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Pakistan’s stability at risk

The recent heinous attack on Pakistan’s ex-PM in Wazirabad has led to unease and country-wide protests in the country. The incident reflects the turbulent history of Pakistan which has had several successful and futile assassination attempts on prime ministers, presidents, and other top leaders.

If we dig into the history of Pakistan, its top leaders have been subjected to everything from hanging and shooting to suicide bombing. The Prime Ministers of the country Liaquat Ali Khan and Benazir Bhutto faced such dilemmas and the recent attempt to assassinate Imran Khan genuinely seems to be a replay of Benazir Bhutto’s assassination attempt.

The first PM of Pakistan Liaquat Ali Khan was assassinated on October 16, 1951, in of Liaquat Bagh (named after him) Rawalpindi while addressing a gathering. The assassin was later identified as an Afghan national but to this day no one knows the mastermind or grand conspiracy behind his assassination. His assassination perhaps indicated Pakistan’s future ridden with chaos and instability.

Later on, as a threatening reminder of country’s violent past and omen of the disturbances to come, another PM of Pakistan “Benazir Bhutto” was assassinated on 27 December 2007, in same Liaquat Bagh. The tragic incident, without being properly investigated, once again plunged country into chaos.

This time Imran Khan was shot in the leg during his political rally. The assassin was quickly taken into custody that later came up with a worthless and perplexing video statement. This attack led to country-wide protests as supporters took to the streets, blocking roads and chanting slogans against the government and institutions.



Politics-free games

It is an obvious honour for the Muslim world to host FIFA’s mega event in Qatar. Needless to say, a month-long tournament would cost billions of dollars to be held that will surely promote Qatar’s hospitality to 1.5 million visitors throughout the globe. Contrary to that, relentless camping originated from Europe criticizing Doha Event is quite unacceptable.

While Qatari Emir has termed it slander and a double standard. It is worth noting that despite bilateral relationship with the Middle-East countries, western allies have not denounced the vulgar campaign against Qatar. To summarize, games are meant to unify nations. Keeping it in mind, it should be the first and foremost priority of all countries to have sports free of politics.



Balwantrai Mehta

Balwantrai Mehta was an Indian freedom fighter who spent seven years in jail under the British rule. After independence, he served as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Today, his memorial is a broken slab of granite, lying in obscurity. He was the second Chief Minister of Gujarat.

Mehta participated in the Indian freedom movement and later held various public offices. He is considered as the Architect of Panchayati Raj due to his contribution towards democratic decentralization.


Mumbai, India

Vanishing morality

Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I would highlight one of the serious issue: vanishing Morality. Prime Minister represents the country at international level. It’s the Premier of a country who works hard day and night to make his country prosperous.

I am extremely disappointed with the people of our country who are not respecting the PM of our country. I have observed that since 4-April-2022, As IK left his seat, and Shehbaz Sharif was elected as PM, people have not treating as he deserves. I am not a follower of N-league or any other party. As a citizen of Pakistan, it’s my responsibility to raise my voice against this rough attitude. The Constitution of the country gives us right to ask for the rights but in a respectable way. If the citizens have any objection regarding the policies of the government, they can raise their voice. However, attacking on a particular person for personal interests is against ethical values.

Whenever, I open social media on my phone, I notice that people compare the current Prime Minister of the country with the previous one and post a lot of negative things against the current PM. We know that even all five fingers are not equal so how two personalities will be same in every manner.

It’s an era of technology the things (maybe fake or true) that we upload on social media are seen by millions of people. By doing this type of activities, we are giving chance to the people of other countries to make fun of our country. It’s the responsibility of all of us to respect the PM of our country and appreciate him for serving us. I hope you will add my opinion in your opinion section.



FIFA and Qatar

Despite the continuous propaganda against the FIFA’s World Cup host country, Qatar should be lauded for sticking to its Islamic roots. While the western media struggled to tarnish the image of the oil rich country by raising issues such as human rights violations, let it not forget the armed hostilities and oppression it has wrecked upon the Middle East for the ‘greater good’ of humanity leaving the pages of history splattered with blood.

From banning of alcohol to rising against immoral activities during the football matches, Qatar has sent across an important lesson for countries that were established on the basis of Islamic ideology to be proud of their religion and not bow under the western propaganda and to only please their appetites. Perhaps Pakistan should take a leaf out of the Qatar’s book and understand where it is headed when it comes to promotion of its content, for example, the film industry. Let us not forget the chant that liberated us from the colonial powers.




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