Terrorism and national demands | BY Attiya Munawer


Terrorism and national demands

THE incidents of terrorism have started again in the country and so far many people have been killed and injured.

Our armed forces are targeting the hideouts of terrorists and inflicting irreparable damage on them yet the incidents of terrorism have not been completely controlled.

Terrorists are always on the lookout and try to launch their operations wherever there is weakness.

Apart from the separatists in different areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan, the outlawed Tehreek-i-Taliban has also taken over the fronts due to which the terrorist activities are increasing and the situation is becoming such that the government, police and security agencies are failing to control the law and order situation..

There is no doubt that once again the terrorists have started to attack and the continuation of terrorist incidents is being seen for the past few days.

However, these terrorist activities are mostly taking place across the border.

There were hopes from the Afghan government that after the withdrawal of foreign forces, the local factions who took over the power of Afghanistan would not allow their territory to be used against the neighbouring country.

But despite all the assurances, there is no effective and organized action against TTP in Afghanistan.

Afghan government gives assurances but it is also reluctant to take any action against the TTP, on the contrary, the Pakistani government is forced to negotiate with the TTP.

As a result, a peace agreement was also concluded yet the nature of the conditions presented for the establishment of peace in the negotiations was such that the negotiations could not be continued.

Afghan Taliban did not use influence or give practical proof of the claim that Afghan soil will not be used against Pakistan, which is not limited to TTP and now there are also reports of increase in anti-Pakistani and anti-Chinese terrorists in Afghanistan.

There was great hope from the Afghan Taliban government that it would end the centres of terrorism run by Indian patronage and support but all hopes had to face disappointment.

However, Pakistan’s security agencies have faced similar challenges in the recent past which has greatly increased the expertise of the agencies while relying on the capabilities of the security agencies, it can be said that the new challenges will be dealt with full force and skill but in this kind of situation only operational solution is not enough, efforts for a peaceful solution through effective negotiations should also be continued and there is full confidence that they will be able to again establish peace and order in the country by wiping out these terrorists soon.

The security agencies of Pakistan are actively working against terrorism but just as our people are standing by the side of Pakistan’s armed forces, the political leadership should also be united in giving a strong message to the enemies of the country.

The political differences of the political leaders are at its place but the protection of the Pak land is the duty of everyone, so political differences and personal interests are not important in front of Pakistan.

If there is peace in this country, then politics will continue. The dire political and economic situation we are in requires us to focus on increasing our friends in every possible way.

If we remain entangled in bad internal conditions of our country, it will only benefit our enemies; in any case, we must get out of such a situation as soon as possible for the sake of nation.

—The writer is a regular columnist, based in Lahore.