to go to hospital and undergo breast examination. Due to which it is growing very fast in Pakistan.The solution is that just like there are polio teams, similarly the health department should create breast cancer awareness teams along with the awareness camps that go door to door to educate women about this disease and after every two months also get a free inspection.



Food shortage

Destructive flood washed everything away and areas hit by flood are suffering from food shortage. It has been an alarming issue, as more than 760,000 children in flood-hit areas are facing chronic hunger. According to reports, 45% of population is facing food crisis and shortages. Government needs to focus on the issue and solve it.


Via email

Climate change

CLIMATE change is one of the main issues that have drastically impacted entire world on multiple fronts. It has emerged as biggest environmental challenge that is affecting almost all sectors of country’s economy particularly water resources, energy, health and biodiversity with a major impact on agricultural productivity. As far as Pakistan’ economic sector is concerned, it has suffered a severe devastating blow.

However, recent surge of heavy flood occurred in Sindh and Balochistan has caused a huge destruction and devastation to Pakistan’s economy. Pakistan has suffered with an economic impact of more than 3.8 billion dollars. Thousands of people have become unemployed and subjected into drought and hunger. Food insecurity among the masses is at high stake. Though Pakistan’s contribution to the climate crisis is negligible at just 0.8pc. The main climate contributors are great powers that are not paying heed to this issue. They are busy in stocking the flames of war against one another.

Therefore the world powers especially China, US, Russia must bury the resource-guzzling hatchet of the nuclear and conventional arms race and took the raging bull of climate challenges by its horn so that developing countries could not bear the brunt of this crisis.


Sukkur, Sindh

Cholera outbreak

Cholera is caused by unhealthy food and impure water, which recently killed 10 people including women and children, in two different districts Zhob and Khuzdar of Balochistan. World Health Organisation (WHO) has raised alarm over a Cholera outbreak in 16 districts of Balochistan province in southwest. However, 1300 people have been infected and seven have died over the past ten days in different areas of Balochistan. The recent increased number makes 5000 cases of Cholera in the province. So, it keeps increasing if the government really does not do something to stop it. Government must curb it and save people of Balochistan.


Turbat, Absor

Transport problem

Nowadays, there is serious problem of transport in the city specially (Malir to university road) at morning and evening. There is too much scarcity of transport and school, college going boys, girls and the service holders try to get chance so that they could reach in the time and the fact is the buses are over loaded and there could be a chance of serious accident. I request the Provincial Transport Authorities to take suitable step to solve the transport problems and the public could get buses easily.