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Breast cancer

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer and leading cause of cancer deaths in women globally. Pakistan has highest incidence rate of breast cancer among Asian countries: one in every nine women has a lifetime risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer. The key to cure the breast cancer is early diagnosis. In order to address urgency of breast cancer, Pakistan is in dire need to initiate multi-pronged strategies, including better reporting and documentation of cases, community-level awareness, promoting early detection of breast cancer, overcoming barriers in provision of better health facilities and making diagnosis easy.

Due to low health budget of the country, there is a scarcity of modern cancer care infrastructure. It also shows that Pakistani women are deficient in knowledge about breast cancer and follow many prevalent superstitions trends about the disease. There is an urgent need to educate women, promote early diagnosis of breast cancer and ensure better equipped public facilities for palliative care of patients suffering from breast cancer. For better management and effective planned polices, there is an urgent need to set up a national-level cancer-registry database that can provide accurate prevalence of diagnosed cases, survival rates and other related parameters. The government must invest in cost-effective early breast cancer–detection strategies to promote down staging and ensure the availability of accessible specialized hospitals for breast cancer, trained female oncologists, nursing staff, genetic counselling centres and awareness chapters in course books.



Population problem

In Pakistan the rate of population is rather higher. It 3% per year. It means the population will double in twenty years. It posses great danger to the economic development of the country. Over growth in population means fall in the standard of living of the people. It results in Poverty, poor health services, low percentage of education, unemployment etc. which caused in increase in crimes and law and other situation.

Changes in living style can solve the problem to a great extended. If we have the productivity of the Swiss, the consumption habits of the Chinese and social discipline of the Japanese, we can support bigger population.



Child socialisation

Child socialisation is a process in which children get and learn from the birth to death. People learn from different people, circumstances, situations and etcetera. Firstly, people get socialization from their parents and they learn to copy their parents.

Parents need to take care of their children. They also need to motivate them, guide them and encourage them to follow right path. Every parent needs to avoid doing bad activities otherwise children will do the same as their parents do in front of them. They might think what their parents do is a good thing. The second agent for socialisation is peer group. They learn from one another’s behaviours, words and from their discussion. Media also plays an important role for socialisation of children. Socialisation plays important role to shape children’s life because it is a learning process. When they learn good things, they do good work. When children learn bad things, they practice same things in their daily life. According to a sociologist Prefer Worsley, socialisation is the process of transmission of culture where a human learn rules and practice in social group. Socialisation is the process, which grows from generation to generation. It is a lifetime process.

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Promoting peace in KP and FATA

Ideally, Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa and Federal administered tribal area (FATA) are the two provinces that are no doubt troubled and targeted areas in terms of killing, attacking and ambushing. Our porous border with Afghanistan has made these areas suffering from violence due to Taliban’s heavy presence in both areas. A surge in terrorist activities by the outlawed (TTP) has forced people of Swat to sound alarm bells. Recently an attack was reported in front of a school claimed by TTP.

As a result the people of Swat took out a long procession to protest against violence and demanded elimination of anti-peace and anti-state elements from Swat.It should be wake up call for all and we must be very conscious and aware of these threats and damage they have already caused. Pakistan being a democratic country has fought valiantly against terrorism. Therefore, we should take action promptly as this terror threat can be tackled now, before its too late.



Misuse of loudspeakers

I would like to bring to the notice of Chief Minister Sindh, Governor Sindh and Commissioner Karachi that illegal and constant use of loudspeakers by political, religious elements and also many hawkers in Block-18, Gulistan-i-Jauhar has become a usual nuisance. In this context, role of law-enforcement agencies deputed in this area is questionable.

Majority of this locality’s residents such as elders, children, women and specially students are very much distressed due to use of high-volume loudspeakers for a long time. The authorities are requested to please take serious action in the area and disallow anyone to spread noise pollution. At least a sigh of relief is due for people residing in this locality.



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