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Rishi Sunak UK new PM

First off, it is interesting to note that Rishi Sunak of Indian origin has been appointed the next UK Prime Minister. Clearly enough, the election of Sunak has put an end to all the unwanted rumours about western racial slurs against the Asian community. Initially, I had thought it to be the racial barriers that had first stopped Rishi Sunak from climbing the ladder of Prime Minister Post. Right now, his determination, passion and brilliance have paved the way for clearing the air in UK politics.

The East or the West, there have been huge chunks of natural resources sprawling across the globe. Well, when there are mutual understanding and cordial relationships between countries, it will be pretty much possible to mutually make good use of natural resources including water, food crops and much more. In fact, the story of Sunak could be a new positive shift in geopolitics. This means that liberal and forward-thinking politicians can take the international community to the next level in terms of prosperity, economic growth and employment.

To cap it all, bigger global issues like climate change deserve the attention of Rishi Sunak who can turn the tables through his leadership and negotiating skills. For instance, floods in Florida, Pakistan and Nigeria have still been fresh in mind. This is a clear reminder of the possible impending threats posed by climate crisis. As we can see, it is green and agricultural activities that will always make the world prosperous, healthy and wealthy. To save continents and countries from the clutches of climate change, it is time to take serious steps in matters of “farming versus climate change.”




A city of horror

It is pathetic that the once sunshine city of Harare which was the envy of Africa has become a laughing stock because the standards have deteriorated to the extent that Zimbabweans are abandoning Harare city for other foreign cities. The endurance of pain, suffering and discomfort among residents of Harare ranges from raw sewage, flowing from blocked drains and shortage of domestic clean water and litter dumped everywhere around the city centre and high-density residential areas resulting in outbreaks of water borne diseases such as cholera and typhoid is unbearable.

There is no hope that the solution to problems crippling Harare city is within the reach of careless, clueless, chaotic and corrupt ZANU PF government. Refuse is not being collected even around the city centre which is now a big health scare. Housing stands are being allocated by corrupt land barons, even on wetlands.

The roads are not being maintained and there are no road signs and the traffic lights are broken resulting in gridlock congestion and many accidents. The public transport system is completely down and informal. There are no buses and trains any more.

The infrastructure is old and need overhaul which President Emmerson Mnangagwa has failed to do for the last five years. Harare city is pushing residents into foreign countries as it becomes uninhabitable. There is no doubt that the horrific scenes in Zimbabwe prove beyond doubt that President Emmerson Mnangagwa is not capable of taking Zimbabwe out of the doldrums in any way or shape. He should resign to save the neighbouring countries mainly South Africa from the decade of continuous inflow of Zimbabwean migrants.



Traffic jam

in Karachi

Through the auspices of your forum, I would like to draw the attention of the Sindh government and the transport authorities in Sindh regarding the traffic jams in Karachi which is due to highly increased number of vehicles in the metropolitan city. Apart from traffic jams and traffic noise at busy roads and streets in the city, the increased number of vehicles has a huge impact on the global warming which directly or indirectly affects human health.

In the developed countries, personal vehicles are used for emergency purpose or family travelling but in Pakistan solo travellers are mostly using the cars to go for work which should be regulated by the authorities. There should be public transport facility at every street of the city which can facilitate passengers for travelling. Furthermore, a campaign should be done to aware people about traffic issues and to encourage them using public transport by providing better facility.



Painting, a source of well-being

Painting is an art, which can lead to an open environment in which an artist can feel relaxed and satisfied to explore their own creativity. An artist making paintings that others admire gives the painter a sense of happiness in the work. According to studies, expressing feelings through art can help people who are going through anxiety, depression or stress.

The best part of art is that everyone can participate. Art therapy is even used in treating cancer as it helps decrease stress and perception of pain, improves quality of life and compliance to treatment. It has a positive and good effect on our sense of hope, self-worth and well being.



KU security

After the suicide bombing at Karachi University, the problems of students are increasing in the name of security, vehicles are being prevented from entering and parking outside the university has also become unsafe.

There are no staff and no CCTV cameras in the parking lot due to which the thieves have lost their temper. Some time back, two motorcycles were stolen from Karachi university. Meanwhile, another student’s motorcycle was stolen from the parking area at the same time .

It may be recalled that a motorcycle had been stolen from a residential area of ??the campus earlier while a mobile phone was snatched from a student outside the mathematics department. The federal and provincial governments as well as HEC are earnestly requested to take measures so that the students as well as the faculty feel secure and focus on their studies rather.




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