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Modified India, Kashmir issue

India is considered to be the world’s largest secular democracy in protecting and promoting the rights of minorities. However, in reality it seems to be adverse when one throws light on the Kashmir issue. India, the so-called champion of human rights, maintains a long history of state-sponsored abuse of Muslim minorities in occupied-Kashmir. In fact, the incumbent BJP-led government by some populist leaders has left no stone unturned in displacing and disappearing the Muslim population. All the institutions of India are plagued by anti-Muslim bigotry which proves that Modi has no tolerance for minorities lives in India. Therefore, it would not be wrong to call it as “Modified-India”.

There are several incidents that bear clear evidence of India’s systematic human rights violations e.g. the appalling incident of targeting a Muslim girl in Karnataka for hijab ban is another sign of populist leadership. Apart from that, the recent decision to grant Kashmiri domiciles to Indian citizens and delimitation commission exercised in Jammu and Kashmir also present evidence of the demographic changes being carried out in order to bury the remaining hopes of freedom for the occupied and oppressed Kashmiris.

It is very astonishing that the entire world has turned a blind eye on atrocities perpetrating to innocent Kashmiris. The international community appears to be sinisterly silent. It seems that grievances of minorities are falling on deaf ears. The OIC, UN and other platforms have also failed to raise voice for voiceless. Therefore, Muslim Ummah needs to highlight this issue on international forums.



Unconstitutional freedom of GB

On 1 November 2022 the 75 independence day of Gilgit was celebrated by the people of the region with great enthusiasm. The local government organized various events to celebrate the historic day of independence of Gilgit. The traditional events reminded us about our ancestors, who fought bravely and cut the rule of tyrants from the land. However, there is still confusion even after 75 years of independence: Had we flown from one cage and locked ourselves into another one?

The cage is adorned by unfulfilled promises, situational pretexts and by pathetic apologies. However, everything seems absurd as regional affairs have been run without any Constitution for many years. Even after 75 years of independence, no promise has been fulfilled by the federal government. The people of the region have remained powerless to attain their provincial status and basic rights for themselves.

Yet, the people of the region are knowledgeable enough to perceive the true sense of the so-called independence. They have been demanding their due rights enshrined in the Constitution of Pakistan and Parliament and endorsed by Parliament; but, the federal government is reluctant to give legal status to Gilgit. The reason for this reflectance is: it may weak Pakistan’s stance on Kashmir’s cause. Nonetheless, after the revocation of articles 370 and 35-A by India, Pakistan has a justified reason to take the matter into its hand and to give desired status to the region.

Unfortunately, till now no such progress has been made in response to the Indian action of revocation of Kashmir’s special status. The situation is creating a state of restlessness among the people of region and putting a question mark on the true sense of freedom. The brave people of the region consider freedom without a Constitution as a body without a soul, a well without water and a herd without a shepherd.



Honking horns

In every society there is a collective unconscious, an unconscious that governs the way we act in a social setting. Hardly anyone knows about the adverse implications of loud sounds that constantly slap our ears on a daily basis. These noisy machines have given every third person hypertension and hearing problems. Medically and scientifically, sounds at or below 70dB, or at max 80dB, is deemed acceptable. Sound above 85dB can take a toll on your ears and can leave you deaf or impaired. Always respect traffic signs telling you not to honk your horns in certain areas example: near hospitals.

Honking in no-horn zones is also a serious offense in many countries around the world. Under Section 154 of the Motor Vehicles Ordinance 1965 the purpose of a horn was to inform the listener of an approaching vehicle and not to disturb and terrify. One should respect its surroundings and know that these type of acts can lead to severe damage to others as elderly are also a part of our society. There is an urgent need for people to stop this immature behaviour of honking horns non stop regardless of the fact that how badly it can affect others, The respected authorities must take action towards this matter .




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